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Read & Download Long Night's Loving Presents Anne Mather Æ 4 characters Read Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Æ Anne Mather Of the fact that he could still make her want him while seemingly remaining detached himself Surely he must be involved enough to want to help Lindsey even if he suspected she might be another man's chil. This book pissed me off for several reasons which I ll list1What Oliver did to the heroine was rape If a person is drunk or high unable to control themselves properly and you have sex with that that is RAPE The heroine seemed to brush it off in the story DISGUSTING2The hero was an asshole to the heroine he should of trusted in her believed in her Like come on this was his WIFE and had been for uite a while Unless your wife is having constant affairs or is a lying scum bitch you should believe in herThe story line was alright while not all topics were well thought out and proper to moral standards it was okay to read

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Read & Download Long Night's Loving Presents Anne Mather Æ 4 characters Read Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Æ Anne Mather He could still make her want himMaggie would never have made the journey to Northumberland to see her ex husband if it hadn't been for their rebellious teenage daughter Lindsey had formed a disastrous re. Re Long Night s Loving If you are looking for full fledged trainwrecky soap opera whacktastic drama Anne Mather is the Tacky Outrageous Drama Doyenne of HPlandia For all of the efforts of the other HP writers she is still the one that just cannot be beatI confess I am not an AM fangirl I have limits to my tolerance and a LOT of AM s character choices simply make me grab two bottles of Captain Morgan a case of Tim Tams and huddle under my kitten blankie while I desperately try to bleach my brain cells or at least pickle them into permanent memory dissolutionBut that doesn t mean that I do not respect AM as one heck of a writer AM can bring the pain the angst and the drama in Glorious HPlandia Style and since she has been in on the line from it s 1974 beginnings clear up to the present day of 2018 AM is the one HP Author who can proudly say she has seen and done it all Because of this impressive backlist and because AM had a large hand in popularizing our favorite HP tropes if she did not actually invent them I am very torn as I write out the spoilerization for this book On one hand I want to put it on the reuired reading list On the other I want to bury it in the depths of my kitty litter boxes Because this book is not nice politically correct or anything but the most derogatory degradation of women in it s most basest form wrapped up in a cozy second chance romanceThat is Anne Mather s genius She has a devoted following because reading her is like watching an episode of Maury or Jerry Springer you know it is going to be eye wateringly bad and you probably feel a bit ashamed of yourself for being enthralled but when AM is in top form it is so so hard to look awayBrace yourself fellow HP Voyagers this is going to be a freefall without a parachute and hopefully we will all make it through the typhoon ahead avoiding the avalanche at the end to survive this most epicly whacktastic Typhoon of Tackiness HPlandia outingThis one starts with divorced dress shop owning h being very concerned about her daughter Her militaristicly bitter feminist sister is coyly suggesting that the h s teen aged daughter is about to run off with the h s ex husband s former managerThe h doesn t like the former manager has bitter regrets over the demise of her marriage and is still in love with her ex husband The ex husband was a big time musician who eventually wanted to retire to a grand country estate and write musicThe h s only family is her sister and when the h s ex husband was moving onto his new career path her sister was in the midst of a terrible divorce from her cheating husband The h was feeling unsure of her own path in life and wanted to open up a dress boutiue She felt she needed to do this in London and in the meanwhile her husband was happily changing their entire way of life and not even asking the h for a by your leaveThe H did give the h the financing she needed to open her shops but the two of them soon began living very separate lives while still married and there is a persistent OW whom the h is fairly sure the H cheated on her withThis is not what caused them to be divorced tho The h was living in London and staying with her sister the h figured she would punish her husband for his OW attentions and soon began hitting the social circuit every night with a well known actor at the timeAfter a night of drinking the h and the actor had intercourse When the h confessed the event to her husband he accused her of a long term affair and divorced her The h s daughter was shuffled between the two of them and the h has lived in bitter remorse ever sinceNow however the h needs the ex husband s help in convincing their daughter that the ex manager is not a good guy The H invites the two of them to his country estate and the h accepts because what the