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Hold Fast Till Dawn

characters Hold Fast Till Dawn Mary Haskell ´ 3 free download review Hold Fast Till Dawn 103 M with ancient guilt and sends him and Jenny spinning into a vortex of whirlwind emotions Suddenly the foundations that had felt so stable so sure are threatened with rumblings of doubt and discor. Very Good readit was full of tensionangsty both Jen and Larry were TSTLLarry is one stupid weak jerkhe did not redeem in my eyesEven if he did not get physical with Ky but it was an emotional cheating with kissing involvedMy anger only melted a little cause inspite the way Ky tried to lure him he still said NOhe could nt do it to Jenshe deserves my loyalty least he had this much of decency but this did not excuse his emotional affair with KyThe ending was really rushed and there was no grovelling which spoiled the book for meIt is a 3 star read for me but giving extra cause the author brought out all the emotions really well may it be confusionangerhurtpaindisappointment or resentmentThe fault for the way their marriage went on rocky patch falls both on Jen Larryi firmly believe that any outside person cannot come in between your relation if it is really strong but if the person himher is successful in coming in between then the fault lies within that two persons who are in the relationshipnot with that third personEvery relationship has problems but using that as an excuse to stray physically or emotionally its unforgivable IMOHere Larry was the one confused weak jerkKy took full advantage of his confused emotions and manipulated him like a puppet and Jen her fault was she let Larry off the hook inspite of knowing he is lyingshe understood what was happening yet when Larry kept on asking for her to wait she gave him that timeThis book played havoc with my emotionsi enjoyed the book very much inspite of rushed endingWant to read of this authorstarted hunting for other booksRecommend it

