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The Rape of Nanking The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II characters ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Iris Chang cuyos abuelos escaparon de la masacre ha escrito la historia definitiva de este horrible episodio desde tres perspectivas diferentes la de los soldados nipones la de los civiles chinos y la de un grupo de europeos y norteamericanos ue se negaron a abandonar la ciudad y lograron crear una peueña zona de seguridad ue salvó a casi 200000 chinosSorprendentemente esta atrocidad una de las peore. I rated this book but how can one rate an account of atrocities For me the rating is just a symbol of how important such books are I had read a review by a Friend and immediately decided to get a copy and make the name Nanking mean something to me as I had never read any books on this massacre The book is harrowing terrifying and most upsetting and I would recommend it only to those readers who are prepared for most graphic descriptions Ms Chang provides us with an insight into the Japanese history and the 19th century transformation and then moves on to the war and the capture of Nanking in 1937 We are offered the accounts of the Chinese civilians the Japanese soldiers and some Americans and Europeans who lived in the city and provided as much assistance as possible and made efforts to inform the world about the massacre

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The Rape of Nanking The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II characters ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB S en la historia de la humanidad sigue siendo negada por el Gobierno japonés Pese a ue el número total de muertos en Nanking supera el de varios países europeos enteros e incluso el de las explosiones atómicas de Hiroshima y Nagasaki la Guerra Fría condujo a reprimir toda discusión sobre el asunto Para Chang esta conspiración de silencio ue persiste hasta hoy constituye una «segunda violación». A dark rabbit hole into the abyss this is Or as Jaidee says we suck as a species In December 1937 Japanese troops advanced from Shanghai to Nanjing All of the sickeningly familiar war crime atrocities occurred It s like there s a template or step by step guide that gets followedChang s research found the diary of John Rabe which provides an improbable ray of hope in all the atrocious horrorThe Nazi Who Saved NankingPerhaps the most fascinating character to emerge from the history of the Rape of Nanking is the German businessman John Rabe To most of the Chinese in the city he was a he was a hero the living Buddha of Nankin the legendary head of the International Safety Zone who saved hundreds of thousands of Chinese lives But to the Japanese Rabe was a strange and unlikely savior For he was not only a German national a citizen of the Nazi Party in Nanking

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The Rape of Nanking The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II characters ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB En diciembre de 1937 tuvo lugar una de las masacres más brutales ue se recuerdan en tiempos de guerra El ejército japonés entró en Nanking entonces capital de China y en pocas semanas no sólo saueó e incendió la antigua ciudad indefensa sino ue sistemáticamente violó torturó y asesinó a más de 300000 civiles Mediante entrevistas a supervivientes y documentos desclasificados en cuatro idiomas. Iris Chang committed suicide I can t help wondering if doing the research for this book didn t create or deepen her depression She was an obviously passionate person and turning that passion loose on uncovering what really happened in Nanking in December 1937 must have shook her deeplyJust reading it shook me deeplyAs a history major in college I was aware of the allegations against the Japanese in WWII not just in Nanking but all over SE Asia As an ongoing student of WWII and someone who has traveled all over SE Asia I am even convinced that the level of brutality that the Japanese visited on the liberated peoples of the Greater East Asia Co prosperity Sphere was matched or exceeded only by the Holocaust in Europe I too have talked to survivors of the Japanese occupation in the Philippines Indonesia Hong Kong China and Malaysia and their stories while not as dramatic as Chang s were nevertheless riveting and horrifying I stood in the hallway of what was once a Girl s high school in Manila where 400 young women were raped and eventually killed by drunken Japanese soldiers who expected to die as the Americans approached Manila I met an old nun who still could not keep the tears from her eyes as she related the storySo I have no problem believing that the incidents Chang chronicles and the eyewitness and diary accounts she relates are true I am also enough of a historian to recognize that she wrote the book as a journalist not as a historian That belief does not lessen the importance of what she has done in trying to lift the veil from an episode the Japanese would love to have the world forget That some Japanese continue to deny not only the brutality of the rape of Nanking but also the brutality they visited on every country they occupied is a stain on the rest of the Japanese people Ahmadinejad denying the Holocaust is a joke compared to Japanese officials and academics denying the Rape of NankingThis book is also a must read for anyone who believes that these kinds of brutal happenings are anomalies for as Chang points out in the epilogue The Rape of Nanking should be perceived as a cautionary tale She goes on to say that human beings are capable of the worst kind of inhuman behavior if the circumstances are right Our civilization is a thin veneer

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