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Guttersnipe Guttersnipe #1 Free read ò 6 Free read Ø PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ð Isa K. Isa K. ð 6 review The elite who hunt him for sport and supported himself with the help of powerful friends But that was before Marco abducted him off the street and claimed him as his propertyImprisoned in the man's massive country estate the world of the elite is far corrupt and deviant than even De. We re all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars At least part of Oscar Wilde s famous uote is true for our guttersnipe Derek The MC struck us as a pretty simple fella a pawn in the games of the elite in an almost sexless dystopian society And yet gutter rat Derek stars on Most Wanted posters like no other The reason Derek is a serial virgin stealer dubbed a rebelcriminal by the elite but scaling walls and climbing through the windows of the unknowing and oddly willing he is seen as a Don Juan superhero to the massesYou will definitely need to suspend your disbelief over this world s ideologies on population control lord knows we had to You d think that tying tubes compulsory vasectomies or simply putting something in the water would ve yielded much better results than strictly controlled abstinenceThroughout Guttersnipe Isa K is at the mercy of your ability to speculate and fill in the missing details yourself in a plausible manner She doesn t purposely and cleverly let you make up your own mind here She simply forgets to buckle you up firmly for the ride so that with every plot hole you encounter you ll get catapulted from your seat only to climb back into it after you ve managed to talk yourself into some semi plausible solutionBut this is nonetheless a great ride despite pole vaulting the canyons sized plot holes K s characters are framed with just enough raw bone for lots of lovely psychological speculation and reader interpretation There s very little stereotypical pin boarding here and that makes it an intriguing and compelling character study The plot focus is not always where you think it should be either So did K lose focus and go off on incidentals What about the game that s supposed to be at play What s the role of so and so and what the hell is this insta lovelust thing that s dominating our dub con And then it s KABOOMthe plotting finally kicked into gear at the final 50 or so pages and it was awesome It was OMG grin inducingly awesomeTreat Guttersnipe as light hearted Yaoi in book form a pulpy fun read in which the dub con and non con elements never truly harm anyone or affect them psychologically In this regard Isa K winks at Ai No Kusabi or Taming Riki if you like Though we have to say that the accompanying art is sorely missed hereAll in all Kat thought that the characters could ve been intense the plot tighter and darker thus providing readers with a real sense of urgency but she s definitely intrigued enough to want to try The CondorShelley thought it odd that in the end Isa K actually cemented herself as one of her favorite authors How can something so structurally flawed based on such an illogical concept makes her admire this writer so much I honestly believe that she will only get better and better at this now I apologize if that sounds patronizing but she is one to watch K breaks the rules and writes whatever the fuck she wants her way If she was a painter her art would look a bit like Salvador Dali s uestionable unbalanced exciting debatable never conventional and a bit screwy I can only applaud that Buddy read and review with Shelley

Free read Ø PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ð Isa K.Guttersnipe Guttersnipe #1

Guttersnipe Guttersnipe #1 Free read ò 6 Free read Ø PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ð Isa K. Isa K. ð 6 review The City is sexless The City is absolute She will provide you with everything you could ever need banish the uncertainty of hunger disease and unemployment As long as you follow one simple rule stay pureFor three years Derek has been a sexual outlaw He has evaded the police escaped. The thinking human s mm dub con slave ficGuttersnipe is a nice subversion of slave fics Ai no Kusabi particularly remixed with social commentary on some facets of Western culture s approach to abstinence and purity This seems topical with the growing US Republican war on women s sexuality Even here in NZ our fundamentalist Christian Family First political party just sponsored Dr Miriam Grossman to visit and critiue NZ s sex education programme in an effort to spook parents into supporting heteronormative abstinence only education because that works so well Isa K has taken this to the logical next stepThe nod to Ai no Kusabi so overt that the MC is carefully described as having hair a nondescript bland blond shade Years ago it had probably been a stunning almost Nordic gold but age had added light brown lowlights and smoggy gray highlights Now it was a tired non color p 22 Ai no Kusabi and Guttersnipe both revolve around the thrill of a caste based society where blondieselites keep lower caste pets to entertain them by having sex with each other at public parties but where it is unseemly for an blondieelite to have sex with a pet in public Zach is the asexual furniture However Isa K takes that trope throws it up in the air and slices it into wafer thin slivers with her sharp writey knives It is reassembled into the world of Guttersnipe where the thrill is indeed smoggy and bland a lowlight rather than the expected blazing glory of submission and domination How perfectly clever that Isa K names the sex club Denial We readers know how slave fics are supposed to go so when owner Marco first unzipped his pants and pulled out his already half hard cock and Derek thinks It was not a pretty sight up close veiny and a shade or two darker than the rest of his body p 60 it s only the first hint that Derek won t take sex slavery lying down no pun intendedThe sex club rather than the stereotypical den of hedonism and depravity pretty much sums up my extremely limited real life experience of the concept Two or three hours later Derek had decided that there was nothing so mind numbingly boring as a sex club After the first twenty minutes it was all just chafing and a lot of acting p 103A few niggles prevented this being a 5 star for meNup I was wrong in my original review The only thing that would have changed this from 4 stars to 5 stars for me is a matter of personal preference I would have liked the whole booker darker in toneAs the blurb indicates there is non con sex slave duh but it s not dark in the least Derek s rage against being a slave is against the very premise of slavery and not because he s being beaten daily and fucked twice He himself notes it would be easier if his owner was an abusive bastard Horrible things happen to people but off the page and outside of the timeline of the book I think this way it will get a much wider readership which is a good thing but doesn t showing the inherent injustice and institutional violence of slavery mean including the darker parts I don t know The author s probably right here but anyway the dark part of me was disappointedI would absolutely have made the ending darker view spoilerand have Nick not want to be with Derek This would be consistent with the story hide spoiler

Isa K. ð 6 review

Guttersnipe Guttersnipe #1 Free read ò 6 Free read Ø PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ð Isa K. Isa K. ð 6 review Rek could have imagined His situation is not what it seems The people who appear to be allies will betray him; the people who appear to be enemies will protect him He's caught in a cat and mouse game between his new master and the people who might have been setting Derek up all alon. That was f ing awesomeA formal review is coming I just have to figure out how to review it without using an abundance of spoiler tags There are some great mind games going on here It is like watching a chess match the kings or ueens bishops and pawns are easily identifiable but you are trying to figure out the kings strategy if the Bishops can be trusted and the loyalty of the pawns For those who liked the mind game of Gamble Everything but didn t care for the kink this might be preferable There is a fair amount of sex but not to the level of kink in GE It has a good pace not action packed per se but plotting and revelations move along Also IsaK creates this world where sex is either obstained from by the poor or over indulged in perversities by the elite The haves verse the have nots And underneath this game is a subtle commentary on the role of sex in society and whether or not it should be controlled Is sex solely for procreation As a manifestation of love Devoid of intimacy and only for physical pleasure As a method to shame Is there a difference between a rapist and a seducer if attraction is instinctual Is a character who is likable any forgivable than a character whose personality is unlikable if their methods result in the same outcomeIt is not a love story but there is love It is not erotica but there is sex A game is being playedbut does anyone know how to win Who is playing by the rules and who just appears to be Is order any easier to control than chaos For those who have read it was there a part of you that really wanted the book to end with Chapter 22 There is part of me that thought End it right here Isa But I think it would have been too explosive of an ending so she carried it for two chapters which I did enjoy but made it so the punch to your face wasn t so brutal