daughter doesn t know is that the middle aged manager was embezzling millions from the H when he managed him and he and the H had a very bad parting of the waysThe manager hasn t been a success in the intervening years and is trying to leverage the h s daughter against the H He threatens the H that if he doesn t return to his management and record another album he is going to ravage and destroy their daughter The H knows that you cannot convince a teenager in love that their love object isn t that into them so he figures if he can get the h and his daughter on his estate he can dangle a tempting morsel in front of her silly teen aged self in the form of one of his employees or at least keep her there long enough that the romance will fade awayThe situation is complicated by the fact that the H and h still have a fierce Lurve Force Mojo chemistry going on and further complicated by the fact that the H s OW lives on the estate in the dower house that was meant for the h and her daughter to live in The daughter isn t pleased by this AT ALL There is pages of drama and tarty h derogatory moments and all these people come off as pretty horrible But as the story continues on and the H and h can t stay way from various Lurve Club incidences the daughter shows that her behavior is motivated by a need to get her parents back together than any big romantic infatuation for an older guy that was mostly manipulated by the h s slime slurper but butter wouldn t melt in her mouth sisterThere is a lot of tension a lot of h tart shaming from EVERYONE in the H s employ including the OW who was probably shagging the H well before any hint of marital discord and we are almost at the end of the story before the whole truth comes outThe h wants her daughter to be understanding of why her father doesn t seem to be too keen on the h or having her in his house So she tells the daughter that she acted foolishly trying to make the H jealous and she went out with the actor He got her totally intoxicated one night and then he raped her Although AM has the h deny it was a rape the h sorta figures she deserved it The h was feeling intense amounts of shame and despair and while she hesitates to call it rape herself and AM wrote that out EXACTLY as I wrote it here the h did feel that she had committed adultery so she confessed to her husband and the divorce process took overThe daughter sees the OW hanging all over her father and sees the OW living in the home her father had claimed was hers and grants her mother forgiveness for whatever she feels bad about in the past She also tells her mother that she has no intentions of seeing the evil ex manager any and the h breathes a sigh of relief and takes herself off to London She still loves her ex husband and that love is causing her huge mopey moments every time she has a boudoir moment with him and then he goes back to his OW The h s sister is trying to stir up even drama and failed to look after the h s business after she demanded the chance to do so so the h is slowly resigning herself to a miserable lonely lifeThen the H shows up at her house and declares that he doesn t care about her past affair either he loves her again and wants to marry and the two of them have Purple Passion Moments on the Transcendent Shores of Purple Passion BlissThey are just finishing up their third round when the h s sister flaunts her way in trying to stir up drama by telling the h that her ex husband is getting remarried and she is sure the poor doormat h will suffer for it The h takes her sister on a flashback of the past and the sister lies about what she told the H and other people all those years ago The h doesn t know how to explain that it is HER re marrying the H and as the sister rants on and on the h reminds the sister of her date rape and the sister gets caught in her own manipulative trap The H wasn t in the room when the sister came in and the sister has no clue the H is even there When the sister starts to berate the h for her tarty doormat behavior the H walks in and accuses the sister of lying to him and telling him that the h had been having an affair with the actor for several months and then trying to seduce the H herselfThe h is shocked that her sister would do that and the H kicks the sister out of the h s life He then explains that he now utterly and totally believes the h that she only cheated on him one time and he will graciously allow her to grovel at his feet as his wife for the rest of his life or as long as the Lurve Force Mojo will last and only if she finds a manager for her dress shopThe happy h joyfully accepts the chance to be the H s lust slave and resident doormat with the OW right across the way and AM gives us another whacktastic HPlandia HEAFor a much as this story line appalled and horrified me twenty years ago and still continues to do so for that matter I have to give AM kudos for writing it It takes serious chutzpah to openly tart shame a rape victim and yet AM wanted to write another cheating married h in HPlandia so badly that she puzzled it out until she figured out a way to do itThis is a HUGE deal for this line Because while I talk about the various rules in HPlandia and have scattered several