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SUMMARY Þ Miss Match Erica Lawson Í 1 SUMMARY Clancy Fitzgerald is twenty nine single and a virgin According to her aunt she is as good as dead Minerva Goldberg has used all her matchmaking wiles to make a conventional match for Clancy Now. I had read this story in its online incarnation and found it to be fairly charming so was happy to see it out for kindle The courtship of Carmen and Clancy was sweet and amusing The added content for what forms the basis of the original story was nice but I found the additional content basically the last third of the book to detract from the rest of the story I m glad I got to read the additional version of the original storyline but if I ever re read this I ll stop where the old story finished and forget the restview spoilerI had hoped if the story was being re done that they would remove the slap scene in the bathroom It was unnecessary and contrived plus I don t like any kind of violence between protagonists Then this version adds a pretty ridiculous plot line involving a church buying up gay and lesbian clubs not saying it couldn t happen just that the way it s done here wasn t great The entire plot line grated especially because it turned Carmen who up until this point was a level headed considerate woman into an antagonistic twit The two scenes that took place in the lesbian den of depravity and the gay bar were also over the top and added nothing to the storyview spoiler hide spoiler


SUMMARY Þ Miss Match Erica Lawson Í 1 SUMMARY It is time to use an unconventional one Fashion editor Carmen Pratka does Minerva a favor by going on a blind date with Clancy Clancy refuses to acknowledge what the rest of the world knows Carm. The story got a little messy from the middle to the end but it s worthy the time There are funny bits in it Bummer about Goldie I wanted to hear about her by the end The Best Australian Science Writing 2012 hear about Tek Şişman Beyniniz her by the end

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SUMMARY Þ Miss Match Erica Lawson Í 1 SUMMARY En makes it her personal mission to not only convince Clancy that she is a lesbian and she is the right woman for herA not to be missed romantic comedy by award winners Erica Lawson and AC Henle. Long time ago I found Miss Match in some fanfiction blog or list I can t remember but do remember I love that story this version Well the second half on the ultra religious siblings is superfluous the story worked great without that

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