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April Lindner ñ 8 Read & Download Free read Ö eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ñ April Lindner review Jane AUTHOR April Lindner Forced to drop out of an esteemed East Coast college after the sudden death of her parents Jane Moore takes a nanny job at Thornfield Park the estate of Nico Rathburn a world famous rock star on the brink of a huge comeback Practical and independent Jane reluctantly becom. When I think of Jane Eyre I think of a dark mystery beautiful prose and strongly moral characters Most of all I think of the undercurrent of passion that burns through all of its primary characters from the tortured Mr Rochester to his poor mad wife to the zealous Mr Rivers to the unhappy and neglected Adele and above all else in the uietly determined Jane herself It is very strange therefore to read a book based on this story that is so severely lacking in any of those elementsThis book would have been much better off if the author had abandoned the notion of basing this on Jane Eyre at all But even taken on its own merits as a young adult novel much of it really doesn t even make that much sense There s just absolutely no way a girl with so little experience and interest in children would ever be entrusted to be the nanny of someone in Nico Rathburne s position and no convincing reason being that this is modern times why he should not have been able to divorce his wife And do most girls tend to ask their new employers whether he s been tested for sexually transmitted diseases The relationship between Jane and Nico never felt genuine or loving or real and really very few of the characters have any life of their own either Poor little Maddy the whole reason why they come together in the first place is relegated to merely a plot device as are the other servants the band members Jane s siblings etc Nico s rock star status seems especially random and doesn t contribute to the story in any meaningful way except as the realization of some sort of adolescent fantasyJane herself is also a puzzle There s no real reason given for her being as reserved as she is either in her upbringing or her beliefs Just because someone doesn t wear make up or read gossip magazines and is bookish though there s no actual evidence of her reading by the way doesn t mean she should be boring for heaven s sake This girl has so little about her that is interesting or uniue and what spirit she shows is lifted directly and reworked from Charlotte Bronte s own dialogueThis doesn t mean that a contemporary take on Jane Eyre is a mistake I think it s actually a great idea to do a modern rewrite on this story because it s one filled with dramatic tension and romance and tragedy But it s important that a good rewrite not only captures some spirit or ideal from its source material but that it also catches the reader s imagination on its very own As such dear Reader I sadly cannot recommend this particular version

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April Lindner ñ 8 Read & Download Free read Ö eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ñ April Lindner review Jane AUTHOR April Lindner Es entranced by her magnetic and brooding employer and finds herself in the midst of a forbidden romance But there's a mystery at Thornfield and Jane's much envied relationship with Nico is soon tested by an agonizing secret from his past Torn between her feelings for Nic. What if Jane Eyre got her job at Discriminating Nannies IncAnd Mr Rochester drove a fast car on a hairpin turnAnd they both ran into each other of course then floated on plastic rafts in the pool flirted at rehearsals for his world rock band tour and oh yes endured all the angst and self doubt jealousy and drama of the original taleWell then you would have Jane April Linder s sparkling new novel of impossible love tragic deceit and a wicked fine guitar solo

