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characters The Picture of Dorian Gray ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Tout le monde connaît le chef d'œuvre d'Oscar Wilde tel u'il a été publié en volume en 1891 Cette version diffère considérablement du manuscrit u’il avait soumis uelues mois plus tôt au Lippincott's Magazine où le roman devait paraître en prépublication Le directeur par pruderie l'avait sérieusement raboté ce ui ne l'a pas empêché de provouer un premier soulèvement d'indignation Par la suite Wilde a augmenté et remanié son roman estompant ses passages les plus audacieux La critiue instruisait déjà son procès en immoralité Il a fallu attendre 2011 pour ue en Angleterre des u. This book reminded me why I hate classicsLike Frankenstein it starts out with a great premise what if a portrait bore the brunt of age and sin while the person remained in the flush of youth How would that person feel as they watched a constant reminder of their true nature develop And like Frankenstein it gets completely bogged down in uninteresting details and takes forever to get to the interesting bits Seriously in a 230 page novel the portrait doesn t even start to change until 100 pages in And it s so damn flowery Every time Lord Harry starts talking and believe me he likes to talk he s so witty Witty witty witty Ahahaha you re soooooooo worldly wise and charming And entirely cynical You just have a uip for everything don t you Look reader look See Harry See Harry corrupt Dorian Corrupt Harry corrupt I actually ended up skimming most of the book I really thought about stopping but I hoped it would redeem itself by the end It didn t I should have just skipped to the last page So to save you dear reader the same pain I went through is the summary of Dorian Gray spoilers of courseDorian semi consciously makes Faustian bargain to transfer all his sins and signs of age to his portrait He sins and feels guilty about it but keeps doing it anyway He finally decides to get ride of the portraitevidence and stabs the painting Surprise it breaks the spell and he is left ugly old and dead while his portrait returns to its original form The end You can thank me later UPDATE 9312 Since this review is still around and kicking four years later I thought I might point like minded individuals to a new parody of classic literature to the tune of Call Me Maybe Call Me Ishmael

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characters The Picture of Dorian Gray ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Plus personne ne le regardera Horrifié Dorian conclut un pacte faustien avec le portrait ue Hallward a peint de lui ce n'est plus lui ue le temps abîmera mais l’image du tableau Le Portrait de Dorian Gray non censuré est encore plus délicieusement décadent et surtout plus ouvertement homosexuel Le pouvoir érotiue de Dorian est exacerbé nombre de phrases rendent indubitable et intense la nature des sentiments de Hallward pour lui On retrouvera bien sûr les saillies du spirituel Lord Henry notamment le fameux « De nos jours on sait le prix de tout mais on ne connaît la valeur de rien ». He grew and enamoured of his own beauty and interested in the corruption of his own soul I think I must have been about fifteen when I read The Picture of Dorian Gray for the very first time and I was totally blown away by it There was this book written in such a beautiful way using such colourful and flowery language and there were those three amazing characters that made me feel and wonder and uestion their lives and decisions You might say that up until I picked up The Picture of Dorian Gray I was as innocent as Dorian himself I didn t know that there were books like that out there that there actually existed morally grey characters corrupted characters book characters that felt like real people and could make you uestion their behaviour It was an entirely new world for me and I was totally fascinated by it So I read this book and I savoured every sentence I devoured its wisdom and got lost in its pages Looking at it in retrospective I think that Oscar Wilde actually was the first writer who didn t only make me love classics but also the first author that ignited my undying love for villains and complex characters And for that I ll always be grateful I don t know how often I read this book by now goodreads your count doesn t even get close to the actual number lol but no matter how often I already read it I m still captivated by it My fifteen year old me loved it as much as my 31 year old me does and if you ask me that s exactly what makes a good classic I m sure I ll never get tired of reading this book and I ll always discover new things about it And I genuinely hope that many other people will read it as well It s definitely worth it The characters Warning You are now entering the gallery of Spoilery Spoilers and since this is one of my all time faves I ll probably end up writing an entire essay about it If you prefer to stay innocent you better leave before my spoilers get to you and corrupt your soul P Dorian Gray It held the secret of his life and told his story It had taught him to love his own beauty Would it teach him to loathe his own soul Dorian Gray I don t even know where to start I love his character to bits and pieces and he s definitely one of the most intriguing book characters I ever had the pleasure to read about At the beginning of the book he s so innocent and na ve and I totally agree with Lord Henry when he says that this is charming Dorian definitely is a charming character He s beautiful and pure and whenever I read the beginning of the book I get a sudden urge to protect him against everything that s going to happen over the course of those 256 pages He s like a child that gets corrupted by the bad influence of others and when I write this I really mean it Even at his worst he still seems to retain that innocent outlook at things I mean he was corrupted and tainted by Lord Henry and he ends up corrupting and tainting his friends but despite all of this he still wonders why they have become like that He s completely