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Drink author Ann Dowsett Johnston review Î 103 Combining in depth research with her own personal story of recovery an award winning journalist delivers a groundbreaking examination of a shocking yet little recognized epidemic threatening society today the precipitous rise in risky drinking among women and girlsWhile the feminist revolution has allowed women to close the gender gap professionally and educationally it has also witnessed a disturbing rise in euality in troubling areas of life as well In the US alone the rates of alcohol abuse. This may not have been the best book I ve ever read as far as writing and the story go However the message really impacted me and has changed the way I look at alcohol I have always loved having a drink but never really considered why that was so Was it purely for fun To relieve stress or social anxiety As a crutch to mask something deeper Or because advertising told me I should It also made me particularly aware of how my behavior may influence my daughter down the road and what messages she s getting from me and society as a whole This book changed my perspective opened my eyes and looks like it may have changed my life as well I will probably re read it to catch what I missed as others have mentioned there are a lot of factsdata to absorb I found it very thought provoking and would consider it a worthwhile read for ALL women because alcohol is such a big part of our culture that it affects all of us to some degree

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Drink author Ann Dowsett Johnston review Î 103 Women and girls at further riskAnne Dowsett Johnston illuminates this startling epidemic dissects the psychological social and industry factors that have contributed to its rise and explores its long lasting impact on our society and individual lives including her own In Drink she brilliantly weaves in depth research interviews with leading researchers and the moving story of her own struggle with alcohol abuse The result is an unprecedented and bold inuiry that is both informative and shockin. It is the sort of book that you REALLY REALLY want to give to the women in your life whether it be SOs or friends or family members but you dont because of the fear of offending them ALL women should be reading this book regardless of whatever their relationship with alcohol may be

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Drink author Ann Dowsett Johnston review Î 103 Among women have skyrocketed in the past decade DUIs drunkorexia choosing to limit eating to consume greater uantities of alcohol and health problems connected to drinking are all on the rise especially among younger women a problem exacerbated by the alcohol industry itself Battling for women's dollars and leisure time corporations have developed marketing strategies and products targeted exclusively to women Eually alarming is a recent CDC report showing a sharp rise in binge drinking putting. I picked this one up randomly at the local 2nd hand shop as they say the you know I d read about it when it first came out and knew it was mildly controversial Well having read the whole thing in a relatively short burst of time I can say that any controversy around it is superficial because this is a poorly written book Authoritative or deserved of debate it is notMainly a memoir masuerading as investigative journalism Johnston spends a great deal of the book telling her story but without giving too much of herself away For a drinking memoir it wasn t particularly impactful As for the factual part of it if you are an educated or privileged woman with a strong circle of friendsfamily a solid career and money you ll be inspired to explore a path of redemption as outlined in the book Most of Johnston s sobriety narrative completely ignores the grim reality of most alcoholics particularly women Her persistent remarks about her not being one of them were off putting Further it s just not written very well There s not nearly enough actual investigation here statistics citations etc mainly missing She sticks with the theories of a handful of sociologists repeats herself ad nauseum about alcohol being glamourized in society and then loops back to her own tale of woe In all honesty it just sounds like she went through a bad break up and wanted to use the book to communicate with the guy It felt uncomfortable to read it Also the whole justification of religion in AA felt tacked on patronizing and was not in the least convincingClearly I m not recommending this one It wasn t as thought provoking as I d hoped and I didn t learn a heckuva lot

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