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  • 05 September 2019
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Whisper Network

Download ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB À Chandler Baker Whisper Network Characters ✓ 106 Chandler Baker À 6 Free download Ill likely take over the entire company Ames is a complicated man a man they’ve all known for a long time a man who’s always been surrounded bywhispers Whispers that have always been ignored by those in charge But the world has changed and the women are watching Ames’s latest promotion differently This time they’ve decided enough. Four powerful provocative remarkable outstanding effective encouraging the women s story who knows to say no and who are ready to fight back starsThis is amazing mashup of Big Little Lies office version and 80 s movie Tomlin Parton Fonda Nine to Five s dramatic version takes place at now Add some media power and sexual abuse cases We have a great book in our hands Imagine a business world dominated by powerful men who see women as expendable objects needed to be terminated if they create any small obstacles on their way to climb the highest stairs to the top of the world We don t need to imagine Because this is not a fiction We re living in this world described meticulously and impeccably on this book There is no exaggeration Every word is so true Corporate business life resembles a chaotic jungle and still Darwin s theory of Survival of the fittest stands So the women have to wear boxing gloves and sharpen their knives or nails pick up their best weapon to fight back and survive to be a leader or take a permanent place at this jungle Which means we need to learn how to be a wild animalEverything started with the whispers at the restrooms on this book Then whispers get louder and turned into the speeches and finally action spoke louder than the words We finally heard the SCREAMHowever the story is told by four different women who have their own flaws secrets families and different ethical approaches to achieve their business goals they re carrying their ambitions in their sleeves I really like Rosalita instead of these four women She was objective insightful one while she is working as cleaning lady and dusting the windows of Truviv she also opens different doors and let us see the different perspective of the story Her own story was heart wrenching and emotional genuine for meAs a matter of fact this book was not about solving the murder mystery and understanding which one of them is guilty It was about learning to listen to those women at first and then learning to believe in them It was about to know your rights to be brave enough to stand for your own selfThe final pages are so emotional bending your heart breaking it in million pieces making you cry so hard The revelations of secrets parts are a little confusing for me I asked myself to many times which secret belongs to who I made some re readings problem solved But still my mind got hurt It was like solving an euation with hundred variablesMessage is clear SPEAK UP FOR YOURSELF DON T WHISPER JUST SHOUT OUT LOUDIt s one of the greatest feminism manifest I ve read lately So I mostly enjoy it

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Download ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB À Chandler Baker Whisper Network Characters ✓ 106 Chandler Baker À 6 Free download Is enough Sloane and her colleagues set in motion a catastrophic shift within every floor and department of the Truviv offices All four women’s lives as women colleagues mothers wives friends even adversaries will change dramatically as a resultIf only you had listened to us” they tell us on page one “none of this would have happene. The Whisper Network by chandler Baker was entertaining but boy did I struggle with this one for the first 200 pages I had seen where many readers have compared this one to Big Little Lies and I have to agree they are uite silimiar and this is probably why I picked this one up in the first place but I didnt find it as witty or as compelling as Big Little LiesThe book does have The me too campaign at the heart of its story as Four women Sloane Ardie Grace and Rosalita have worked in the same legal office of a large firm for a number of years but when the CEO dies suddenly his replacement to be Ames has a murky past and all the women have a different relationship with Ames and have reasons to put a stop to this man s Advances The book is realistic in its identification what some women encounter and have had to put up with in the workplace and I can see this one being a big book club hit this season as plenty to discuss here The book works on many levels with a suspenseful and entertaining plot but my problem with the novel was that the characters were indistinguishable from each other for the first half of the story Sloane Ardie and Grace just seemed to blend together and I had a hard time keeping track of who was who I really didn t like or connect with any of them either I very nearly put this one into the DNF pile as it just didn t hold my attention but a friend encouraged me to stick with it as it would pick up in the second half and she was right it did turn out to be uite readable and I liked the ending Not one for my Favourites list but a book that was worth reading even if I did struggle through it

Summary Whisper Network

Download ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB À Chandler Baker Whisper Network Characters ✓ 106 Chandler Baker À 6 Free download 12 hours 45 minutes Four women learn their boss a man who’s always been surrounded by rumors about how he treats women is next in line to be CEO what will happen when they decide enough is enoughSloane Ardie Grace and Rosalita are four women who have worked at Truviv Inc for years The sudden death of Truviv's CEO means their boss Ames w. Listen Whisper Network is a timely and powerful read about four women working in corporate America who band together to stop the whispers and speak up about sexual harassment and assault in the workplace This is part mystery part women s fiction and part social commentary told through the voices of four women They are done covering for their predator of a boss They hear the whispers that surround him they have been subjects of the gossip Some are his victims while others have been compliant in covering up his crimes Their jobs reputations and marriages are at stake so they pretend nothing ever happened They just try and function day to day without focusing on what was done to them or still being done to them They are vulnerable real and raw They aren t always the best people but when it comes time to stand up for one another they take chargeThey decide to stop whispering and speak up While they were prepared to have to defend themselves in the process of speaking up what they weren t prepared to face was being accused of murder I have to say I didn t love these characters they are not the most likable but they grew on me By the end I felt like I knew them and I was surprised by how emotional I was reading the final pages Whisper Network offers an honest look at how women are treated in the workplace Not only by how they are treated by men but also how women treat one another This is an important and provocative read about the power of speaking up for those who don t have a voice Our legacy would be our words Shouted out loud For all to hear We were done petitioning to be believed We were finished reuesting the benefit of the doubt We weren t asking for permission The floor was ours I won a copy of this book in a GR giveaway