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Deanna A. Thompson ✓ 6 Download Summary Ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Deanna A. Thompson review Hoping For More Description We tend to use words like miracle and mystery in the context of serendipity In this frank and elouent account of life transformed by cancer Deanna Thompson explores these articles of faith as they are also wont to appear on the hard edges of hope and the dark side of joy Krista Tippett from the Foreword Hoping for More is a story of a young religion professor with a stage IV cancer diagnosis and a lousy prognosis for the future Amid the grief and the grace of her fractured life this theologian who is also a wife mother daughter sister and friend searches for words adeuate to express her faltering faith More Anne Lamott meets Harold Kushner than the teller of a pious God saved me from cancer tale Thompson unpacks the messy realities that arise when faith and suffering collide Told in shimmering prose Hoping for More takes readers on an unsentimental journey through the valley of the shadow of cancer beyond the predictable parameters of prayer the church even belief in life after death What emerges is a novel approach to talking faith and accepting grac. I have lived a healthy life Never a hospital visit or surgery I expect the day will come when my record of healthiness is broken but I count myself fortunate What if one is in the prime of life early 40s and an aching back leads to the diagnosis of stage 4 metastatic breast cancer that has moved into one s spine What if you receive this news and you are wife and mother of two children The prognosis is that death is likely to be in your near future How do you live with such news Deanna Thompson shares her story from a perfect life through diagnosis treatment and into remission Since her cancer was stage 4 and moved into her spine she cannot ever claim to be cured Remission yes but cure no But in the midst of this seeming tragic turn of events Deanna experiences God s grace through the efficacy of the treatments she is given the support of her family friends colleagues and church This is the story of a woman s battle with cancer but it is also the story of the blessings that come when communities step up and surround a person with love and support Deanna wrote this book while in remission She is now in her third remission which means that the cancer has reared its head twice since the manuscript went to the publisher The title is important Hoping for More for Deanna speaks as a theologian going through a traumatic set of experiences of hope for this life and the next Many liberalsprogressives want us to focus on the present on the presence of God in this life seeing attention given to the afterlifeheaven as a distraction Deanna s experience has given her a different take on this uestion She writesAnd I wonder whether those of us who talk about God for a living do a disservice to the God of the Bible and to those who suffer when we limit our discussion to the present After all the Bible is full of promises of life with God not only in the here and now but also in life beyond the grave For all of us who struggle to trust in these promises even in the midst of death dealing conditions hearing that there s than just this terminal diagnosis or that life shattering earthuake offers a word of hope That the suffering of this world isn t the final word is an essential part of the gospel s good newsThompson Deanna A 2012 05 01 Hoping for More Having Cancer Talking Faith and Accepting Grace p 145 Cascade Books an Imprint of Wipf and Stock Publishers Kindle EditionThis is a beautifully written book Once you pick it up you will want to keep reading It s not in a voyeuristic manner but once you begin you want to hear a word of hope and healing Deanna is a gifted writer who has been able to tell her story in a compelling manner She doesn t see cancer is a gift She doesn t believe this has happened for a reason She wants life to live At the same time she knows that death is a constant companion So far she remains healthy in remission but her hope is placed in God for this life and for the next Take and read you will be blessed and encouraged

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Deanna A. Thompson ✓ 6 Download Summary Ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Deanna A. Thompson review Hoping For More E when hope is all you've got Endorsements Deanna Thompson's honest and faithful book shows how healing happens in community and how blessing is found amid doubt and pain This is a book of grace Sara Miles Author of Take This Bread 2007 and Jesus Freak 2010 I learned so much by reading this book as a pastor friend and mother Thompson's insights are for everyone who has ever struggled with serious illness or loved someone who has which means that this book is ultimately for everyone If you have ever wondered What do I say or What do I do this book offers wise counsel with humor intellect and most of all grace In Hoping for More you get to eavesdrop on the intimate thoughts of someone worth listening to In the end Thompson's deepest theological insights are not about cancer but about life itself Lillian Daniel Senior Minister First Congregational Church UCC Glen Ellyn Illinois Author of This Odd and Wondrous Calling 2009 and Tell It Like It Is Reclaiming the Practice of Testimony 2006 Thompson stands in her cancer with rare radical awakeness to its bracing truth an. Wise and understated the author tells her experience as a Stage IV cancer survivor Full of real experience theological musings honest wrestlingI love the last chapter about the paradox in Christian faith talking about living in the present but having a very real and eschatological hope for the future It s true that we have often emphasized one at the expense of the other but she really lifts up the necessity of bothAs well her chapter on the things people say when you have cancer was real and not sugar coated

Summary Ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Deanna A. Thompson

Deanna A. Thompson ✓ 6 Download Summary Ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Deanna A. Thompson review Hoping For More D gives us a moving life lived testimony to the graciousness of grace Serene Jones President of Union Theological Seminary In Hoping for More Deanna Thompson presents her extraordinary journey of diagnosis and treatment of stage IV breast cancer Thanks to her strong personal voice reading this book is like listening to a friend tell you about part of her life over a cup of tea Of the many miracles in this book is Deanna's ability to reflect on her faith illness and loved ones at the same time She uietly offers a systematic theology enriched by living with cancer making this book a valuable resource for those interested in the intersection of medicine and faith Monica A Coleman Associate Professor of Constructive Theology and African American Religions Claremont School of Theology Author of Not Alone Reflections on Faith and Depression 2012 About the Contributors Deanna A Thompson is Professor of Religion at Hamline University in St Paul Minnesota and author of Crossing the Divide Luther Feminism and the Cross She lives with her husband and two daughters in St Pau. This story of a journey with a cancer diagnosis is a short but powerful read I took away so much in how to attempt to understand and sympathize a little with people faced with horrific life changing events

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