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  • 10 July 2017
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Hatchet AUTHOR Gary Paulsen Summary ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Brian is on his way to Canada to visit his estranged father when the pilot of his small prop plane suffers a heart attack Brian is forced to crash land the plane in a lake and finds himself stranded in the remote Canadian wilderness with only his clothing and the hatchet his mother gave him as a present before his departure Brian had been distraught over his parents' impending divorce and the sec. So when I was in the 7th grade Mrs Randall formerly Sr Mary Randall an ex nun FORCED this pile of garbage upon me and the rest of my unsuspecting classmates I was an advanced reader and it was a relatively short easy to swallow book but it took me FOREVER TO READ IT because it was THAT FUCKING BORING It s about this stupid snot of a kid whose parents are getting divorced mom and dad broke up boo hoo i m scarred for life now and somehow his plane goes down in the wilderness of Canada which I can admit is the scariest fucking thing I can possibly think of I d rather be faced with the zombie apocalypse or a gang of mass murdering rapists than being stuck in the middle of Canada so snot face has to learn to survive on his own He has a hatchet that his mom gave him though I really can t say what possessed her to give her poor no one wants me warning signs of future school shootings son a HATCHET but she does and he eventually stops crying and figures out how to pick berries and chop trees Or saplings Or something I don t know All I know is this is the worst book EVER UGH And Mrs Ex Nun Randall made us watch the MOVIE too it was TORTURE

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Hatchet AUTHOR Gary Paulsen Summary ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Dvantage an invading porcupine unexpectedly shows him how to make fire a devastating tornado shows him how to retrieve supplies from the submerged airplane Most of all Brian leaves behind the self pity he has felt about his predicament as he summons the courage to stay alive A story of survival and of transformation this riveting book has sparked many a reader's interest in venturing into the wil. I have to be honest At first I was having a serious really moment as I started listening The really was because this is a three time Newberry Award winner and I thought the prose was way too repetitive The same word would be repeated three times The same sentences twice I was steeling myself to keep listening and hope it got better It did By the end of this novel I totally realized why it is a Newberry Award winnerHatchet is a story of survival The protagonist is a thirteen year old city boy who ends up stranded in the Canadian wilderness when the pilot of the small plane he s flying in has a heart attack and dies I have to tell you I am very impressed with this kid I think I would have freaked like nobody s business He does freak out at first and I don t blame him but ultimately shows a fortitude that inspires awe in this reader He goes from a scared helpless boy to a survivor The Brian that was has to be broken down and reassembled into a Brian that can survive his new reality He learns how to meet his needs in the harsh wilderness and he comes out of it forever changed I love reading bookswatching tv shows and movies about surviving I don t know why really I don t even go camping or hiking although I love the outdoors I think it s because I love the idea of a person being resourceful and pitting their skills and mentality against the unprejudiced often unsympathetic wild Not conuering it but learning to live in harmony becoming a part of a vast ecosystem in a way that we can t do stuck in our comfortable city and surburban environs another entity in the web of life I would definitely recommend this book if you are of a similar mind I liked that Brian doesn t get it too easy Not at all He has to learn from his mistakes and take the advantages that providence sends his way He learns to keep food in his belly to make a secure shelter and to appreciate and anticipate the dangers of his environment And in the process he finds peace He looks inside and finds his true self That s what solitude and a oneness with nature will bring I have always felt my most at peace in two places in a spirit filled church or by myself and with my heart open in prayer and outside surrounded by nature So I really appreciated this aspect of the book Brian starts out a boy who is emotionally lost at sea when his father and mother divorce weighted down with the knowledge of his mother s infidelity and finds that what seemed like tragedy and the end of his world will not conuer him If he can survive the harsh elements of nature all by himself he can live with his family s fragmentation and live to see the next day and the days after that I think this book is a metaphor for life Life is harsh and we have to grow and change to survive it We can t give up descend into pity and expect to be saved We have to be strong and fight to save ourselves whether it s physically mentally or emotionallyAlthough this book had a very shaky start I do have to agree that this is a winner And I tell you what this young man had a lot of lessons to teach me lessons he learns the hard way That s the power of a good fiction novel for me

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Hatchet AUTHOR Gary Paulsen Summary ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ret he carries about his mother but now he is truly desolate and alone Exhausted terrified and hungry Brian struggles to find food and make a shelter for himself He has no special knowledge of the woods and he must find a new kind of awareness and patience as he meets each day's challenges Is the water safe to drink Are the berries he finds poisonous Slowly Brian learns to turn adversity to his a. What I learned from Hatchet1 If you see a man grimacing in pain it could be a heart attack If this man is the pilot of a charter prop plane that you re flying alone in you could be fucked2 If you eat mysterious berries they just might give you severe diarrhea And having just been marooned in a plane crash you could lack the proper facilities to expel the diarrhea within So you could end up shitting your brains out in a cave Since the tender age of 9 when I glanced upon the pages of this book I have had a fear in regards to shitting in the wild Fuck you Gary Paulsen