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A Thousand Years to Wait (The Tarrowburn Prophecies, #1)

A Thousand Years to Wait (The Tarrowburn Prophecies, #1) review ✓ 103 Ile her beliefs unlock the talisman’s secrets and harness the magic withinReluctant to accept help Reina agrees to allow two determined escorts to accompany her on her journey for truth but each comes with a mysterious past of his own Her estranged childhood friend uinn D’Arturio left their village years ago and only recently returned harboring dark secrets behind a solemn exterior And despite his status as a perfect stranger a dashing captain by the name of Niles Ingram is uick to fight by Reina’s side at whatever the cost That som. I thoroughly enjoyed this book cover to cover Reina is a strong young woman who has made it on her own and is content with her life But life has in store for her This is a great adventure The author caught my attention with not only the adventure of finding the talisman and learning to use it but also with her description of the place where this all happens complete with an ancient prophesy and folktale about the two moons of Liron Descriptions about places like Reina s cottage were detailed enough to form a picture in my head I like it when a book comes alive in my head The characters are believable and likable Well likable until they re NOT Reina takes charge of her own destiny in the end

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A Thousand Years to Wait (The Tarrowburn Prophecies, #1) review ✓ 103 Prophecies are meant to unfold on their own they can’t be forced into fruition Or can they When a war torn kingdom is on the cusp of falling to a usurping general a young healer who doesn't believe in magic is called upon to help a prophecy transpire She must embrace the magicor lose everythingAt eighteen Moreina di Bianco is a young healer who believes in medicine not magic even while possessing a second sight she can't fully explain So when the Faranzine Talisman chooses Reina to reawaken an ancient magic and end a war she must reconc. From old maid healer to taking on an epic uest Moreina is the kind of character you fall in love with and never want the journey to end Prophecies and magic healers and love this story bursts to life from the first page and never lets go I found myself sharing her hope laughing at her predicaments and cheering the spirit I knew she had uick paced with spellbinding characters and epic adventure this is a story not to be missed Long live hero s true love and the authors who know how to smack the two together like this one did

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A Thousand Years to Wait (The Tarrowburn Prophecies, #1) review ✓ 103 Eone she’s only just met would give his life for hers is a sobering realization of the ever present danger Reina has jumped intoThere’s just one problem with Reina’s two companions They too are featured in the talisman's prophecy as potential suitors But what woman wants a suitor let alone two when she’s tasked with defeating a usurping general ending a war finding the true king and rightfully seating him on the throneA Thousand Years to Wait has been listed as an award winning finalist in American Book Fest's 2019 Best Book Award. A fantastic young adult fantasy storyA Thousand Years to Wait is an epic adventure novel The book carries a Young Adult genre title but it will appeal to lovers of fantasy action and adventure no matter their ageI love a strong female character and Reina fits the bill perfectly Add in two male leads vying for her attention and the reuired evil antagonist and you have the basics of a good story When author Storms reaches into her imagination and starts throwing in twists you have a great story I did not see many of these plot bombs coming They worked so well to wrap up this book and set the scene for book twoThe author is excellent at world building and character development You can feel the cold wind electricity and the desperation to succeed If you are a fan of action adventure and fantasy worlds you will love A Thousand Years to Wait by L Ryan Storms