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Royal Airs characters Í 108 E Adova an outcast since he was born lives the life of a career gambler in those slums He has no ambition other than cheating at the card tables until the night he decides to help a girl named Corene who looks like she's stumbled into the wrong bar She too is a princess sister to Josetta who finds her with Rafe He fascinates her Josetta has never encountered anyone like him someo. Fa la la la la la disappointment Frankly speaking I didn t expect Royal Airs to be particularly memorable after Troubled Waters I mean how could I It wouldn t have been fair of me to hold this seuel to the same standards I held its predecessor not after absolutely loving the first novel in this series intensely But thisIt isn t that Shinn s Royal Airs is necessarily a bad book but it just isn t a good one either It picks up five years after Troubled Waters from the perspective of Josetta Zoe s half sister who runs a shelter for the homeless in the slums of Welce Once a princess now merely an idol for the crown Josetta has discovered her purpose outside of the palace Corene Zoe s step daughter however hasn t been as lucky Especially not with the influence of her scheming mother and former ueen Alys hanging above her head In an effort to escape Alys s latest husband Corene runs to find Josetta in the slums of Welce only to run into a gambler Rafe Not surprisingly after becoming involved with Princess Corene and then Princess Josetta Rafe unknowingly ties himself to the royal family Before long Rafe and Josetta have struck a tender friendship the future of the crown is put to the test and foreign dignitaries are arriving in Welce again From the beginning itself Rafe is singled out as uniue an individual who possesses no blessings In Welce the custom of having blessings chosen for you is regarded as an important ritual but only ghost blessings are ever chosen for Rafe Royal Airs is told in alternating perspectives from both Rafe and Josetta but despite this intrusion into Rafe s mind I found that his character uickly lost his original charm When we first meet Rafe he is an enigma After all who doesn t receive blessings Instead of this seguing into an intriguing study of Rafe s uniue personality this tid bit is merely used as a leveraging point to emphasize just how special Rafe is a uality which winds up becoming conveniently important as the novel wears on Without these interesting tags to pin upon him though Rafe is nothing special as far as love interests go Josetta too doesn t fare much better I enjoyed her narration certainly not to mention the close bonds she shares with Corene Zoe and Darien but aspects of her voice fell flat For one I find it difficult to fully fathom that a Crown Princess could live and run a shelter in the slums with such ease Even beyond the credibility of her back story however Josetta lacks the uncertainty and confusion that characterized Zoe during the beginning of Troubled Waters With Royal Airs neither Josetta nor Rafe undergo any monumental amount of change or growth which I found to be disappointing If anything their interactions are blessedly tame complacent and dull Where Zoe and Darien lit the page with their strong personalities Josetta and Rafe undergo an extremely normal courtship Admittedly I enjoyed their slowly developing friendship but it lacked the spark the sizzling chemistry if you will that was distinct between Zoe and Darien Royal Airs is significantly romantic than Troubled Waters was and though I did not mind this in the least I longed for the feeling of a deeper simmering love than those of a uick sweet infatuation Shinn is as always a master at writing love stories which remains true even in this installment but I found myself distanced from this romance unimpressed with the balance of character personalities and ultimately disappointed that Josetta and Rafe lacked both the individual and coupled strength that Zoe and Darien were known for Royal Airs is slow to start as I mentioned but once it hits its stride its uite the entertaining journey While I found that the plot revolved a little too conveniently around Rafe and the unexpected plot twists he brought to the page I absolutely loved the role that Corene and Darien played in this novel More than Josetta it is Corene who stands out in this seuel Caught at a difficult time period in her life feeling unwanted and confused Corene is a mass of complex emotion one I wanted to be involved in I am certainly looking forward to getting to know her in the seuel uite desperately only because Corene is the strong vivacious and intricate heroine I look for in a novel Josetta in comparison who is uietly fierce is a character I love but one who makes for a poor protagonist due to the fact that much of her life is already figured out orderly and neat Nevertheless main characters aside the character who yet again stole the limelight and my heart was Darien In Royal Airs Darien continues to play a large political role in the conduct and ruling of Welce but he continues to surpass my wildest expectations From the outside Darien isn t an easy person to like so seeing Rafe slowly gain respect for him over the course of the novel was an interesting relationship to watch unfold Moreover Darien s cleverness and loyalty are showcased so clearly in this installment right alongside his flaws just as they were in Troubled Waters Needless to say it was than just a little bit satisfactory to read about one of my favorite characters in all his complex glory While I wished we could have had even just one teensy romantic gesture shared with Zoe I have no complaints whatsoever when it comes to my favorite couple or their adorably cute daughter Unfortunately however Royal Airs remains a sore disappointment Troubled Waters works perfectly as a stand alone and an absolutely brilliant novel but I certainly wished for a slightly enticing welcome back to Welce Shinn s seuel is slow riddled with characters who lack true conflicts and complex personalities not to mention they are uick to be saddled with the role of the Chosen One archetype While the overarching plot to this series remains intriguing and there is no doubt in my mind that I will be reading the seuel perhaps with considerably less enthusiasm Unless of course Darien Serlast is in it sigh

