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Free read ¶ A Book of Middle English º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook This revised edition takes account of suggestions and comments from reviewers and from those who have used the first edition all over the world The main features. This was a really good textbook for my medieval class it has some help in the beginning and end for learning middle English and I may look into it when I have time but it also contains excerpts from several important medieval works in the original middle English including but not limited toSir Gawain and the Green KnightPearlPatienceLayamon s BrutThe York Play of the CrucifixionA Dialogue between a Lord and a ClerkAncrene WisseThe Peterborough ChroniclesSome of them are really hard to read in Middle English but you can find links to translations into English of many of them

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Free read ¶ A Book of Middle English º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook And The Prioress's Tale Part One has been revised to cover English at the time of Chaucer and suggestions for further reading have been updated throughout the bo. Currently reading this book but A concise but sufficient exposition of grammar and syntax reuiring only minimal experience with grammatical terminology and concepts this book serves well satisfy my curiosities regarding Middle English its variants and its origins Part II includes a moderate but representative sampling of Middle English texts both verse and prose for the student to wade through I ve not gotten there yet though

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Free read ¶ A Book of Middle English º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Of the second edition are the inclusion of etymologies in the glossary and the edition of three complete texts by Chaucer The Parliament of Fowls The Reeve's Tale. This is a very good introduction to medieval English language and literature It consists of a linguistic section reuiring no specialist knowledge give a brief account of pronunciation where Middle English vocabulary came from grammar syntax poetic metres and some of the difficulties in rendering manuscript texts in print Explanations are very clear The bulk of the book consists of substantial pieces of Middle English writing covering all the main genres There are extensive notes at the foot of the page and there is a full glossary at the back of the book The texts are all interesting and include an extract from Layamon s Brut a substantial section of the delightful The Owl and Nightingale long passages from Piers Plowman Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Gower s Confessio Amantis lyrics a York mystery play the complete text of the wonderful Sir Orfeo a medieval version of the Orpheus legend the complete text of two of the Canterbury Tales an extract from Chaucer s Troilus and Criseyde and Chaucer s The Parliament of Fowles Personally I would have preferred to see less Chaucer his works are easily accessible elsewhere and perhaps instead passages from the Alliterative Morte Arthur and from the medieval English version of John Mandeville s TravelsMost Middle English literature is not too daunting once you have grasped a few points of grammar and a relatively small number of unfamiliar words and realised that many of the apparent difficulties of texts on the printed page largely disappear if you voice the words silently in your head This book is one of the best introductions to the riches that are to be found

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