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Read & Download ß Converging Parallels Provincial city off the River Po has two difficult cases to solve A dismembered body has been found in the river and it’s up to Trotti to figure out who the murder victim is At the same time an estranged friend approaches Trotti with a desperate personal plea his six year old daug. Well written police novel set in the 80s in Florence during the time of the kidnapping of Aldo Moro and the Brigate Rosse Red BrigadesAfter reading this book and three books by Marco Vichy I get the impression that all Italian Police officers drink at work or at least they used to in the pastTrotti takes a little sip of grappa from the bottle in his drawer every now and thanLiked the book but for now tend to like the Bordelli novels But will read the next book because I want to know how his personal relationships develop

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Read & Download ß Converging Parallels A small town kidnapping presents a major problem for Commissario Trotti and draws us into CWA Award winner Timothy Williams' debut set against the rich backdrop of a provincial Italian cityNorthern Italy 1978 Commissario Piero Trotti trusted senior police investigator in an anonymous. A surprise Very well written highly enjoyable Italian police procedural set against the 1979 kidnapping and execution of Aldo Moro If you think Donna Leon does Italian corruption well try this The first Commissario Trotti installment the last honest man in Italy Includes some long politicalmoral monologues which I found interesting if not thought provoking Not a page turning thriller but nevertheless engaging A little hard to find in my local libraries but discovered this one deep down in s Kindle bookstore Well worth the search and the read

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Read & Download ß Converging Parallels Hter Trotti’s own goddaughter has been kidnapped In the wake of the high profile kidnapping of Aldo Moro president of Italy’s majority party faith in law enforcement is at an all time low and it’s no surprise the distraught father isn’t willing to take this matter to the poli. Well written good plot development

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