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  • Glacial Eyes Salt Lake After Dark #1
  • J.K. Walker
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  • 04 April 2019
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J.K. Walker ¹ 0 Download Read & download Á Glacial Eyes Salt Lake After Dark #1 100 Ing onto a normal life Werewolves vampires and witches and now a serial killer targeting the supernatural setting his sights on Jasmine and her new found friends It's a good thing she's a werecat because she's not rolling ov. What a great start to a new urban fantasy series with so much to recommend it characters that jump off the page the chance to find out all about this world right along with the protagonist Jazz who has no idea it exists until she shifts for the first time complex relationships between the different varieties of paranormals and a hot and sexy Cajun love interest Oh not to forget the serial killer stalking the paranormal communityThe usual suspects are all here weres of all varieties vampires and witches but also a Japanese kitsune and characters of a variety of origins not least Jazz Jasmine who is half Chinese The opening grabs you and doesn t let go Jazz wakes to find herself naked alone and disoriented in the forest She s a third year university student but the latest party didn t go uite how she expected she was slipped a date rape drug and led off into the forest Only now her attacker is dead apparently of an animal attack and Jazz is struggling to remember what happenedOnto the scene comes the local police officer also the local werewolf pack leader and suddenly Jazz finds herself hauled up before the paranormal council under threat of death for killing a human and threatening the secrecy they all strive to maintainJazz is a seriously sassy character and I say that in a good way although sassy is an overused word in relation to urban fantasy heroines The dialogue is smart funny and written so realistically I could hear it The supporting cast are all well developed individuals with their own uirks and speech patterns and the story flows forward at a good pace with just a small slow patch while Jazz s everyday life is establishedI envy Jazz her metabolism As a were she s always hungry and many scenes take place in eating houses lucky girlDespite being emotionally damaged by her past Jazz is strong mentally and physically yet she s not a super woman so it is easy to believe she s at risk going up against the serial killer I totally loved the way that at the end she is the one to rescue her lover even though she s a small woman and he s a half vampire And we mustn t forget Loki Jazz s cat who steals the show in many of his scenesMy small uibbles Her ability to kill a number of grown men paid goons no less even when in human form seemed a little far fetched and to my mind she wasn t always as disturbed by this as I d have expected and there are a number of small editing issues although nothing too distractingFour and a half stars from me definitely recommended and I m already half way through number 2

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Glacial Eyes Salt Lake After Dark #1

J.K. Walker ¹ 0 Download Read & download Á Glacial Eyes Salt Lake After Dark #1 100 Lities under control or risk the conseuences of the supernatural community to which she suddenly belongs But between the police and the paranormal the campus and the council how's a girl to rise to the challenge of just hold. Jazz wakes up in the hospital woozy confused possibly victim of a terrible attack and extremely hungry She s uickly dragged away from the hospital to face a trial for the death of a humanA human killed by a big catOn probation and ordered to learn Jazz has to adapt uickly to being a wereleopard and learning about the larger world she is part of and extricating herself from the various political machinations she gets herself enmeshed in or enmeshing herself further when it comes to a sexy Cajun dhampireLet s hit on a lot of the good in this book and there was a lot of goodFirstly the protagonist Jazz She s definitely a confident intelligent fast thinking and generally fun woman She s not perfect she s not flawless but she s not silly or foolish her mistakes are human She has a personality she has good friends female friends actual female friends she doesn t hate or look down on who accept her and care for her And she has a cat who is awesome She also has hobbies and opinions beyond the supernatural She has her own sense of style her own tastes and she s pretty secure about all of them she was a rounded character And a fun character Of course she s also an orphan but there are some tropes we just can t escape and despite being an orphan she isn t a character defined by tragedy and angstI also liked the world what we ve seen is uite broad but also with a good foundation Even at this stage where there isn t enough time to go into great depth there s a lot of detail that reassures me that the different creatures are than just names The magic has an actual concrete system and process to it the Kitsune are than just werefoxes from Japan and even the Snow Leopard has a distinctive history that sets it apart from just being various were animals that were bitten There s politics and rules and co operation and a general sense that there s a lot to explore here and it s all pretty solidThe book also had some pretty excellent pacing The action kept happening but it wasn t so break neck that I couldn t keep up or felt lost which can easily be done in the first book of a new series and nor did it derail into too many long info dumps as also often happens a number of first books that read like lecture notes There were perhaps some side uests that didn t belong and just confused and overwhelmed things a little much I think the vampire politics angle could have been saved for later in exchange for of Jazz just adapting to this new worldI am definitely on board with following this seriesThat all being said some criticisms This is a full world and it was a bit front loaded we had a variety of weres and magic and vampires and dhampires and kitsune and magic lessons all there front and centre in the first book It was all really well done it was all realistically well done and none of it was boring but that s a lot for a first book and takes some of the focus off maybe developing a few side characters a little I also think Jazz jumped into this world far too uickly I don t think she was a bad character as I said above but she ends up neck deep in this world really really uickly A scant few days after learning she may have been raped she is a wereleopard and with hardly any 101 training she s breaking and entering stealing fighting to the death facing murders deep in supernatural politics her body is changing she has all new conseuences to losing her temper is living under a death threat and she s in a new relationship ALL AT ONCE And she deals but she deals too well It s not that she doesn t occasionally take a moment to reflect or that she isn t shocked appalled and stunned by what happens she is in fact she reacts emotionally to a lot of what happens whether that s her rage at the rapist and affirmed lack of guilt over his death to heart rending grief over her friends being hurt But she recovers and moves on she has a moment and then gets going and it s not just I have to deal with this crisis now even in non crisis mode she seems remarkably recovered from what happened to herRead More

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J.K. Walker ¹ 0 Download Read & download Á Glacial Eyes Salt Lake After Dark #1 100 After a weekend party gone very very wrong third year university student Jasmine Bedeau finds herself a person of interest to far too many interested parties Now she has to bring a family inherited curse and powerful new abi. Written by a local writer and I try to support up and coming writers when I can I was somewhat hesitant because I am over the vampirewerewolf trend in YA novels However this was a uniue and creative version with an Asian twist rather than the stereotypical european version of vampires and werewolves It also had a strong female character who was independent and intelligent unlike the famed Bella SwanI struggled a little bit with the constant mention of local sites At times it felt like it was overdone However I haven t read many books that take place in my hometown and wonder if others feel the same way when their local landmarks are mentioned in books The one challenge to this book is that it is about a young woman who is in college The writing style and subject matter is perfect for and geared towards the YA genre The pace moved along and wasn t weighed down with too much detail However YA covers a vast age group roughly ages 12 17 and I wouldn t want my 12 year old reading this book Some of the themes were on the adult side and would be appropriate for 1718 and up