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The Greatest Lover in All England Read & Download Û 5 Since childhood Rosie's life has been the stage passing herself off as a boy playing women's roles in the somewhat disreputable theatrical troupe of actor Danny Plympton Rosie's adoptive father But when unanticipated danger confronts them they must flee London. Most disappointed with the bk Didn t seem like a Christina Dodd at all Maybe it was due to the different setting There was zero chemistry btwn the heroinehero I couldn t figure how they fell in love Almost zero interaction what do you know it seems they are in love Not even going to keep the book

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The Greatest Lover in All England Read & Download Û 5 Taking refuge at the estate of Sir Anthony Rycliffe A handsome devil may care rakehell Tony uickly sees through Rosie's disguiseBut a lush womanly form and eminently kissable lips are not the ravishing young beauty's only secrets and the burning attraction Tony. Rosie aka Rosencrantz is no stranger to life on the streets of 17th century London She travels around with a group of performers led by her adoptive father Sir Danny Plympton he knighted himself singing for food or dollars Though illiterate Rosie has one illustrious benefactor in her life the one and only Uncle Will William Shakespeare BTW each chapter in this book opens with a uote from one of Shakespeare s playsOur girl is rocking one secret on the cusp of having an unplanned reveal only those closest to her know she is female everyone else has always accepted Rosie s masculine presentation as the truth Sir Danny took Rosie in as a little girl and made the choice to raise present her as a boy for her own safety Only now with Rosie s introduction to Sir Anthony Rycliffe legitimately knighted is that coming into uestion When it s suggested that Rosie may possibly be the true lost heir of the estate Sir Anthony calls home Anthony proposes they settle the dispute by marrying and combining their lands and wealth The long term benefits of the arrangement take some convincing for Rosie but eventually she agrees to Anthony s idea Naturally because this is a romance novel what starts as a seemingly straightforward business arrangement shortly turns into something much feelings infusedBut if you think that s all there could be to this story oh no no Dodd throws some fun intrigue her readers way We got the Earl of Southampton a patron of Shakespeare s theater asking him to put on a production of Richard III the Earls of Southampton and Essex harbor secret hopes that it will incite rioting against ueen Elizabeth I Is Sir Danny looking at a chance at love Then there seems to be a secret assassin targeting either Anthony or Rosie or both but who wants them dead so badly And then we have a friend of Rosie s sent to Newgate Prison and Anthony does his best to charm the proverbial pants off the ueen to get the friend released But oooh the scene where Anthony takes things too far and his flirtatious words happen to contain a verbal knock on Earl of Essex one of the ueen s current favorites so Anthony ends up getting his ears boxed repeatedly There s no shortage of entertainment in these pagesFor a romance novel this ended up feeling uite literary The writing is wonderfully clever with all sorts of bookish references woven in The dialogue is light and cheeky such as the line the cat who got the canaryI can almost see feathers protruding from your lips what do you have planned You can just imagine the twinkle lights going off in the eyes of these characters Great fun

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The Greatest Lover in All England Read & Download Û 5 Feels for her does not lessen the peril she has brought to his doorstep The dashing rogue is determined to strip the irresistible lady of her mysteries and her masculine garb using all of his fabled seductive powers After all Tony has a reputation to uphold as. Enjoyed the comedy

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