oblivious to his own role in their downfall and when Basil confronts him with it he doesn t believe him He is convinced that his friends could have done the right thing and that his influence on them isn t as strong as Basil claims it to be What is even intriguing is that Dorian actually wants to be good There s a part of him that s still innocent and hopes that he can be redeemed but there s also that other side of him that whispers that he s entitled to do whatever he wishes to do It s obvious that he s fighting an inner struggle and that he seems to have lost his way It s the century old uestion every person has to ask herhimself Do I want to be good And even important Can I resist being bad It s so easy to do the wrong thing and it s so tough to do what s right I mean that s the main reason why actors and role players love to be the baddies Being bad is fun it gives you a lot of freedom and if you re good at it the conseuences never catch up to you P So Dorian constantly finds himself at a crossroads Will he do the right thing or is he going to give into his bad side Is his bad side truly that bad Is having a little fun with his friends and to indulge in pleasure wrong or is it just a part of being human The fate of Dorian Gray makes you think and it involuntarily causes you to face your own demons and weaknesses It ultimately causes you to acknowledge your own vices and fears In short It makes you pause and forces you to ponder your own life choices And this is nothing but awesome XD I want to be good I can t bear the idea of my soul being hideous He felt that the time had really come for making his choice Or had his choice already been made Yes life had decided that for him life and his own infinite curiosity about life Eternal youth infinite passion pleasures subtle and secret wild joys and wilder sins he was to have all these things The portrait was to bear the burden of his shame that was all I don t want to be at the mercy of my emotions I want to use them to enjoy them and to dominate them He was prisoned in thought Memory like a horrible malady was eating his soul away Lord Henry You seem to forget that I am married and the one charm of marriage is that it makes a life of deception absolutely necessary for both parties I never know where my wife is and my wife never knows what I am doing Ahh Lord Henry How much I love that bastard lol He s uite literally the devil in this book He s the person that stirrs Dorian s soul He s the man who leads him down that dark road and just like Dorian he is completely oblivious to the magnitude of his influence Yes he knows that he s corrupting Dorian he even finds pleasure and joy in it but throughout the entire book he never truly realizes how much his words actually changed him How much damage they did to his soul Lord Henry is the kind of character you just got to love Arrogant intelligent wise self confident brutally honest and completely unapologetic about his inappropriate behaviour It s no wonder Dorian is so fascinated by him and isn t only willing but also eager to spend his time in his company Lord Henry is basically the embodiment of temptation and young and innocent Dorian wants to be seduced And honestly who wouldn t be drawn towards a character like Lord Henry I swear he says the wisest things and vocalizes the most accurate statements regarding society He s exactly the kind of devil you d love to have on your shoulder Plus there s so much truth in his words that it hurts XD I make a great difference between people I choose my friends for their good looks my acuaintances for their good characters and my enemies for their good intellects A man cannot be too careful in the choice of his enemies I like persons better than principles and I like persons with no principles better than anything else in the world We are punished for our refusals Every impulse that we strive to strangle broods in the mind and poisons us The body sins once and has done with its sin for action is a mode of purification Nothing remains then but the recollection of a pleasure or the luxury of a regret The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it Basil Hallward When I like people immensely I never tell their names to anyone It is like surrendering a part of them I have grown to love secrecy If Lord Henry is the devil on Dorian s shoulder then Basil certainly is the angel that sits on his other side The painter functions as Dorian s consciousness and as long as they know each other he always appeals to his good side and tries his best to sway him on a righteous path He s clearly the counterweight to Lord Henry s corruption but unfortunately he doesn t have a lot of leverage Well at least not as much as Harry does I mean the saying Come to the dark side we got cookies exists for a reason right P In the end Dorian can t stand his bad conscience any longer and does the only thing that s seemingly able to liberate him He kills Basil in order to silence his remorse and regrets but what he didn t expect is that this dark deed makes him feel even tainted and guilty So in the end Basil s death only increased his sense of guilt and caused him to feel even haunted In my opinion the murder of Basil is the final nail in Dorian s coffin and from that moment on he couldn t be saved any You were the most unspoiled creature in the whole world Now I don t know what has come over you You talk as if you had no heart no pity in you The relationshipsDorian Gray Basil Hallward He won t like you the better for keeping your promises He always breaks his own I beg you not to go Dorian Gray laughed and shook his head I entreat you The lad hesitated and looked over at Lord Henry who was watching them from the tea table with an amused smile I must go Basil he answeredAnd this is the key moment The very first time Dorian Gray finds himself at a crossroads and choses the wrong path You gotta love Oscar Wilde for the subtle intensity of this scene There s nothing extraordinary or special about it yet it s still the first choice that leads Dorian down his dark descent It s unagitated ordinary and so very powerful It s obvious Basil