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  • Paperback
  • 272
  • Tales of the City
  • Armistead Maupin
  • English
  • 20 July 2019
  • 9780552998765

Armistead Maupin ↠ 8 characters

Armistead Maupin ↠ 8 characters Download Ê eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Armistead Maupin Read Tales of the City San Francisco 1976 A naïve young secretary fresh out of Cleveland tumbles headlong into a brave new world o. What did I do between finishing this novel and writing its review I ordered More Tales of the City Further Tales of the City on ebay I m THAT investedconfident that they ll match this oneIt is uproarious and uber funny It stars the cute Mary Ann Singleton think a modern Holly Golightly but less of a prostitute a vibrant array of costars It is concise like Vile Bodies and perhaps in that same realm of Evelyn Waugh type social satire And what else Authentic pluses include the kitschyness inherent in a Pedro Almodovar comedy and even some of the picaresue ualities of my all time fave Confederacy of Dunces It is about this enthusiastic selection of promiscuous pre 80 s San Franners It s about the bummer of losing hippie hood the anguish in Bohemia In one word AwesomeThere are enough characters to satisfy most of the reader s wants and to alternate hisher attentions AND affections I insist that for me not ultra Gay icon Michael Tolliver but Anna Madrigal takes the Miss Congeniality crown Ultimately Tales offers entertainment in dollops and informs the reader about age old ueries like are Michael and Mona prototypes for 90 s favorite fag faghag TV couple Jack Karen Are there actual hetero bathhouses What is a cring heteros take note it is uite tiresome to explain this time and again Tales include heterohomo sexual prowlers nifty ways to pay the rent and ever clever and ironic plot twists in this sweet escapeAnd the immoral sinners are ooh very very CHARMING Go ahead Bite the lotusPS I recommend the new limited series on Netflix Closure the most important attribute for a finale for an American is reached

Download Ê eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Armistead MaupinTales of the City

Armistead Maupin ↠ 8 characters Download Ê eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Armistead Maupin Read Tales of the City F laundromat Lotharios pot growing landladies cut throat debutantes and Jockey Shorts dance contests The sag. Mother must be dying Stop trying to cheer me up Now that my friends is what we in the business call a wild ride This is a ridiculous 1970s soap opera that I could not help but enjoy but I think above all else it made me hunger on a deep level for a San Francisco I ve never experienced Well We ll talk about that in a little while For now let s just say this Tales of the City is a wild ride from start to finish On both the level of this is fucking hilarious and holy shit that was a plot twist It s like someone combined Revenge the 2012 television show with The Office It made me feel like I was on crack I loved it Finally she looks at him intently and says in a voice fraught with meaning which do you think you d prefer Rich S or M And He thought it was something to put on the hamburger The tone of these is so delightfully absurdist you have to lean into the humor a bit and suspend your disbelief to get to the good bits Actually it took me a while to get that the chapters were being absurd on purpose okay so I received these without contextSome highlights of the admittedly ridiculous character cast include Mary Ann a San Francisco newbie trying to make it but making bad romantic decisions along the way Often dumb but occasionally iconic Mona Mary Ann s first friend when she comes to town Best friend to Michael Excellent person with some drug issues Michael a gay icon Mona s best friend and second roommate Constantly looking for long term love but hasn t found it yet Anna Madrigal landlord to Mona and later Mary Ann and Michael Mentor type Some secrets of her own Beachamp rich and seemingly happy husband to DeDe Secretly dissatisfied Sort of a dirtbag DeDe rich daughter of a richer man Not always the smartest Edgar dissatisfied dying man trying to come to terms with a wasted life via his new friendship with a certain landlord Father to Dede and husband to Frannie Brian disaster and a half Token heterosexual One time lover to Mary Ann Jon possible lover to Michael Gynecologist Dorothea black lesbian back in town to get back her old lover Vincent depressed crisis hotline operator whose wife has left him to join the Israeli army Norman older man living on the top floor Maybe a few secretsI think in basically any other book this character cast would ve been absurd but in this book they feel perfectly believable I love how all of the characters are written as both flawed and at times selfish but still generally endearing And the comics are not without their moments of genuine heart the relationship between Anna and Edgar is honestly really wonderful and tender and the friendship between Mona and Michael is honest to god peak mlmwlw solidarity You will not be surprised to know they were my favoritesDue to the serial format these issues often feel very distinct at times dealing with very different characters and themes But I definitely had some favorite scenes and plotlines Here are some of my book highlights light spoilers only Anna giving Mary Ann a joint as a welcome to San Francisco gift Michael s meet cute with Jon which takes place at a skating rink after he breaks his nose trying to subtly skate up next to him when a feminist talking about rape shows up at Dede s country club and a minor character says delightedly this is better than when they brought the bulldyke in the scene in which Brian is trying to sleep with a woman who thinks he s gay and trying to sleep with women to repress it and who then when he says he s not gay says clinically You must not be in touch with your body and walks out an ally when Michael answers a call from Mary Ann s mom and her mom is scandalized about the strange man at her apartment and she then has to tell her mother about the existence of gay people Mary Ann getting hired at a crisis hotline accidentally making a pun about playing it by ear and then contemplating biting her own tongue off the scene in which Frannie is unloading all her problems but cutting it with no but I wouldn t want to burden you darling and you think it s like to a friend and it s to her fucking dog WHEN MICHAEL S PARENTS FIND LUBE IN HIS FUCKING REFRIGERATOR when Brian asks Michael to go cruising with him and Michael is like why are straight people like this but then does it anyway relatable content from 1978 the guy who photocopied his dick and used the enlargerAnd before I get serious a brief spoiler section about a bicon view spoilerListen from the very first page Mona had bi energy More importantly her and Michael were at PEAK mlmwlw solidarity and I literally typed in my review notes I know she s straight but this is mlmwlw solidarity at its finest and then it WAS actually I think the book isn t really taking a position on her sexuality she actually says she d prefer a long term friendship to having a lover at one point and i was like okay legend it s just as long as we acknowledge that Mona is in no way a heterosexual we re good hide spoiler