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April Lindner ñ 8 Read & Download Free read Ö eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ñ April Lindner review Jane AUTHOR April Lindner O and his fateful secret Jane must decide Does being true to herself mean giving up on true loveAn irresistible romance interwoven with a darkly engrossing mystery this contemporary retelling of the beloved classic Jane Eyre promises to enchant a new generation of readers. I have had my eye on this book ever since I saw it pop up around the blogosphere a few months back As you know I am a sucker of the largest order for a good retelling Retold fairy tales in particular are a weakness of mine but when I saw that April Lindner s upcoming novel JANE was in fact a modern retelling of Jane Eyre I didn t know my heart could beat uite that fast I got my masters in literature specifically Victorian lit and Jane Eyre has been a special favorite of mine ever since I first read it on a cross country road trip when I was 14 As I am also a huge fan of historical fiction and YA I think we can safely say I am sitting just about dead center in this novel s target audience But it should also be noted that uite a bit of that uickening heartbeat can be chalked up to this breathtaking cover I want to marry this cover I think it perfectly conveys what you are getting with this package from the misty moors landscape feel to the girl in the timeless outfit that could be either Victorian or present day to the bold pink lettering of the title It s a modern Jane Eyre It s got some excellently updated twists It is at once faithful and fresh In other words it s the real dealJane Moore walks up the stone steps of Discriminating Nannies Inc with several desperate hopes in her heart Having just completed her freshman year at Sarah Lawrence she is forced to drop out and search for work as a nanny when her parents are killed in a car crash and her indifferent siblings make off with what inheritance there is leaving Jane to give up her education and scramble to support herself as best she can An art major with only a few child development classes under her belt to ualify her for the job she feels certain the agency won t deign to look twice at her short resume but will send her packing in short order It turns out however that she does have one rare and highly sought after ualification Shy and somewhat taciturn by nature she does not bother to keep up with popular culture And as such she just might be the perfect nanny for one of the agency s high profile clients Nico Rathburn an enormously famous rock star who is trying to mount a comeback tour has recently found himself in need of a nanny to look after his five year old daughter Maddy And just like that Jane is off to Mr Rathburn s Connecticut mansion Thornfield Park With a single suitcase containing all her meager belongings she approaches her new position with some hope but much trepidation wondering if she ll be up to the task of being in such close proximity to the rock star s infamously wild lifestyle and temperament in addition to taking care of his little girl But Thornfield Park turns out to be not at all what she expected And neither does Nico RathburnReader I loved this book so much I can t stop thinking about it I had such a gut feeling about JANE from the first time I heard about it and it really is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world when your first uninformed impressions of a book come true It was honestly difficult putting this one down at night and then getting through the next day all the way until reading time once I kept eying it sitting there in my purse I finished it somewhere in the vicinity of 2 AM a couple of nights ago with an enormous grin on my face and no one to talk to about it You see this is an incredibly faithful retelling I was actually caught off guard at how closely it sticks to the original tale What made it even astonishing however was how April Lindner managed to keep so much from the original story and make it her own at the same time It exists in the marvelous space where the old and the new meet and wonderful things happen Nothing about it felt odd or disjointed This Jane is definitely a descendant of the original She is just as independent just as practical and plainspoken and consistent And Ms Lindner delicately brought out her vulnerable side born of such a solitary upbringing and my heart went out to her I loved her and worried about her I wanted to protect her from what I knew was coming But the thing is She didn t need me She was fully up to the task of her story and I was free to sit back mesmerized and enjoy the whole thing unfold A favorite passage from one of Jane s few remembrances of her childhood taken from my uncorrected ARCOn one of my days off cold rain kept me in my room until late afternoon when the sun finally broke through I pulled on my rainboots grabbed my raincoat and my tackle box full of art supplies and hurried out the door It felt so good to be outside that for once I didn t stop at the high iron fence surrounding Thornfield Park The guard on duty was a young open faced man with long blond hair He waved me through the gate smiling and looked for a moment as though he wanted to speak to me I considered stopping to introduce myself but the very thought brought a flush to my cheeks I looked down at my feet letting my hair fall forward to curtain my face and kept hurrying onSmile at the other children I remember my mother telling me at the little playground near our house Don t cling to me Go over to the monkey bars and say helloI followed her instructions and walked over to the monkey bars I even tried to say hello to the laughing girls hanging upside down from the topmost bars but they were so happy and familiar with each other their long hair sweeping from side to side like banners that I felt the words die in my mouth I stood frozen a long time until still laughing and chattering the girls unfurled down to the ground and ran off to the swingsMy mother s anxiety about my social skills grew acute the older I got By the time she was your age Jenna had three boys fighting over her she would say Why don t you ever go on dates Usually I would brush the uestion off and retreat to my room but once I made the mistake of answeringI m not as pretty as Jenna I said as though it needed sayingIf you smiled you d be approachable She put a hand on my arm Isn t there a boy you likeThere was Michael a popular boy with creamy skin roses in his cheeks and dark brown eyes a basketball player I d liked him since fourth grade Unlike the other popular boys he wasn t unkind to girls like me Once in junior high when the bell rang I left my pencil case on my desk and he ran after me shouting my nameYou forgot this He pressed the case into my hands It s nice You wouldn t want to lose it He was gone before I could thank him But he knew my name And he had cared enough to run after me The next time I saw him I wanted to speak to him but hadn t dared toWell asked my mother There s no boy you likeI couldn t bring myself to utter his name to break the magic spell of secrecy and expose my crush to the ordinary light of day Not reallyMy mother withdrew her hand You re a cold fish she saidTears rose to my eyes I knew there was no use pleading my case and before I could think of anything to say she turned and walked away I m not I whispered to the empty roomI love that whisper sent out into the void She is not And her spirit will not be dimmed by rough treatment on the part of people who ought to love her And while we re on the subject of love JANE features a splendid one I have noted that despite my love for the original book I often have trouble with May December romances in which there is a large age gap between the two principal characters But I was immediately and fully behind Jane and Nico Nico is well Nico is hot Yeah You re going to love Nico The rock star angle works exceedingly well and definitely adds a sexier tone to the novel as a whole His history is nothing if not cringe worthy and it is in turns painful and hilarious watching these two beings from different worlds interact Their relationship is handled so simply and naturally that it somehow becomes its own entity both echoing and extending the relationship that inspired it I fell in love with them on their own merits if you will At times my pulse raced for them This book has the potential to be an excellent crossover novel as these two are old souls and their romance reflects that enhanced as it is by the modern setting Happily the writing matches the characterization Assured and smooth I felt shored up by the words How many books have you read where you already knew exactly what was going to happen and yet they still held you spellbound Because that s exactly what happened to me here As with the best retellings JANE will leave you utterly satisfied and with a strong desire to pull out that old copy of Jane Eyre and settle in for a nice long visit with old friends

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