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Soledad AUTHOR Howard L. Anderson Summary Û 104 Tory of sexual violence that continued beyond the military dictatorship that destroyed so many lives in Buenos Aires It is a story of our ti. Thank you to Howard Anderson and Goodreads for the free e book Three and a half stars rounded up The plot of the story was very engaging and different I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it since it was a giveaway and seems to be getting very little attention The writing was fairly simple but it evoked feelings and had some good descriptions that brought pictures to my mind It dragged a bit near the end but I got hooked on what would happen to Soledad and Taylor early on I knew a bit about the desaparecidos and this gave me background information about the mothers who have lost their children Soledad s character was unusual and at times frustrating but overall I enjoyed reading the book The big negative for me was that the book needed an editor It was filled with grammatical errors missing words and typos Almost every page had one in the second half of the book I m not sure why that wasn t corrected before its release Anyone with a decent grasp of English should have been able to fix most of these they were so obvious Errors aside the author has potential and I would try another book by him

Summary Soledad AUTHOR Howard L. AndersonSoledad AUTHOR Howard L. Anderson

Soledad AUTHOR Howard L. Anderson Summary Û 104 Soledad is the story of a young woman searching for her daughter who was stolen in South America It is the story of Taylor Reid a lawyer fro. Needs workThank you Goodreads and Howard L Anderson for the free ebook Spoiler AlertWhile the subject matter of this story was meaningful and interesting this book read like a report in my opinion than a story I felt like a supervisor in law enforcement reading a detailed report from my subordinate about the Pernisco Pictures and his involvement in helping bring the people in them to justice First off yes there are a lot of missing or incorrect words and even a sentence I couldn t make sense of I don t know if it was actually translated or not but it did feel like it was translated from Spanish to English That didn t bother me though I think that it will be corrected in updated versions as the author has fresh eyes on the work and gets feedback on where those places are More distracting for me was the dialogue that got confusing at times While I hate having he said and she said at the beginning or end of every piece of dialogue having an entire ebook page of dialogue where either character could be the one saying what was said gets confusing without them I had to go back on than one occasion and figure out who was saying what Perhaps adding how a phrase was said what the character was doing while saying it or what they were thinking or feeling to the dialogue would help keep the dialogue straight and develop the characters at the same time The relationship between Soledad and Taylor seems to have materialized out of nowhere she loves him because he is helping her get her daughter back and doesn t hurt her or expect sex as payment and he feels sorry for what she s been through and finds her irresistibly attractive I was so happy when he refused to sleep with her at first Moments later I was disappointed that he s jumping into bed with her even though he knows she s unstable because he can t seem to control his manly urges Yet their connection is so strong that she can send him a seemingly random photograph and he knows that it means he needs to go find her The next thing that bothered me about this story is how at first Taylor was going to get the girl back through legal means since he s a lawyer and then he decides to go in with guns blazing to get her out Pernisco is portrayed as a super powerful government protected friends in all the right places guy who would have a security detail thugs or some kind of protection Yet the big extraction scene involves Taylor and friends basically walking into Pernisco s house and walking out with the girl I wasn t upset there wasn t some big shoot out even though I was expecting one but I felt like this was the moment I was waiting for they are going to save the girl or something awful is going to happen and they will have to keep chasing after her and it just fell flat It was like reading a report from a subordinate of how the extraction went versus being a heart pounding adrenaline rushing feels like you re there moment I also felt it on the unbelievable side that the girl just willingly went with strangers who had basically broken into her house and kidnapped her So she had seemingly loving parents and Pernisco doted on her and made her feel special since she was not yet old enough to be abused by him yet she was willing to walk away without a struggle tears of confusion or a single uestion of what was happening From there I struggled to finish the book With Soledad s abusers murdered and her daughter rescued I wasn t emotionally invested in the outcome of the trials I didn t feel connected enough to Soledad to uestion whether she ever came back to Taylor and her daughter Roberto s death and the resulting turmoil felt unnecessary to the story It added a meeting between Taylor and Soledad at the funeral but everything else surrounding the death could have been left out Roberto s death and surrounding drama gave this a fictionalized autobiography feel Overall I found the subject matter provocative and it left me wanting to research the Mechanics School to see if this book was based on true events I think the author made the gravity of what was happening very apparent without being too gruesome in the details While I m normally not a huge fan of it I think that this book might have benefited from a change in character perspective Having some chapters told by Soledad as flashbacks to her abuse the time when she decided to and did leave her daughter behind when she sent the random photograph to Taylor her talking about stopping therapy and leaving her daughter behind a second time her friendship with Tova and how they are emotionally entangled with the trials could help to build the emotional connection between Soledad and the reader

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Soledad AUTHOR Howard L. Anderson Summary Û 104 M El Paso Texas who agrees to help her and in doing so uncovers crimes committed twenty years before in the prisons of Argentina It is the s. I won this book from a Goodreads giveaway At first I wasn t sure how I felt about the writing style of the author but by the end I found myself wrapped up in the story and I m glad I read the bookThe first half of the book felt a little stiff as if the author was switching from a nonfiction story to a fictional one and back and the nonfiction sections felt similar to reading a report in the newspaper I almost thought that perhaps this was a fictionalized autobiography and in the true to life parts the facts were overwhelming so was of a recitation that the unfolding of a plotAt about the 50% part of the book the author seemed to settle into the story side of the novel and it becomes much of a flowing style though still slightly formal It was once I reached that point that I stayed up until 230am to find out what happened to the characters There was never a time when I was absolutely sure of what the conclusion would be the book spanned much time than I first expected and there were many events that unfolded that kept me guessingI believe that the author did an excellent job in leading his reader through a very gruesome story about the atrocities that happened to the people in Paraguay and Argentina He handled very intense subjects with grace and dignity but he didn t hold back so be forewarned I honestly had never heard about all that had happened in South America I had some small idea but the vastness of horrors that occurred was shocking to meThe only small thing that gave me pause is that it seems as if the book might have been a translation to English It s almost perfect but there are over two dozen times when I noticed the author left out small words from his sentences not every time the word appeared but a single time in many sentences words such as a the of was just forgotten Overall it didn t affect the book in any significant way it just happened and my brain registered that they were missingI m not sure I would have picked this book up based on the cover and if I didn t feel obligated to finish it so I could write a review I m not sure I would have persisted to where the book got good but I m glad I did stick with itBTW I m living in El Paso TX right now so it was sort of cool to read that part of the story takes place in this town And I ve been to Cielo Vista Mall

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