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read & download Jam author Yahtzee Croshaw Jam author Yahtzee Croshaw free read × 106 E expected the end to be uite so sticky or strawberry scent. I woke up one morning to discover that the entire city had been covered in a three foot layer of man eating jam Croshaw begins his send up of the future apocalypse with a distinctive strawberry flavor The man eating jam that covers Brisbane Australia immediately devours Travis s one job holding roommate who is heading off to the gym to work out This leaves Travis our slacker hero with his surviving roommate Tim They find only two other survivors in the building Don who was home after working all night on his build he s a game designer and Angela a wannabe journalist who works at Starbucks The four are shocked when X and Y a man and woman who appear to be on a secret mission with the US government crash land a helicopter into Don s apartment They seem to working for an agency with the acronym HEPLTogether and separately the group must brave aerial stunts and sail on a sea of strawberry jam to reach other survivors and begin colonies The problem is that there are only two sorts of folks left Slackers who weren t on their way to work when the jam hit at the peak of rush hour traffic and workaholics who were already at the Hibatsu building slaving awayThe twenty something slackers have taken refuge in the mall where they set up an ironic kingdom and with all due irony kill outsiders Travis fears for his tarantula who is weak with hunger Tim wants to take over the kingdom He is sure that this apocalypse will give him the chance to start a new world and is concerned with organizing crop production and the likeMeanwhile the A types at Hibatsu have already formed their own government by committee and are planning a corporate overthrow of other settlements in an effort to gather resources as they work toward a new societyThe juxtaposition of these two groups is funny neither does very well now that the Internet is permanently down and survival is a matter of chance than anything Don who single mindedly holds on to the notion that his hard drive with his build is the only thing that matters has to deal with all the lunacy as he switches alliances in the effort to find a working computer and upload his build to the cloudHigh school housekeeping Yahtzee Croshaw has something of a cult following online where he posts weekly reviews of video games If you are a gamer you might enjoy his work He is witty and his ability to parody even skewer something is evident in Jam If you would enjoy a nice send up of all those dystopian future novels you ve been reading or if you are just looking for something funny try Jam Very wackyNOTE This review is also posted on my blog School Library Lady

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read & download Jam author Yahtzee Croshaw Jam author Yahtzee Croshaw free read × 106 We were prepared for an earthuake We had a flood plan in pl. Jam is a bit of a puzzle for me to review It excels at the exact thing that I m often the least interested in plot It s a well constructed story with a post apocalyptic concept that seemed reasonably fresh to me with a pacing that seldom dragged But it made me realize that the only way a misanthrope can really write compelling characters is by being a narcissist At least then the protagonist gets some development at least if its based on the authorThe entire story emanates a strong level of contempt for every character involved Almost everyone has a single character trait and that character trait can be ignored if it doesn t fit with the direction of the story If there was some faint praise to be had with Croshaw s previous book Mogworld it s that the protagonist was consistently unlikable and his actions always fit with his motives Here an idealist can become a self serving for a cheap joke or a mean character a savior for no greater reason than otherwise the plot would come to a stopWriting a humorous book can also be fraught with issues I think Terry Pratchett succeeded so often because fundamentally he wrote good stories with likable characters that just happened to have a lot of fun jokes and whimsical notions thrown in when they seemed appropriate He was a funny guy and his books reflected it Whereas in Jam there s an exhaustive ongoing joke about how young people misuse the word ironic and I m not sure if it ever worked for me even once Jokes are often haphazardly thrown into the narrative for no better reason than the author must have felt he d gone a while without attempting one Perhaps because Croshaw s main fanbase comes from a humorous web series he felt it was expected of him but there are times where the prose is needlessly awkward because it seemed like it would be funnier There s a pervading sense of this is what humorous writing sounds like which never uite eualed laughsCroshaw has created an interesting tale populated by characters that he appears to hate too much to try and get to know better No character has than one or two attributes and at times I almost wanted to yell Could you stop with your particular shtick and just be real for a minute But he doesn t seem to see the humor in his own hatred of his characters the kind of awareness that could have pushed the story into a legitimate black comedy What I d really like to see from Croshaw is a genuinely dark novel that in no way deliberately attempts to be funny I think it could be liberating

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read & download Jam author Yahtzee Croshaw Jam author Yahtzee Croshaw free read × 106 Ace We could even have dealt with zombies ProbablyBut no on. This book was pretty fun A pretty entertaining lampooning of apocalypse survivor stories full of the author s trademark sarcasm and dry British humor

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