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free download Ü eBook or Kindle ePUB æ Imogen Rose Imogen Rose æ 3 read read & download Initiation Bonfire Academy #1 Ferent from normal human teens Thus the language and some scenes might not be appropriate for younger YA readers Recommended for those sixteen and abo. At first glance at the new cover for this book I was drawn in The cover is just delightfulInitiation is a book about Bonfire Academy a school for aparanormals to learn about their abilities and hope to cope with them The descritptions used to describe the school are so vivid they paint such a lovely visual for readers The school sounds so enchanting and like such a beautiful place We start off by meeting Cordelia who is a demon princessCordelia sucked me in right away because she is fearless and kick butt She jumps right into the action headfirst to help a girl she is mentoring named Faustine Faustine is apparently a demonhuman hybrid princess who is there to learn about her powers I liked her from the beginning too She had such a cool personality and wasn t easily intimidatedby others eventhough she was in way over her head She was able to hold her own We also meet Jagger and uinn who are both helping keep Faustine safe Jagger strikes me as the brooding strong silent type and uinn is like the boy next door type I loved both boys for different reasons and will be waiting to see how it all plays out This book had it all with the paranormal aspects suspense romance and friendships Its a great read and it was nice seeing the kids learning to deal with their abilities along with normal teenage hormones This book has the potential to become a really good series and I have to say Imogen Rose has done it again This book was captivating and kept me hooked from beginning to end

free download Ü eBook or Kindle ePUB æ Imogen RoseInitiation Bonfire Academy #1

free download Ü eBook or Kindle ePUB æ Imogen Rose Imogen Rose æ 3 read read & download Initiation Bonfire Academy #1 Welcome to Bonfire Academy Set in the foothills of the alpine mountains in StMoritz this exclusive private school caters to a special kind of student. First I have to say I absolutely loved this book Imogen Rose is a fantastic author the storyline and character descriptions were well written and she gave you enough information to get to know each of them and fall in love with a few Initiation was one of those novels you don t put down and I definitely will be following this series Welcome to Bonfire Academy a school for supernatural swe first meet Cordelia who has decided to stay for a third year at Bonfire Academy so she could build up her skills and play tennis Her first day back she is asked to go to the student president s office for a meeting which is very unusual as the student president is normally kept a secret throughout the year curiosity gets the better of her and she heads to the meeting Here we meet Jagger he asks Cordelia if she would be interested in becoming a mentor for a new initiate Faustine who is half human and half demon Cordelia wants to refuse but because of the uniue situation she agrees Cordelia and Faustine are both demon princesses and Cordelia realizes that because Faustine is half human this may put her in some difficult situations with so many other supernatural s around the school This story is full of mystery suspense and a fantastic love triangle uinn who is Cordelia long time boyfriend is kind caring and you fall in love with his character Jaggar also has great ualities and knows that Cordelia and he somehow ended up synced together The feelings that occur when they are together are intense and it appears like they have mated So besides Cordelai dealing or should I say not dealing with all that going on in her life she still has to mentor FaustineWhen Faustine and Cordelia are attacked and strange things happen one Cordelia dies and Faustine disappears into thin air thank god Jaggar saves Cordelia and they find Faustine fast asleep in bed Unsure of what happened and who attacked them Cordelia knows she needs to protect Faustine and figure out what is going onThis story is fantastic and all I can say is it s a must read great beginning to what I think is going to be a superb series The story does not focus on a lot of romance it is action suspense and mystery mixed with some romance The author did an amazing job giving us a wonderful story great characters and I cannot wait to read book two I would recommend Initiation to all my friends and anyone who loves paranormal novels

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free download Ü eBook or Kindle ePUB æ Imogen Rose Imogen Rose æ 3 read read & download Initiation Bonfire Academy #1 Enter at your own risk but if you are human you may not want to enter at all WARNING This YA story is set in a school for paranormals who are very dif. Originally posted at OMFGBooksThe cover was the first thing that got me I know I know don t judge a book by it s cover but sometimes it s really hard not to The striking eye and the half face close up really suckered me in I jumped at the chance to be able to review InitiationI was completely unaware that this was actually a preuel series to Imogen s first series The Bonfire Chronicles which apparently centers around Faustine the demon human hybrid that the main character in Initiation Cordelia is entrusted to mentor and protect But I m not going to get ahead of myselfInitiation reels you in and hooks you from the very first line Trust no one Immediately I was captivated and I wanted to read and read and read until I was finished but alas I had to work I was immediately intrigued by the storyline I am a sucker for any boarding school kind of story but especially the supernatural kind I thought it was very interesting and original that there was than two supernatural species that call the Academy home There are demons vampires witches shifters and even hybrids I wondered how Imogen was going to do it and she did a fantastic jobI will say that Initiation is not for the sueamish They are teenagers and they are supernatural Regular human teenagers can be vulgar at the best of times but throw into that them being supernatural and there being animosity between some species and well hormones flying around and that is a recipe for sex and violence which there are plenty of in Initiation While the sex isn t exactly described it is still very much thereCordelia is a strong lead She is a full blooded demon She has good characterization but the one thing that bothered me about the book overall was the love triangle While her and Jagger have off the charts chemistry I didn t like that she was a hot and cold with him and b cheating on her boyfriend uinn I understood that she was torn but the cheating thing just really rubbed me the wrong way That said I still really like her with JaggerThere are plenty of great characters in this book besides Cordelia There s Jagger uinn Faustine and many A way Imogen kept people on their toes was that if you re a student at the Academy you cannot ask another paranormal what they are That creates a lot of mystery and intrigue around charactersInitiation is chock full of action suspense romance and all around bad assery If you re looking for a page turner that will keep you hooked Initiation is the way to go

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  • 21 January 2019
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