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Its All About the Guest Free download À PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Steve DiFillippo ç 0 Free download Free download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ç Steve DiFillippo Rabbit for Stevie Ray Vaughn inadvertently gotten a guest divorced whipped up some tasty eats at the Super Bowl and that’s just the beginning The money hasn’t been bad either that first restaurant is now the hub of a rapidly growing 50 million restaurant brand group and a 10 million Davio’s brand food line With guests constantly asking how he did it Steve has written the ultimate. First I must acknowledge that I received an advanced copy of this book from The Goodreads Giveaways ProgramIt s All About the Guest is packed with anecdotes and advice that any budding restaurateur or entrepreneur will find useful Among them are Protect your reputation look for ways to expand your business into new ventures early on hire the right kind of experts and remember that in the end it s all about pleasing the guestcustomer An interesting thread that I found while reading the book is how Steve DiFillipo is a Gladwellian outlier His immigrant background and his extended network of friends and family made him the perfect candidate to be a successful restaurateur His hard work combined with the good luck of falling into the perfect network to pursue his interests almost guaranteed him success If you re looking for a good read from an engaging guy I d recommend this book It s written in an enthusiastic voice is bursting with practical advice and to top it all off has many wonderful recipes

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Its All About the Guest Free download À PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Steve DiFillippo ç 0 Free download Free download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ç Steve DiFillippo Guide to starting a restaurant running a successful business enjoying food and living life The 59 million restaurant workers who say they want to open their own restaurant will go nuts over this book but so will anybody who loves food and the restaurant world heck anybody who wants to make money and have a blast doing it As a special bonus Steve includes twelve classic Davio’s recip. I received this book as a giveaway through Goodreads First Reads As I reader I fall into the passion for food category not the want to open my own restaurant category As such It s All About the Guest was for me along the lines of a memoir of the author s life in the restaurant business The book kept my attention and was easy to read I enjoyed the anecdotes that DiFillippo shared to illustrate his points and the discussions of Italian food I expect that I will be trying some of the recipes included in the book

Free download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ç Steve DiFillippo

Its All About the Guest Free download À PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Steve DiFillippo ç 0 Free download Free download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ç Steve DiFillippo When’s the last time you picked up a business book that was so engaging you couldn’t put it down Steve Difillippo was only 24 when he opened his first Davio’s restaurant Since then he’s wowed Julia Child with his pomodoro overlooked some triple X rated shenanigans at Table 7 taken on American Express gotten himself into Time and Newsweek for taking on American Express cooked a. Since I have been unable to contact the publisher regarding this advanced copy below find the letter I attempted to send Please note that I received this book by First ReadsGoodreads and that hasn t affected any comments or opinions thereinTo JessicaDeFrancoGlobePeuotcomFrom Rev Andrea L Stoeckel alsfoxgullcomDate 3 August 2013Re DiFillippio S It s All About the Guest advanced galley Goodreads winReviewFirst thank you for the book and the opportunity to read an advanced copy These are my opinions with no influenceSecond some of my backgroundSteve and I have similar backgrounds He s 5 years younger than I am I grew up in Barrington Rhode Island and remember Federal Hill and Fox Point well and have been amazed at how things can change My father worked at the old Firestone plant in Fall River where I was born My mother s family is from Attleboro and run the MS Company there still My cousin s children are rabid Pats fans and his daughter in law used to work the Red Sox front office Her husband is a BFD EMTI was one of the last graduates of Miss Farmer s School of Cookery in Boston on Hereford St CommAve that closed in 1977 My first job as a prep cook was at a small restaurant in Westport MA doing salad bar and became sous chef when everyone else went back to school that fall From there I took a job at Providence Country Day School in East Providence After my parents passed I worked at an elderly group home in Warren RI that lead to returning to school for a BSW a Masters in Theological Studies a Masters in Divinity and ordination in the United Church of Christ in 1989 and recently a third Masters in Professional Transitional Ministry aka interim ministry During my varied career I was a Nursing Home Administrator and Marketer in Philadelphia as wellI fell ill about 6 years back and am now permanently disabled Even at my worst I still read 100 books a year and Goodreads is a major spotlight for me now I currently live in Syracuse NY with my spouse of 14 yearsMy varied background certainly makes this book of great interest to me and allows me to wear different hats while I read itMy ReviewOver all I thought the book wasn t half bad I felt at times as if I was sitting at table with Steve and he was regaling me with stories That s a good thing up to a pointAs of page 60 I was beginning to tire of the redundancy It just seemed as if he was telling the same stories and I almost gave up on the book Any good marketer knows that you remind people 3 times if you want them to remember but after that the same ol same old becomes wallpaper and you lose interest However I did persist I love the recipes but where they are placed in odd spots I d suggest opening the chapters with them much as you close the chapters with the summary pages And if not keep the recipes right after the story don t send the reader to another page or cite another page if you want them to follow it The summary on p132 could be deleted as it is almost the same as the chapter review right next to itThe strongest chapter in the book is Chapter 7A Busy Restaurant is a Happy Restaurant The story about Mr Farrell is great on p123 I also like the honesty throughout the manuscript NB I saw no blatant spelling or grammatical errorsMarketing of the textIs this going to be marketed as a business text a marketing text or a memoir as it crosses all boundaries I could see it on the shelves at the CIA as much as Bryant and Stratton Business School It fits with Cornell as much as a Community College curriculum One would also hope that it might be found at Johnson and Wales Providence campus as well as BU or Bryant UniversityThank you again for the advanced proof Feel free to contact me if I can be of further insight

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