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John Steinbeck À 8 Read & Download The Pearl Summary î 108 Nts leading to tragedy This classic novella from Nobel Prize winner John Steinbeck examines the fallacy of the American dream and illustrates the fall from innocence experienced by people who believe that wealth erases all problems. So John Steinbeck and his editor walk into a bar disclaimer I m making this up and John s editor says John it s so bor ing being your editor I mean you ve written the Great American novel you ve won the Pulitzer you ve fought for the poor man you ve made your fiction read like non fiction and your non fiction read like fictionJohn lights a smoke takes a slug of beer grunts Reports from the war hum from a radio at the bar and his editor finds the courage to continue Well So maybe you know it would be funny ha ha ha if you could take a story a legend you know and make it real Take a legend maybe from an ancient people and make it a vehicle for the entire human condition Throw in all of the good stuff light versus dark good versus evil man versus man man versus God Add a few archetypes some symbolism a few themes Keep your characters limited AND oh yeah here s the real kicker keep it under 100 pagesJohn looks up from his beer wonders if he can hear a score on the game He looks over briefly at the editorYeah I ll do her Got any cigarettes

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John Steinbeck À 8 Read & Download The Pearl Summary î 108 Steinbeck's classic cautionary tale now in an accessible new Spanish language translationOne of Steinbeck's most taught works The Pearl is the story of the Mexican diver Kino whose discovery of a magnificent pearl from the Gulf bed. John Steinbeck s chilling novella The Pearl is the short story selection in the group catching up on classics for January 2017 In his retelling of a Mexican folktale Steinbeck tells the tale of a fisherman named Kino who finds the pearl of the world on one of his dives Showing how money is the root of all evil Steinbeck delivers a poignant tale First published in 1945 The Pearl is the story of Kino Juana and their baby Coyotito who one day discover a giant pearl on one of their fishing expeditions All of a sudden their entire village measures time against when Kino found his pearl Even though fish and pearls are the source of Kino s livelihood each member of the village desires part of his newfound wealth Rather than congratulating him on his prized discovery each villager offers their uniue suggestion as to how Kino should spend his winnings Tragedy strikes Coyotito is bitten by a scorpion and Kino and Juana rush to town in attempt to persuade the doctor to treat their child In a situation permeated with racism the doctor of Spanish descent refuses to treat the apparent Native American Kino unless he comes up with substantial monetary payment The only item of value that Kino possesses is the pearl and he assures the doctor that he will be rewarded once the pearl given to brokers Just like the doctors the pearl brokers attempt to swindle Kino Even though Kino has large dreams of what to do with his money tragedies continue to befall him throughout the novella Juana urges him to rid himself of this object that is clearly an agent of the devil Through this folk tale Steinbeck conveys that money is the root of all evils in the world Underlying is a message of socialism which was the world s response to the fascist dictators defeated in World War II Although Steinbeck s skills as a master storyteller are evident in this novella The Pearl does not resonate with me the way it does with others At first I was elated that a poor villager found a jewel that could turn his life around only to see him face tragic tests A literary masterpiece that should be read nonetheless I rate The Pearl 4 stars 5 for Steinbeck s prose and story telling skills and 25 3 for a story that does not captivate me enough as perhaps it should

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John Steinbeck À 8 Read & Download The Pearl Summary î 108 S means the promise of a better life for his impoverished family His dream blinds him to the greed and suspicions the pearl arouses in him and his neighbors and even his loving wife Juana cannot temper his obsession or stem the eve. The pearl John Ernst SteinbeckThe Pearl is a novella by American author John Steinbeck first published in 1947 It is the story of a pearl diver Kino and explores man s nature as well as greed defiance of societal norms and evil Steinbeck s inspiration was a Mexican folk tale from La Paz Baja California Sur Mexico which he had heard in a visit to the formerly pearl rich region in 1940 In 1947 it was adapted into a Mexican film named La perla and in 1987 into a cult Kannada movie Ondu Muttina Kathe The story is one of Steinbeck s most popular books and has been widely used in high school classes The Pearl is sometimes considered a parable When Coyotito an infant is stung by a scorpion Kino his father must find a way to pay the town doctor to treat him The doctor denies Kino an indigenous fisherman out of racism which enrages him Shortly thereafter Kino discovers an enormous lucid pearl which he is ready to sell to pay the doctor Everyone calls it the Pearl of the World and many people begin to covet it That very night Kino is attacked in his own home Determined to get rid of the pearl the following morning he takes it to the pearl auction in town however the auction is actually a corrupt sham and always has been The buyers normally fake auction each pearl and pretend bid against each other but in reality they are all paid a salary by a single man they all turn the pearls over to him and he resells them outside the village thus cheating the locals The corrupt pearl buyers try to convince Kino that the pearl is the euivalent of fool s gold and they refuse to pay any than incredibly low amounts of money Kino decides to go over the mountains to the capital to find a better price Juana Kino s wife sees that the pearl brings darkness and greed and sneaks out of the house late at night to throw it back into the ocean When Kino catches her he furiously attacks her and leaves her on the beach Characters Kino Juana Coyotito Juan Tomas Apolonia 1974 1349 203 1353 20

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