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Read ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Î Tamara Bach Read & download ✓ Marsmädchen Î PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Move she makes And as she tries to figure out Laura's moods Miriam has to understand how her arrogant friend Philip fits into her life When Philip Miriam and Laura take a weekend trip to the big city every thing becomes clear and confusing than ever Written in a smart uirky hip style Girl from Mars speaks to young people everywhe. The book Girl from Mars is about two girls who met each other in school Miriam is trying to make her life exciting she want to do something like fall love or go out Instead she home arguing with mom Until she meets Laura she chances her life they are becoming good friend really good friends Miriam feels better with Laura than with her other friends because Laura understands her Miriam feel different around Laura a good different And when they take a trip to the big city everything is understandable now between her Laura friendshipI would recommend this book because it s different from any other books i ve read before Miriam life friendship is different from any movie or book It s a short book too you can finish it in a week or so might enjoy it I suffered long through reading this book but it was all worth it because in the end you find out what happens with Laura Miriam And how their good friendship turns out to be clear to Miriam on their trip If you ever have the time you might read this book see if you like it see how different it is from other booksTamara Bach has a great way in describing the book Girl from Mars She describes how they feel how the days feels in the book it make you feel it or imagine it Like if you were there with Laura Miriam or if you were in their place I like this book and recommend it because it has great description and it make you feel the good vibes in the book the good time they have So i would recommend this book to anyone

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Read ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Î Tamara Bach Read & download ✓ Marsmädchen Î PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Fifteen year old Miriam is having stupid arguments with her mother is bored to death in class and is trying to get excited by the same old parties with the same old friends in the same old town She wishes she lived in a big city where she could meet new people and experience new things In other words like 15 year olds everywhere. This book was pretty awesome Origianlly written in German it comes without a lot of that stupid baggage about omgi mgaywhatwillidonowhowwillilive etc i mean that s a valid experience certainly but not every ueer young adult book has to be about thatANYWAY What I liked most about this book was actually not at all related to it being a ueer book which is of course how it should be and therefore makes this book so much better My favorite parts were the really great descriptions of feeling like you re going out of your mind being bored by yourself and too big for silent places and just needing to get the fuck out EGSometimes it can be really uiet all around but inside everything starts screaming very loud and you just want to scream yourself or kick something or spit or bounce off the walls or somethingSometimes I feel so big inside that I don t seem to fitAlsoI have to go out I have to do something right now My room is too small It s afternoon again and it s always the same Too much the same too small Not just my room but this whole house this town I can t breathe here any I get on my bike and ride away from our house fast down the streets away faster right out to the country roads I ride and the cold rips my skin off with its claws I get a cramp in my side That s good I m freezing my ass off That s good too because I can feel it all I m not hibernating like the other marmots any My heart is beating faster as I pump my way up the hillAndI imagine what it would be like to just stand up maybe grab my coat Walk past the other desks chairs idiots who I ve never exchanged so much as tow words with Stand up and use my legs Look outside there s a world that exists between 8am and noon Outside there s life to taste and smell and in winter it s cold Then i just keep going Leave this small town and go out through the fields and through one small village after another even farther than I ve gone on my bike And maybe then I ll get on a train and keep going even farther And maybe I ll get to some place that looks nice and I ll get off And then maybe I ll stay there

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Read ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Î Tamara Bach Read & download ✓ Marsmädchen Î PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Miriam is waiting desperately for her life to begin for something anything a first love perhaps Love comes in an unexpected way when she meets her new classmate Laura Suddenly life is very complicated and unsettling as Miriam finds herself lying to her girlfriends avoiding her brother's probing uestions and second guessing every. Miriam is a 15 year old girl bored with the town she lives in and almost all the people in it Almost There s a girl named Laura Different from everyone else Miriam finds Laura to be the most interesting and beautiful person she s ever seen As Miriam dreams of living in a big city she finds love thrown at her out of no whereGirl From Mars is a look into the life of an average teen who dreams big It s slow moving but engaging at the same time Interesting details and commentary are everywhere and leaves you wanting to see in general I loved the book a lot Miriam is a relatable character with all the usual uirks but also unexpected at times Either way this is a good book with hints of wisdom hidden between the lines

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