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DOWNLOAD ↠ Micah Rush Wild #4 T and watched him from afar Over the last year she'd fallen in love with him and that might have been just fine if her father didn't mind but he d. I loved reading this book both protagonists personalities are awesome and it makes the book a great read

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DOWNLOAD ↠ Micah Rush Wild #4 Hailey LeBlanc did something stupid but she couldn't help herself If it had been any other woman they would have less resistance that she had espe. synopsismicah rush is a star hockey player for his nhl team they are playing in the playoffs and micah is distracted no one knows that he is focused on trying to find the woman that he slept with a few weeks ago hailey is the team owner s daughter but she also works in the arena she slept with micah after she found her fiance in bed with another woman she tries to stay out of micah s way so that he won t find her when they do meet up again they can t keep their hands off each other and the relationship progesses from there there are misunderstandings aided by various peoplewhat i liked the premisewhat i didn t like the execution wow this was pretty much a train wreck the editing was really bad the plot danced all over the place with no indication of going back in time not even an extra space on the page or she thought back to and no real continuity there was a lot of telling and the language was in line of what i would expect from someone who had not graduated from school yet the way all the characters even the parents of the main characters acted felt like high school than anything else the heroine was completely insecure even though she had a job that she had earned not been given by her father the hero s mother admired the heroine because she had an education while the mother had just stayed home and looked after the kidsreally THAT S the reason that you admire and like your future daughter in law there was just so much going on and no real focus there was also a lot of unnecessary exposition example location 2877 kindle edition i m going to kill her she said to no one in particular about jill it was obviously her that spilled the beans to micah if it was so obvious then all the passage would need to read would be this i m going to kill her she said to no one in particular since we had just seen jill spill the beans to micah we didn t really need the reiteration

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DOWNLOAD ↠ Micah Rush Wild #4 Cially around Micah He was gorgeous tall rich and the MVP of his team It didn't help that she worked where he and his team practised day in and ou. I loved this book I didn t uite know what to expect and the flashbacks were interspersed with the current story but they flowed nicely back to the present so that was forgivableThis is a sweet love story with a strong man and a strong woman involved Hailey is no simpering wimpering weakling so drives a motorcycle plays hockey and can take of herself Hailey s only weak point is her dad she can t defy the strong angry and scary man Even though he has never been mean to her he deftly and easily manipulates her as he wantsMicah is want she wants and he has never wanted a woman the way he wants Hailey He is willing to do whatever it takes and give up whatever he needs to to make sure he has her They are explosive together and do all the stupid things people do but luckily they have a couple of awesome friends that try and keep them on track so they can figure things out

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