loved Dorian and when I talk about love here I m talking about true love and not just friendship He s infatuated with him and basically worships the young and innocent Dorian After he realises what Dorian has become it s already too late for him though Poor Basil if he would have known what his picture would make of Dorian if he would have known how much Lord Henry s negative influence would change his innocent and pure friend One has a right to judge of a man by the effect he has over his friends Yours seem to lose all sense of honour of goodness of purity You have filled them with a madness for pleasure They have gone down into the depths You led them there There was nothing evil in it nothing shameful You were to me such an ideal as I shall never meet again This is the face of a satyr It is the face of my soul Christ what a thing I must have worshipped It has the eyes of a devil Each of us has Heaven and Hell in him Basil cried Dorian with a wild gesture of despairDorian Gray Lord Henry Words Mere words How terrible they were How clear and vivid and cruel One could not escape from them And yet what a subtle magic there was in them Okay and here comes the moment when I say that Lord Henry and Dorian Gray are in love with each other lol It s so freaking obvious They are fascinated by each other they are besotted with each other and they want to spend every free moment in each other s company So yeah there s that I think their dynamic and their interactions are very interesting and to me it seems like Lord Henry is some sort of catalyst He s the impulse that changes Dorian s soul he s the first person who opens Dorian s eyes and tells him that he s beautiful Oscar Wilde uses him as his tool to initiate Dorian s monumental change Which is kind of interesting if you consider that Oscar Wilde was gay It feels like Dorian s and Henry s relationship is wrong and I m not even sure if Wilde was aware of that I mean yes their friendship led Dorian into the abyss of his soul which is pretty obvious if you ask me but there s some subtle note about their relationship It s like deep down Oscar Wilde thought that it was wrong to have intense feelings for another man And if you consider the time in which this was written it s not surprising that he might have felt that way Lord Henry represents Oscar s sins and vices and it becomes uite apparent that some small part of him might have bemoaned his sexual orientation In contrast to Wilde no one holds Dorian Gray to account though He gets away with all of his sins and in the end this eventually causes him to destroys himself What a moral punchline XD Talking to him was like playing upon an exuisite violin He answered to every touch and thrill of the bow Yes continued Lord Henry that is one of the great secrets of life to cure the soul by means of the senses and the senses by means of the soul You are a wonderful creation You know than you think you know just as you know less than you want to know The moment I met you I saw that you were uite unconscious of what you really are of what you really might be There was so much in you that charmed me that I felt I must tell you something about yourself I thought how tragic it would be if you were wasted You know how a voice can stir one Your voice and the voice of Sibyl Vane are two things that I shall never forget When I close my eyes I hear them and each of them says something different I don t know which to follow The soul is a terrible reality It can be bought and sold and bartered away It can be poisoned or made perfect There is a soul in each one of us I know it ConclusionThis book is a gem It s perfection and so uotable that I could probably highlight each and every single passage No matter how often I read it there is always something new I didn t notice before I still wonder and guess about certain characters and The Picture of Dorian Gray still causes me to think The writing style is so beautiful I can t help but fall in love with it I fall in love with this book over and over again Every time I read it I love it even and I m sure that I will adore this masterpiece until I m wrinkled and old Oscar Wilde drags us into the dark depths of the human soul and once you get there you don t want to return to the surface anyPERFECTIONThat s what this book is 333

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characters The Picture of Dorian Gray ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Niversitaires rendent disponible le texte initial avant les censures successives C’est cette version ue les Cahiers rouges publient pour la première fois en France La trame reste inchangée Dans le Londres fin de siècle le peintre Basil Hallward tombe en adoration devant son modèle le beau Dorian Gray Leur chaste idylle commence troublée par l'intervention d'un vieux camarade de Hallward Lord Henry Dandy hédoniste amoureux des bons mots affichant avec insolence son homosexualité il convainc Dorian de l'importance capitale de sa beauté Un jour viendra où la vieillesse l'aura défiguré et. So I read all of Wilde s plays a couple of years ago but for some reason I never read this at the time This is probably the number one most reuested book for me to read So I read it Are ya happy now ARE YAI really rather enjoyed this Well obviously I mean did you honestly think I wasn t going to like The Picture of Dorian Gray It s by Oscar Wilde for fuck s sake His prose is like spilled honey flowing across a wooden table and waterfalling onto the floor beneath The viscous liuid flowing slowly over the edge His plot perfectly paced moves slowly as we wade deeper and deeper into Dorian Gray s maniacal life Over the edge we go as everything goes wrong there s death there s pain there s long conversations about art We hit the floor as we finish and we see nothing but sweetness amassing around us as we escape from Wilde s prose Putting the book down you see the light has hit the stream and it glows and it shines and it sparkles and you stand there mesmorised by what you re witnessing and you put the book back on your shelf and feel sorry for the book you read next So yeah it s good