characters Hold Fast Till Dawn

characters Hold Fast Till Dawn Mary Haskell ´ 3 free download review Hold Fast Till Dawn 103 Jenny loved Larry's sun bleached hair his dazzling smile his love for the sea and his love for her and their children Their marriage of fifteen years was as solid as the rock hard muscles that env. I read after a look at the reviews so I was already aware of what to expect from our heroHe is an asshole who has a wonderful wife and two perfect children but who when he meets his first girlfriend again falls into lust and falls in love again with the exOur hero has no personality whatsoever and lets himself be influenced by the ex in a disgusting way he starts smoking again because she smokes He gets worse than a teenager in love for the first time he thinks only of her calls her several times a day lies to his wife that he is working to go out with her He humiliated his wife in public and in front of the friends giving exclusive attention to the ex and treating her as his partner he even took her to their house to meet the children and even gave a tour of the house with her Kisses at airports and make out session in her hotel room Only penetration did not happen but the cheating was doneHis son notices the behavior and asks his mother if his father is in love with the exEveryone notices his behavior He asks his wife to be patient while he decides which of the two he wants to stay with What a bastardI think our heroine easily accepted him back she should have kicked his ass and demanded a divorce Sure I d love to see her again Larry was very open about everything in his past everything except Ky KayleKy had filched from her family wine cellar had set off for an evening sail to a remote stretch of beach that their crowd often used It was a night just like this one that first time they had made love The first of many She announced with bubbling happy gushing joy that she was pregnant Then why aren t you married to her It was a rasping angry uestion He didn t raise his head He just kept staring at his tightly clenched hands Because I freaked I stammered and stuttered and backtracked I stil remember the joy dissolving and the tears starting She had assumed that I d be as delighted as she wasKy was in the hospital in bad shape after an illegal abortion Ky didn t just love you she engulfed you Larry I just hope you realize what a treasure you have in Jenny Not to mention those two children Larry He jerked upright Even after all these years he would know that voice anywhere He stared speechless at the petite figure framed in the doorway Ky Something slammed straight into his gut stopping his breath shaking his realityShe was truly breathtaking The years had refined a young freshly exotic beauty into an exuisite perfectly assembled elegant woman Her tawny skin still looked unlined and flawless the black slightly tilted eyes stil sparkled Her ebony hair still long was pulled to one side and twisted into a sleek braid Ky They stood mere feet apart He felt the years dropping away robbing him of their protective shield felt the rush of familiar longing of the wild impulse to crush herto him to dissolve time to recant all other vowsLarry finally located his voice but found it barely usable Ky you look wonderful So do you Handsomer than ever How was he to discuss Jenny and his children with this old now renewed flame of his heart sitting so close reactivating urges he d thought forever discarded Do I understand that you had no children The black eyes narrowed That s true I had no children I will never have any children I am unable to have children What now Larry He stepped back sharply banging his thigh into the corner of the desk His legs seemed to have lost their strength and he sank into the chair once Now There is no now for us Ky I m a happily married man with two children No matter how much I regret what happened I can t erase nineteen years Oh Larry such nonsense You and I have always belonged to each other We still do Anything else is a travesty Ky dropped into my office today dear She s so beautiful it took my breath away and she reawakened every vestige of longing that was shoved away into the nooks and crannies of these old bones How would I know she thought I don t know anything about Ky except that my husband was once madly in love with her got her pregnant and still after all these years can t see her without getting all upset What else do we need to do Why had Larry brought Ky here He hadn t warned her of this intrusion And why couldn t her own children feel the desolation she felt sense the feeling of desertion she was sufferingKy was saying to her in that low murmuring tone You have a lovely home Would it be impolite of me to ask for a tour Larry seemed to arch over Ky like the protective limb of a tree and she sheltered herself in that protection looking up at him with a radiant I need you expression making him indispensable to her social success She exuded a bewitching aura and every line of Larry s body every inch of his countenance bespoke his enchantment Jenny felt an overpowering sense of separateness Larry no longer seemed like her husbandAt what must have been close to midnight she heard Larry sneaking uietly into the bedroomLarry s responsibility had shifted to Ky Jenny felt canceled outHe hadn t smoked in fifteen years In fact he was known to sermonize on the subject to puffing friends But Ky smoked Sometime during the three hour lunch they d shared on Friday he had joined her and he d continued the companionable practice during the wait at the airport On Monday he had stopped at the drugstore on the way to the office and bought a pack of cigarettes It made him feel closer to Ky this carryover indulgencein the last few days he had lusted after another woman lied to his wife and tried to figure out how he could get away with seeing of Ky He was being torn to pieces and he didn t know what to do about it Bad boy I told you to go home and get some sleep when you called at ten You ll wear yourself out He ached for Ky thought about her every minute got aroused simply remembering their good bye kiss at the airportHe was a man possessed Nothing he did stopped the constant longing the unbelievable yearning He called Ky at least once a day and she often called him He spent time in conversation with her than he did with his own wifeHe had told Jenny so many bald faced lies that he had lost track It was difficult at times to remember what was true and what wasn t or what story he had concocted to cover his bemusement Worse than any of the rest was the rage he often felt toward her simply for noticing his preoccupation or for asking him uestions he couldn t answer Almost everything she suspected was true and yet her suspicions made him furious He had not made love to Ky but if there were sins of intent there was no doubt of his guilt Jenny I m not sure what I m asking except that you give me some time to work it out I can t just turn my back on her again I have to at least resolve things between us Ky s plane was thirty five minutes late Larry paced the floor of the terminal dimly aware of the greetings of other incoming passengers and the people meeting them His mind was such a jungle that he was incapable of hacking his way through to his own feelings After what seemed an eternity Ky s slender form appeared at the exit She saw him and waved easing her way around Larry She took his hand teetering on tiptoe to give him a not uite discreet kiss His fingers grasped hers his mouth lowering to touch the offered lips They tasted sweet and inviting their teasing pressure promising erotic gifts Larry tore himself from their softness suddenly conscious of the stares they were attractingDear Lord instead of concentrating on staying faithful to his wife he was wondering how he would stack up against Ky s other loversHe lowered his lips to hers pressing them softly tentatively then giving in to the raging hunger that consumed him The pale faded memory pictures snapped vividly into focus as every one of his senses responded to the voltage assaulting him in response to the head to toe touch of her body rubbing against his Larry I want you so I want you to touch every part of me to kiss me in all the places you used to kiss me She was unbuttoning his shirt tickling his chest with the tips of her nails her hips subtly gyrating their need Larry was crazy with desire He remembered all too clearly the delicious parts of that incomparable body that he had touched kissed tantalized He rememberedWhy did you come here after al these years I never got over you Larry I tried to love other men Can you possibly have with Jenny what you have with me In any way at all have you been with Ky Yes Then please sleep in the other room Ky was flanked by Christy and Larry and Rick rapt with attention sat next to the imposing athletic figure of the mystery guest a renowned runner Jenny was in every way cut off from her family Mom Yes Rick He s in love with her isn t he Did you call your lady love to chat while your son was being operated on and your wife was sitting by herself in a hospital waiting room Don t you touch me Get your Ky stained hands off me I went to Dallas for one day Jen to tell Ky face to face that it was over

