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The Levant Trilogy

The Levant Trilogy review ☆ 3 Oorstep providing a volatile backdrop to their own personal battles The civilian world meets the military through the figure of Simon Boulderstone a young army officer who will witness the tragedy and tension of. A must read after The Balkan Trilogy this sees Harriet becoming her own woman eventually Manning s experiences in Egypt and the Levant give the books an air of authenticity The third book is largely an indulgence which gives her the opportunity to describe wartime Damascus Beirut and Jerusalem but the descriptions are beautifully written and read just as well as a travelogue as fiction I m still not sure if Manning is a great author but I have thoroughly enjoyed taking this wartime journey with her I ve learned a great deal about many of the events of WWII and uickly became involved with the characters I m really sorry to have finished these books and I m sad that there aren t any in this series

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The Levant Trilogy review ☆ 3 As Rommel advances in wartorn Egypt the lives of the civilian population come under threat One such couple are Guy and Harriet Pringle who have escaped the war in Europe only to find the conflict once on their d. Three and a half stars The Levant Trilogy is a wonderful coda to The Balkan Trilogy and a delicate beautifully rendered portrait of a struggling marriage and the final chaos of war Psychologically the Levant Trilogy may in fact go deeper than the Balkan Trilogy It kind of depends on your favorite style but for me it was a bit of a let down after the The Balkan Trilogy which I loved and devoured with unseemly haste Harriet and Guy Pringle did not wear particularly well in this second trilogy nor did their tiresome friends By the third book in the trilogy I was uite ready to abandon the whole lot of them although view spoilerI was glad that the couple with all their differences managed to get back together and find a semblance of contentment hide spoiler

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The Levant Trilogy review ☆ 3 War on the frontier at first hand An outstanding author of wartime fiction Olivia Manning brilliantly evokes here the world of the Levant Egypt Jerusalem and Syria with perception and subtlety humour and humani. A pleasure to read The follow up to the Balkan Trilogy and for me even better Guy and Harriet have washed ashore in Cairo A gentle read unhurriedly exploring the blithe disregard of colonialism marriage and the chaos of war Just as one is lulled into the commonplace going ons Manning unleashes the tragedy of war in a deadpan style that is haunting Compulsive

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