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Free read Small Town Download ´ Small Town ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Nlikely mass murderer wages a one man war against everyone In this gripping multi faceted story Block not only brings to life in brilliant detail the city of New York but proves he is one of the most talented innovative and surprising crime writers in the busine. I love Lawrence Block s clever easy on the brain Keller series which follows an introspective sort of philatelistcontract killer I also especially enjoy Block s early career novellas such as The Triumph of Evil Small Town is something a bit different for the Edgar winner Set in New York City shortly after the 911 attacks it s a genre novel but on a grand scale Few writers can pull this off Stephen King and John le Carre come to mind Block has what it takes to do it but he doesn t uite manage it here Ostensibly about a serial killer kicked into gear by losing his family on 911 Small Town tells multiple stories with a fistful of subplots and diversions Block s casual prose is a pleasure to read as always but it doesn t really fit the subject matter in this case Worse his female characters aren t even a little believable indeed they re simply male fantasiesTo be sure the book is enjoyable in spite of these drawbacks If you like Block you ll probably like this one Even though Small Town never fully engaged me it did whet my appetite for Keller s next adventure

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Free read Small Town Download ´ Small Town ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook A charismatic former police commissioner on the verge of a breakdown; a struggling writer; a folk art dealer plumbing the depths of her own fierce sexuality; a lawyer who prefers murder trials because there's one less witness And in a city reeling from 911 an u. I have to admit the first chapters of this book could not hold my interest While Lawrence Block did a terrific job introducing the characters whose lives would ultimately intertwine I didn t really care about their individual problems Everyone is after something same as you or me However when the killer really got going I was hooked reading 80 to 100 pages at a clip Give this one a chance and it won t disappointbut if you don t care for raw graphic details try a lighter mystery thriller

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Free read Small Town Download ´ Small Town ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook A beautiful young woman called Marilyn picks up a stranger in a bar and takes him home to her Manhattan apartment The next morning her housekeeper discovers Marilyn's body Marilyn's life and death have far reaching effects on others even people she has never met. This is one of Blocks best I listened to it on tape narrated by George Guidell If you see a book on tape and it is narrated by Guidell it is worth listening to If you find a book by Block it is worth reading If you find a Block novel on tape that is read by George Guidell you have a really enjoyable time ahead of you