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  • Guarding His Heart
  • Synithia Williams
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  • 25 January 2017
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Guarding His Heart

Read & Download ì eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF á Synithia Williams Synithia Williams á 8 Summary Free download Guarding His Heart Her Jasmin Hook agrees to take the assignment she never expects the risué photo shoot to end with a sensual slam dunk But the handsome. This was a lovely romance story with a great hero and heroine Jasmine and Kevin are very well rounded and realistic characters They have both been bruised by life love and when love comes a knockin it isn t a magical cure all for all their issues and insecurities They have to take a chance and risk getting hurt I completely understand Jasmine s initial reluctance to start something with Kevin who wouldn t be daunted by two exes and 4 kids Relationships can be difficult enough when it s just two peopleThe banter between Kevin and Jasmine was delightful especially the flirting when they first get to know each other Jasmine s a really strong and confident woman which I really loved I was completely sold onJasmine s project and felt than a little disappointed that I couldn t go out and buy her book or go watch her exhibitKevin s a good father and a good man who does his utmost to maintain a good relationship with both his exes and to be there for his children He s very determined to be strong put together to not be seen as weak And that is his downfall because it keeps him from realising how much he cares for Jasmine and it s also the reason why he doesn t want to be honest with her about his rheumatoid arthritisI wanted to shake Kevin at a certain point he took a long time to get to his senses But he made up for it in the end with a lovely grand gesture The supporting characters are very well written and helped create a sense of family and support for the hero and heroine There were uite a lot of extra scenes with the supporting cast so to speak that though necessary to show the reader who Kevin and Jasmine are and what they ve been through sometimes also slowed down the pacing of the story a bit too much to my liking All in all a very enjoyable read

Read & Download ì eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF á Synithia Williams

Read & Download ì eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF á Synithia Williams Synithia Williams á 8 Summary Free download Guarding His Heart Sizzling hot basketball star Kevin Koucky plans to end his career with a bang by posing au naturel in a magazine feature When photograp. This was my first Kimani title and book by this author and i really enjoyed it I liked Jasmine right from the start how she doesn t uickly show she s fallen for Kevin s charms although she has lol Their chemistry was amazing and so obvious from the start So much banter which is my absolute fave The author did a great job of showing Jasmine s passion for her work as well as her fears that the new project she s embarked on may not be well received but i love how while she passionate about her new project she never disparages fashion photography as frivolous My favourite thing is how both MCs have their fears and vulnerabilities about the changes in their career paths Kevin has rheumatoid arthritis and is fearful for what will happen when he retires This is one thing making him hesitant about engaging in a serious relationship with Jasmine I loved seeing this vulnerable side of Kevin I really felt when he was surprised his agent would still want to rep him even after he retired from basketball That was a touching scene because we see how worried he was And when he told his boys about it Man my heart was just so full Jasmine s also dealing with some baggage from her step mother but they meet and hash it out That was a really pivotal scene as well How outside of each other both MCs had internal conflicts to deal with Jasmine also has juvenile diabetes which adds even vulnerability to her character where in the past men she s been in relationships weren t exactly caring about when she had to take her insulin shot Kevin really won we over even here He was great when she wasn t feeling well And Kevin big gesture after they break it off was so sweet I loved how he tailored it to who Jasmine is and not some generic gesture It shows he knows her And whoo boy the author brings the sexy here These two are fiiiire together I really enjoyed this title and i m gonna have to go back and read the other books in this series Alsoooo how could i forget that cover That cover enticed me first then i wanted to know about these two It s so stunning And Jasmine wears the outfit on the cover in the book D

Free download Guarding His Heart

Read & Download ì eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF á Synithia Williams Synithia Williams á 8 Summary Free download Guarding His Heart Athlete comes with children and an ex wife emotional baggage Jasmin can’t handle Little does she know that Kevin always plays to win. Awesome story Loved everything about this sweet heart tugging story Kevin is juggling a lot of balls in the air his ex wife his ex girlfriend 4 children and his family s hometown And he s doing it like a champ Kevin regrets his past behavior towards the women in his life and it s preventing him from moving on with Jasmine In addition he may have to retire from the NBA because of an illness he is keeping secret from Jasmine Well surprise Jasmine has a huge secret of her own