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characters Hold Fast Till Dawn Mary Haskell ´ 3 free download review Hold Fast Till Dawn 103 Eloped her in the most intimate embrace each night Nothing could shake itNothing perhaps except the arrival of an Oriental beauty from Larry's past Ky tempts Larry with torrid memories torments hi. I believe this is the nadir of cheating husband romances I don t see anything recoverable in the hero He s whiny self absorbed and indecisive The heroine should have fallen to her knees in gratitude for the opportunity to offload him on the OW while claiming a divorce settlement that could have included the marital home their boat and a huge chunk of his future earnings for child support Instead sheoh let s go to spoilertownview spoilerLarry and Ky were high school sweethearts The relationship started to cool off when they went to college on different coasts so Ky deliberately got pregnant in an attempt to keep her man Larry did not respond positively to the pregnancy and Ky convinced she was going to be left alone with an unwanted baby had a backalley abortion that left her unable to have children Larry tried to contact her after the abortion but she refused to see him Four years later Larry married Jenny They ve been married for 15 years and have two kids a 12 year old daughter and a son on the brink of his fourteenth birthdayAfter 19 years apart Ky saw some article about Larry and decided to go on a manhunt by expanding her fashion design business from Dallas to Boston where Larry works and deliberately engaging Larry s firm Did I mention Larry s an accountant The sexy never stops with this guy When Larry hears Ky is coming he takes his mother s advice and goes on an out of town business trip to avoid seeing her and stirring up old memories Ky sticks around until he returns and he is instantly slain by her smoldering sexuality Such a contrast to demure conservative Jenny Jenny who Oh yeah his wife and the mother of his two childrenWhat follows is public humiliation for Jenny as Larry dotes on Ky in front of their friends business associates and children Jenny seethes but takes no effective action When she calls him on it afterwards in private Larry gets defensive butno resolution Ky goes back to Dallas and Larry spends late nights at the office basically having phone sex with her With Ky on the verge of returning to Boston to launch her new fashions Larry takes Jenny out to dinner for The TalkThis is the money scene for the book and one of the things I dislike most about it goes unacknowledged Larry chose a public venue for this conversation to deny Jenny the opportunity to express herself freely He knows she s not going to make a scene in a restaurant when he tells herI had no way of knowing that seeing Ky would hit me as hard as it didJenny I m not sure what I m asking except that you give me some time to work it out I can t just turn my back on her again I have to at least resolve things between usJenny I m so fouled up I can t possibly express how sorry I am for hurting you I can t possibly express how sorry I am that this all started in the first place The problem is I also can t really promise you anything because I don t seem to have control over my own actions right nowheaddeskLarry s having a hard time resolving things with Ky because when he picks her up from the airport and takes her back to her hotel for sex images of Jenny Jenny oh yeah his wife intrude on the moment But later Jenny s ACTUAL PRESENCE at another party honoring Ky doesn t prevent Larry from hanging all over Ky in public again Jenny leaves the party early accompanied by her son who is disgusted by the realization that dad is in love with another womanNow comes the part of the book I really hate Is it cheating NO It s sailing Nearly an entire chapter is wasted on a detailed sailing trip to celebrate their son s birthday If the episode were about Larry and Jenny bonding through their shared love of sailing and their son I could understand why it s included But they share one conspiratorial smile early in the voyage then it s all about excessive drinking and what a failure Larry is as a human being I m honestly not sure what this trip is doing here and I resent it because it takes up valuable page count that could have been spent on Larry s non existent grovel after his son has a medical emergency and Jenny kicks Larry out of their house for two weeks Oh Jenny if only you had done this over dinner in the restaurant I feel like maybe the bit where Larry is sailing the boat through the fog in an attempt to get his sick child to shore is supposed to be a metaphor for Larry coming out of his own Ky induced fog but that thought just nauseates me I don t care about Larry s dawning realizations I care about Larry apologizing to Jenny and being publicly shamed for being an assThe two week separation passes entirely off page All we know is that Larry has been seeing the kids regularly their reaction to their parents separation is not sharedmajor narrative fail and when Jenny called his office to tell him she was ready to talk about the future Larry was in Dallas sad tromboneSo Larry shows up at their home while the kids are out and he tells Jenny his trip to Dallas was to end things with Ky face to face TMI Larry No one cares if you prefer missionary to doggy style He loves Jenny and he now realizes that his emotions toward Ky were confused because he never got a chance to apologize for being a jerk about the pregnancy Jenny relieved to have her jerk back initiates outdoor sex in their gazeboGirlfriend nookie was a rookie move The man owes you penance not penis hide spoiler

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