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High Hearts Summary á 104 From the celebrated author of Rubyfruit  Jungle and Bingo  comes a stirring novel of the Civil War a tale of  true love and mistaken identity Brimming with  colorful characters and vivid settings High  Hearts is Rita Mae Brown at her most  ambitious and entertainingApril 12  1861 Bright gutsy and youngGeneva Chatfield  marries Nash Hart in Albemarle County Virginia the  same day Fort Sumter's guns fire the start of the  Civil War Five days later. What would the telling of the Civil War read like with a woman soldier Here we find Brown s take on that uestion Five days after marrying Geneva Chatfield s husband brother and father all leave home to enlist their services in the war effort Not willing to live without her husband Nash Geneva disguising herself as a boy and leaves home to join up with him in the cavalry A superb horsewoman Geneva establishes her place in his company by beating Major Mars Vickers the group commander in a horse raceAfter this the story moves between the battle front and the home front telling the stories of the women at home and the men off fighting There is lots of what you would expect relations between the races status of slaves dealing with shortages and conseuences of being at war family ties north and south divides and romancesThe characters are interesting and likable We see Geneva grow beyond the person she starts out as She learns a lot about herself and her husband We sympathize with Nash and his reluctance to fight We are intrigued by Vicker s outlook on life And we marvel at the woman maintaining their homes and livesWhile describing the horrors of war this is not a gruesome story Instead it is a compassionate and human look at the effects of war on the people who live it And like the rest of Brown s work this is a fun and enjoyable read with a southern twist

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High Hearts Summary á 104 Ajor  Mars Vickers This macho major to his own  shock and amazement finds himself inexplicably  attracted to the young soldier named Jimmy  And this is only the beginning of a novel that  moves with sureness and grace from the ferocity of  battle to the struggle on the homefront and brings  passion and sly humor to a story of dawning love   High Hearts is a penetrating  delightful and sweeping tale that gives fresh life to a  fascinating  time. On July 4 2018 I finished reading this intriguing fictional story based on historical facts Ms Brown weds the participation of a Virginia plantation family into the daily happenings of a host of believable characters in a young Civil War Twists and turns of drama love pain and indifference lead it to be difficult to lay this book aside Worthy of taking time to read

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High Hearts Summary á 104 She loses him as Nash  joins the Confederate Army Geneva who is known  as the best rider since Light Horse Harry Lee  cuts her hair dons a uniform enlists as Jimmy  Chatfield then rides off to be with her  beloved Nash But sensitive Nash recoils in horror  from the violence of war while Geneva is  invigorated by the chase and the fight Can she be all the  man her husband isn't She'll sure as hell try  But there is a complication and his name is M. I really enjoyed this book The summary is true this is an epic story that brings fresh life into possibly one of the most popular historical events in fiction I enjoyed learning about the cavalry tactics and regular life of a soldier in that part of the fighting force There was a ton of history but it was all meshed in the fiction so well that it gave realism to the characters as if they had been real historical figures I liked most all the characters but confess I didn t love any of them Geneva comes off as very innocent and young So does her husband Nash Other characters like Lutie Henley Sumner Banjo Sin Sin Di Peachy and Mercer were very enjoyable and felt real I will add that the books chapters are dates and some are only a page while others are triple that or This broke up the action a lot and was why I took many months to finish this book reading only a chapter or two a day But the plot was compelling enough that I never lost track of the action and that once I got close to the end I had to read the rest to find out what happened As for the endingreading the summary any reader of romance can guess what is going to happen My one problem with the book is that it progresses day by day for the entire thing then after the death of a major character suddenly jumps ahead 30 years and after a uick telling of what happened to this one and that one the book is over While I know the book probably had a page limit I d have liked to get a few of those last climactic scenes the way other climactic scenes were in the book as a chapter I wanted to savor them

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