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The Noonday Demon An Atlas of Depression

The Noonday Demon An Atlas of Depression Summary É 0 El demonio de la depresión ue aparece ahora en una versión aumentada y revisada es una obra fundamental ue obtuvo el National Book Award y fue finalista del Premio Pulitzer Solomon explora el fenómeno de la depresión a partir de su propia lucha contra la enfermedad y de entrevistas con otros enfermos médicos y científico. The survivors stay on pills waiting We go on You cannot choose whether you get depressed and you cannot choose when or how you get better but you can choose what to do with the depression especially when you come out of itThis was an incredible book that took me months to read a dense mighty tome about depression It weaves together the author s personal experience of multiple breakdowns and decades of treatments with other narratives scientific research historical background and social context and sometimes literature Rather than try to summarize depression he lets it stay messy as it really is different for each person with no clear path for treatment I learned a lot and hopefully my increased understanding will make me a better boss a better faculty advisor and a better friendThis was also discussed on Episode 009 of the Reading Envy Podcast Google document of marked bits

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The Noonday Demon An Atlas of Depression Summary É 0 S responsables políticos investigadores farmacológicos y filósofos; así revela la sutil complejidad y la intensa agonía ue la definenEste libro asume el reto de explicar la depresión y describe el amplio abanico de medicamentos disponibles la eficacia de las terapias alternativas y el impacto ue la enfermedad tiene en di. And this ladies and gentlemen is how you write about depression

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The Noonday Demon An Atlas of Depression Summary É 0 Stintos grupos sociales en todo el mundo y a lo largo de la historia Solomon demuestra una sinceridad una inteligencia y una erudición extraordinarias a lo largo de este viaje al más oscuro de los secretos familiares Su contribución a nuestra comprensión de la enfermedad mental y también de la condición humana es asombro. Probably the best book I have read for a long time The War and Peace of depression A compelling comprehensive personal tightly written passionate and well researched exploration of depression in all its darkness at noon dimensions I read it too fast in a few sittings because I found it so compelling And I found huge insights in his experience even the most extreme of his experiences because he writes like a traveler back from a largely unexplored often denied uncomfortable not well reported on remote region deep inside at least a third of the population or 80% of Greenland Inuit who are clinically depressedI particularly liked his insight that while much of our depression is rear ward facing about past loss and trauma there is also anxious darkness looking forward Anxiety as forward looking depression Seems obvious but helpful And the author tried almost every imaginable way to mitigate his massive recurring depressive mental breakdowns chemical talking spiritual ECT you name he tried it Not a book for the faint hearted or for those who think that the journey deep inside the self or deep inside other peoples horrendous depressions is somehow self indulgent as I saw one reviewer write And of course many people could not believe he was devoting years to writing about this topic though in private hundreds of people opened up to supply him with incredible accounts of their experiences despite the societal discomfort with the whole subject One of his colleagues even denied that he suffered from depression because he had such an obviously good life Yeh right

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