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  • Hot Carbon
  • John F. Marra
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  • 06 July 2019
  • 9780231186704

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Hot Carbon Summary ↠ 104 John F. Marra Í 4 Summary Read Hot Carbon Time to his own work on oceanic photosynthesis with microscopic phytoplankton Marra's engaging narrative encompasses nuclear testing the peopling of the Americas elephant poaching and the flax plants used for the linen in the Shroud of Turin Combining colorful narrative prose with accessible explanations of fundamental science Hot Carbon is a thought provoking exploration of how the power of carbon 14 informs our relationship to the past. Full review to come

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Hot Carbon Summary ↠ 104 John F. Marra Í 4 Summary Read Hot Carbon Ications ranging from archeology to oceanography to climatologyIn Hot Carbon John F Marra tells the untold story of this scientific revolution He weaves together the workings of the many disciplines that employ carbon 14 with gripping tales of the individuals who pioneered its possibilities He describes the concrete applications of carbon 14 to the study of all the stuff of life on earth from climate science's understanding of change over. Written by John F Marra Hot Carbon is a non fiction novel that looks at how carbon and carbon 14 in particular has shaped what is our modern world and how research has developed in the field and the variety of fields that carbon 14 effectsWith some personal anecdotes including the opening scene Marra paints for us how influential carbon 14 is and how little we realize the large effect it has I have a background in chemical engineering emphasis on the chemical but in the field that I work in we deal a lot with carbon but not carbon 14In research however carbon 14 is so influential It is a way to often indirectly measure a variety of things From dating to the energy production of plants It is amazing And yes that is all the detail I will go into because this is a book worth reading It reads easily and well so after the initial little story and does a fantastic job of bringing this important isotope into the real of discussion for those who don t have a background in chemistryI did receive a copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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Hot Carbon Summary ↠ 104 John F. Marra Í 4 Summary Read Hot Carbon There are few fields of science that carbon 14 has not touched A radioactive isotope of carbon it stands out for its unusually long half life Best known for its application to estimating the age of artifacts carbon dating carbon 14 helped reveal new chronologies of human civilization and geological time Everything containing carbon the basis of all life could be placed in time according to the clock of radioactive decay with research appl. Hot Carbon sounded to be another hit for me Unfortunately it wasn tThe facts presented are very interesting I didn t know much about Carbon 14 other than its use for age dating so I learned uite a few new things However all those presented are before the 90s For a book writtenpublished in 2019 especially a scientific one that s a big minus in my opinionThe history of its discovery the way it s found in nature and its applications are uite engaging For all that the way the story was told is another matter There are too many details not related to it not so interesting from my PoV and too few experiments And those which are presented are so stretched out that you forget what the experiment was about in the first place The writing is tedious I didn t find it gripping at all It s also very repetitive the same info is repeated over and over again If it was explained once I don t want to be reminded of it every few other pages and with references when it was mentioned beforeIf you expect a riveting popularizing science book this is not the best choice Nonetheless if the subject is of high interest you might find it compelling than me It was not one of the best science books out there but definitely not a waste of time ARC received thanks to Columbia University Press via NetGalley