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The Goddess Inheritance Free read å 102 Aimee Carter ´ 2 Read Ill tear the world apart until every last god and mortal is deadWith the fate of everyone she loves resting on her shoulders Kate must do the impossible find a way to defeat the most powerful being in existence even if it costs her everythingEven if it costs her eternity. I m disappointed I don t even have the will to explain why I ve rated this book so low It just didn t turn out at all like I wanted it too I think Carter really wanted to focus on Kate in this book as opposed to making the entire book about Henry and Kate which sounds interesting in theory but at least for Aimee Carter is not so in practice Turns out ironically that a book primarily about Kate s choices and inward battles is about as interesting and well written as a 10 year old s diary By the end of this novel I started to dislike Kate It s unfortunate because in the first novel I loved her But I think becoming a goddess and a mother and having Henry has made her a little too full of herself She s convinced she can save the day in every situation which surprisingly she can even though that is completely illogicalAnd let s talk about logic for a minute because this entire novel was completely devoid of logic I know this is a fantasy novel but in terms of logistics and the likelihood of things turning out the way they should this book completely went against everything that would have made senseFor exampleview spoiler Cronus and Rhea are supposed to be eual in power but somehow Rhea was able to subdue Cronus in seconds without breaking a sweat Or how about the fact that Rhea mourned over the loss of Calliope but cared not at all about Ava her granddaughter having sacrificed herself Or can we just talk about how Kate for the large majority of the novel was so angry with Ava that she didn t even want to speak to or see her and yet Cronus she decides to visit from time to time despite the fact that he wanted to kill and could have killed every one that she loved Can we talk about that hide spoiler

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The Goddess Inheritance

The Goddess Inheritance Free read å 102 Aimee Carter ´ 2 Read Love or lifeHenry or their childThe end of her family or the end of the worldKate must chooseDuring nine months of captivity Kate Winters has survived a jealous goddess a vengeful Titan and a pregnancy she never asked for Now the ueen of the Gods wants her unborn child a. Ugh that cliffhanger on book 2 was crazy I want this book NOW

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The Goddess Inheritance Free read å 102 Aimee Carter ´ 2 Read Nd Kate can't stop her until Cronus offers a dealIn exchange for her loyalty and devotion the King of the Titans will spare humanity and let Kate keep her child Yet even if Kate agrees he'll destroy Henry her mother and the rest of the council And if she refuses Cronus w. WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE WHY HOW HOW CAN YOU LEAVE US AFTER A GIGANTIC HUMONGOUS CLIFFHANGERI NEED THIS BOOK NOW I DEMAND IT OLmaoo I really need this book I can t wait another year for it Dear Ms CarterHow could you leave that big of a hang and just walk away Leaving us readers DYING for what is going to happen Thank you for the wonderful story you have given us PLEASE PUBLISH THE BOOK FASTERSincerely Your fans

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