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review Õ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ñ Brandon Sanderson Brandon Sanderson Ñ 9 characters review Skyward AUTHOR Brandon Sanderson Defeated crushed and driven almost to extinction the remnants of the human race are trapped on a planet that is constantly attacked by mysterious alien starfighters. Skyward felt like a preludeThe raw energy of the closing pages rattles I started every sentence without knowing where it was going half terrified of where it might end My heart was still pounding from the airy danger of it even after the turning of the last page When I looked up the bedlam of motion inside the coffeeshop where I sat was an underwater warble and I felt the sort of disorientation you only get when you are pulled out of one world and back into another That s what any good story does I suppose Is anything fair He smiled Death is He treats us all the same Spensa Spin Nightshade was going to be a pilot As a 7 year old she dreamed of it with the raw hope of a child who looked at the stars as if her very soul had unfurled and stretched out to meet it As a 17 year old young woman she knew it with the boundless confidence of a youth who assumed the world will contort itself to accommodate her desiresBut Spensa s name was full of her father s cowardice in a way nobody could miss It was a burden and a responsibility For ten years Spensa had tried to piece together a father who was gone from rumors that spoke of him deserting his team of betraying his people They spewed at her They poured at her But when it is all boiled away what is always left is that wanting hard and spare and alive to prove herself to clear her father s name and to fight for humanity s survivalEven if that meant breaking the rules leaving them smashed and glittering in her wake Remember Spensa You get to choose who you are Legacy memories of the past can serve us well But we cannot let them define us When heritage becomes a box instead of an inspiration it has gone too far The novel the first in Branderson s latest series soared through the autumn and winter of 2018 on a frenzy of love drawing a cornucopia of rave reviews and dominating bestseller lists And I have to say it is well deservedClocking in at than 500 pages the novel reuires patience as it unfolds in slow but ultimately satisfying layers The meticulous plotting comes off as the work of someone in absolute charge of his craft The journey may occasionally feel protracted for some but the latter section is particularly dynamic full of even intrigue adventure and go for the throat thrills Skyward brims with details that build out into a vast intricate world which remarkably still leaves plenty to explore It s a good thing that Sanderson has 4 books planned for this series as there s a lot to set up It s clear that the author is only getting warmed up the political and intergalactic machinations that swirled around Spensa had much left to play out And if Sanderson s goal was to make his readers clamor for I m pleased to say that he accomplished that goal with flying colorsSkyward is fun but there s a deep layer of story at work Sanderson paints real world concerns like classism war profiteering and patriotic jingoism with piercing resonance The novel examines with brilliance and verve the dangerous culture of martyrdom that is deeply embedded in the DDF the Defiant Defense Force and which had for many years been preserved in false perfectionSpensa who recited Defiance like a litany and ripped herself to rags against the sharp and ugly poetry of it determined to never be called a coward is confronted with a truth like ice water the DDF bleeds great gouts of young pilots in the deadly battles against the Krell but spares the sons and daughters of the elite who are pulled out from the Academy by their wealthy and well connected parents when the peril becomes too real Spensa had thought she could join the DDF and vie for the only chance she would ever have at glory she built her life around that dream but Spensa soon discovers that her government s talk of glory and heroism all their promises wore a thinner veil than a funeral shroud Spensa didn t want to be a part of this machine any But the machine didn t care The machine went on grinding and catching her up in its gearsSpensa s character development doesn t stop there All her life the mystery of what had really happened the day her father was uneuivocally branded a coward hung over her and she had hardly dared hope that she might get the answers she longed for like the prize at the end of a long and difficult game When Spensa does the truth of it strikes her backhanded and her heart for the second time splits in two and goes to war against itself The truth and the sharp certainty of it lodges itself inside Spensa is never how we want it clear cut and shining a perfect moral center leading us all back home Sometimes the answers we need don t match the uestions we re asking He looked up at me And sometimes the coward makes fools of wiser men That is I think what I relished most about this book the way the author gives his characters plenty of room to fumble and triumph He made a list of characters that kept getting longer then heartbreakingly shorter and injected them with enough interiority to keep his readers riveted Spensa s journey in particular is wonderful to watch and her potential narrative paths for the seuel are very intriguingI can t wait to see where Sanderson takes her ko fi blog twitter tumblr

review Õ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ñ Brandon SandersonSkyward AUTHOR Brandon Sanderson

review Õ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ñ Brandon Sanderson Brandon Sanderson Ñ 9 characters review Skyward AUTHOR Brandon Sanderson Spensa a teenage girl living among them longs to be a pilot When she discovers the wreckage of an ancient ship she realizes this dream might be possible assuming s. for those that wanna hear me gush

Brandon Sanderson Ñ 9 characters

review Õ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ñ Brandon Sanderson Brandon Sanderson Ñ 9 characters review Skyward AUTHOR Brandon Sanderson He can repair the ship navigate flight school and perhaps most importantly persuade the strange machine to help her Because this ship uniuely appears to have a soul. 2000 hrs Alta Base Flight Command Headuarters Scholar Flight Command this is Booknerd Twelve name Katerina Callsign ScholarFlight Command What are you doing in the outer space Scholar Your mission is accomplished you finished Skyward Return to the base immediatelyScholar I m not ready to leave Command Flight Command Why do you defy direct orders soldier Scholar Because there was something about Skyward the cinematic uality the non stop adventure the humor and sarcasm the wonderful crew and the heroine oozing bravado and determination that won t let me return I need time to float in space to soar the winds to claim the stars to let the fact that Brandon Sanderson is a master storyteller not only when he composes the most epic fantasy books ever written but also the most solid gripping and awe inspiring YA science fiction sink inFlight Command Why was it such a surprise ScholarScholar Because the truth is I was mad at him for engaging with a new YA project that delayed the release of Wax and Wayne 4 and Rhythm of War But as soon as I took off with Spensa as soon as I became a part of Skyward Flight I regretted my anger and all the reservations that held me back It was truly magnificent another proof that Brandon Sanderson is the best author of his generationFlight Command I understand all these Scholar but you have to return Daydreaming in the outer space is a dangerous and forbidden habit Scholar But sir I have my own protectors Flight Command WhoScholar Doomslug the Destroyer the most terrifying beast that feasts on the flesh of her enem Flight Command That s simply the cutest slug that ever existed a soft cupcakeScholar Well there is also the Massacrebot the most advanced spaceship that will hunt down the first born of his foes and Flight Command You know he likes being called M Bot And he is not vicious just a slightly insane talking spaceship that may or may not be the king of sassScholar Fine there is also the fiercest warrior Spensa Nightshade callsign Spin the one who bathes in blood and drinks in her cup made of skulls and Flight Command Spensa tends to get carried away and being overly dramatic but I do recognize that she is one of the bravest strongest and funniest YA heroines out there Before you start analyzing the might of Skyward cadets and Cobb the journey to find the meaning of courage and camaraderie I must confess that while you composed paeans about the glory of Skyward we launched Reality missiles that will destroy your wings Scholar No no no leave my wings alone I m setting the coordinates to return just give me beep beep beepBooknerd Eleven Sir was that really necessaryFlight Command She must learn to control her frenzy every time she reads a book written by Brandon Sanderson Flight Command out

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