throughout my spoilerizations there is one UNWRITTEN CARDINAL HP RULE that says married heroines DO NOT CHEAT Married HP h s are martyred sycophants enshrined to the eternal devotion that MARRIED TRUE LOVE IS FAITHFUL FOREVER and their bodies are their husband s temples At this point in the HP line up there are only FOUR books out of 1887 that have an adulterous married hDaphne Clair s Marriage Under Fire Alison Fraser s The Strength of Desire Anne Mather s previous book Dangerous Sanctuary and this one are the only books were an h has relations with another man while married to the H It will be another 16 years before Michelle Smart s The Rings That Bind will outrage a whole new generation of HP readers by having that h who is in an open MOC sleep with an old friendOf the four vintage books only the Daphne Clair and Alison Fraser ones have hint of real world reality DC writes her cheating heroine in a trope reversal that is an attempt to broaden the boundaries of conventional romance Alison Fraser has her heroine cheat in the aftermath of her husband s betrayal and after the heroine had already decided on divorce Anne Mather LOVES cheating heroines she has several OW unmarried h s but she knows her market and the Irish Censorship Board very well AM is fully aware of the double standard backlash against a married woman who cheats so she is very careful to make sure that the reasons for doing so are excellent In Dangerous Sanctuary the heroine cheats with her husband s brother after a year long separation and it is known that the h s husband is an abusive sadist who horribly hurt the h But AM can only push that type of infidelity for so long So what does AM come up withShe deliberately sets both the heroine and her daughter up as unrepentant rebellious trampy tarts and then pulls the rug out from under the reader by having the daughter become a distraught waif and misunderstood teen who only wanted her family reunited and she has her heroine date rapedBut even date rape perceived as adultery is not enough To get around the conservative viewpoints of the time she has the heroine divorced and then severely slut shammed for her lapse and openly proclaiming that she deserved whatever treatment her family and loved ones dished out to her Because after all if the h had been home and waiting on her eually adulterous husband as a dutiful wife should she wouldn t be out at a party enjoying the attentions of another man and therefore deserving of whatever treatment she got I still can feel the top of my head blow off when I think about the trauma that this h had to endure It was bad years ago when I first read this and it is even infuriating now But unfortunately it is entirely accurate in it s portrayal of victim blaming and AM knows this and uses it wellIt is for that reason that I really have a hellacious time trying to rate this book I don t know if it should ever be read because there is just no excuse for what the h is subjected to and AM does it deliberately But on the other hand this one is truly a masterful piece of writing It exposes societal hypocrisy in multiple ways while it also manages to pass itself off as a fairly innocuous romanceIt takes a ton of talent to pull a story line like this off and I have to admire AM for doing it so I don t know what to say in regards to this HPlandia outing It is five star on the wrecky drama and 1 star on the romantic relationships Which in HP math means it is a three If you read this I wish you the best of luck on this HP adventure and advise you to take a bottle or three of your favorite adult beverage with you while reading it Proper preparation for potential disaster is critical when you take a train ride to the darker dingier shores of HPlandia and may help in recovery from extended contact with it

Anne Mather Æ 4 characters

Read & Download Long Night's Loving Presents Anne Mather Æ 4 characters Read Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Æ Anne Mather Lationship and Neil was the only person who could help Clearly Maggie's treacherous betrayal some years ago still rankled with Neil because why else would he so provoke and humiliate her She was ashamed. I should have listened I should have listened I should have listenedBoogenhagen s review says it allhttpswwwgoodreadscomreviewshowNot one decent nice charming or entertaining character in the bunch Reading this book has all the stomach churning properties of breathing in a bucket of suirming worms The hero is callous and cruel What elseThe heroine is a TSTL blithering idiot for too many reasons to list here The top three are she s stupid enough to be led around by her nose by her vile sister she tried to manipulate her relationship with her husband and it backfired but she won t take responsibility for it or get the words out to explain and she s a crappy motherThe daughter is another bad apple that didn t fall far from the tree Entitled evil other woman Nuff said Plus she s a bag of bonesOff page rapistIrritating BFSmug and horrifying interfering sister that probably has the hots for the hero Her fate is left dangling but she needs to go downYucky waste of timeI need a shower

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