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Armistead Maupin ↠ 8 characters Download Ê eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Armistead Maupin Read Tales of the City A that ensues is manic romantic tawdry touching and outrageous unmistakably the handiwork of Armistead Maupi. There was this whole stereotype about gay dudes back in the day they were every girl s best friend Oh man girls loved to get themselves a gay best friend He would swan about calling her outfits fierce and making bitchy jokes He would listen to her complain about her love life He would say things like Girrrrrrrl he did NOT deserve you He himself would be neutered The whole thing is frankly offensive it reduces gay men to campy tics They exist only during brunch idk who this is I literally googled stereotypical gay guyYou can t exactly tell someone their actual life is offensive and this is or less Armistead Maupin s life pulled apart and turned extremely soapy for this iconic gay book the first in an endless series But he was under command by the San Francisco newspaper that serialized it in the 1970s not to overgay it which could help explain its tiptoeing uality According to my friend Gray some editor was keeping a chart of the characters to make sure as Maupin puts it the homo characters didn t suddenly outnumber the hetero ones and thereby undermine the natural order of civilisation Which is funny to think about because with the amount of fucking all these people are doing of each other and each other s others you have to imagine that the character chart would look pretty much like this Crazy wallSo good luck editor And besides Maupin snuck in so much ueer stuff it s like a Where s Waldo where everyone s Waldo It s a little bit sad and scary to read this book with hindsight It s like one of those early scenes in movies where kids are skipping in slow motion and you re like oh man this can t end well In 70 s San Francisco everyone was tumbling into bed with everyone but the AIDS crisis was looming But first brunchI ve been here on Goodreads for about ten years now and I have a few friends that have been here with me the whole time One in particular El wrote savagely funny and insightful reviews that deeply influenced me Over our long friendship we talked each other through good times and bad ones and we talked endlessly endlessly about books She died two weeks ago suddenly accidentally shockingly I miss her But as I finished this book I looked it up and there she was again as always way ahead of me Here s her review This is what she sounded like