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Royal Airs characters Í 108 Master storyteller Sharon Shinn created the thrilling and enchanting world of Welce in her acclaimed novel Troubled Waters Return with her to that elemental universe in this tale of secrecy romance and a battle for power Josetta is a princess of one of the Five Families But she is far from the throne so she is free to spend her days working in the poorest sections of the city Raf. A soft 3 stars This seuel to the excellent Troubled Waters is set five years after the first book ends and focuses on a different set of main characters Josette one of the princesses from the first book who spends most of her time running a shelter for the poor and Rafe a professional gambler with a mysterious past who lives in the slums Rafe is kind of an aimless ambitionless sort who lives from card game to card game off his winnings but of course he has a noble chivalrous streak so when a young girl Corene from the first book stumbles into his bar he decides to protect her from trouble Josetta finds her with Rafe and from there Rafe s path begins to freuently cross with the nobility especially Josetta And a lot of old secrets begin to come to lightThis book suffers a bit from Seuelitis the first book was so good and this one just seems weak by comparison though it really isn t a bad book I think the main problem is that Rafe and Josetta just aren t as compelling main characters as Darien and Zoe from Troubled Waters Despite all her good works with the homeless shelter Josette is a uiet cautious character who is sometimes a little colorless And I got a little tired of reading about how aimless Rafe was at first and then how he was finding new meaning and purpose in life every time he wasn t getting knifed shot crashing an airplane early industrial age society here or otherwise getting injured in some new life threatening way But every time Zoe or Darien or even Corene shows up in this story things get intense and interestingview spoiler It seems a given that Corene will be the main character in the next installment in this series so maybe this is a good sign for things to come hide spoiler

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Royal Airs characters Í 108 Ne seemingly devoid of elemental blessings He is drawn to her though he thinks they are unlikely to ever meet again but their connection grows strong when she nurses him back to health after he is assaulted by foreign mercenaries And when they learn the reason he's being hunted they know that the truth about his history could endanger not only their love but also their very lives. You know the setting for TROUBLED WATERS and ROYAL AIRS is pretty unusual How often do you find a fantasy where the medieval world is just now giving way to the Industrial RevolutionGranted this particular Industrial Revolution involves technology with uite a large magical infusion along with the engines But Smoker cars Elaymotives Aeromotives Factories where all the above are made We re mad about vehicle technology in this world It makes so much sense that Rafe in particular Rafe the gambler would fall in love with the idea of aeromotives and flight and become a test pilot And I like how Shinn doesn t candy coat the dangers of testing new planes Though I must say Rafe did not need another way to get himself beaten up or nearly killed he seems to spend the whole book recovering from one pounding or another AND I like the way Shinn doesn t candy coat that ether No getting your ribs broken one day and bouncing cheerfully out of bed the nextSo yeah Rafe I like him a lot And Josetta I did find myself rolling my eyes a bit about the shelter she runs for the poor of the city That whole thing is a bit simplistic but then trying for a realistic treatment of poverty and the poor and shelters would probably have been out of place in this book which is not meant to be an Issue book thankfully but rather the kind of warm comfortable story you can relax into Which it is I definitely thought Rafe and Josetta were perfectly suited and really enjoyed the romance between them Because you know romance tropes are central for most of Shinn s books right The restrained less explicitly erotic treatment of romance in this series is perfect for meStill in this book I actually liked Corene than Josetta any other female character She s the one with the biggest issues to deal with my goodness her mother and I love her combination of vulnerability and fierceness I was SO pleased that she would not give an inch over that thing with Dominic Go Corene And it s plain that Corene is being set up to be the protagonist for a potential third book which is greatI liked seeing Darien again I loved him in the first book and I love him in this one and I really enjoyed the little twist at the end which I didn t see coming though I can t imagine why not Oh well yes I can it s because I thought I knew how that particular dilemma would be resolved so Shinn took me by surprise when she did something else Yes and the discussion involving this issue yes I know I m being very vague but that suggestion of Kayle s about how to handle this particular problem offers a great and unexpected hook for a potential future book tooOkay let me just add if you had to pick one fantasy world to live in for the rest of your life Welce would be a good choice It really would Much so than your typical fantasy country But its neighbors Ugh Berringey is almost as bad as Soeche Tas not that any country can be uite as creepy as Soeche Tas You remember Soeche Tas from TROUBLED WATERS Corene was going to be married off to the viceroy Ick ick ick rightWell Berringey isn t necessarily a huge improvement on Soeche Tas though less creepy and just sort of smugly vicious I did think it didn t seem altogether reasonable that the princesses of Welce would know so little about Berringey s eye popping customs but then there are very clear implications that Welce is protected by some fortunate accident of geography from the aggression of other countries so perhaps people in Welce just don t have to care about the barbaric violent creepy horrifying customs of their neighbors Which is lucky for them but if you visited this world you would definitely want to land in Welce and not anywhere elsePlus the blessings everyone draws in Welce are just charming They really are It says just about everything you need to know about this country that every single one is a blessing right I mean you can draw honesty but not deceit resolve but not obsession Sharon Shinn should totally set up a way to draw blessings at her website if she had a website Or a personality uiz to find out what kind of person you are That would be fun I think maybe I m torz Or hunti Definitely not elay or coru Anyway if you ve already got this one on your TBR pile enjoy And if you don t yet then if you want a warm cuddly book to read while curled up on the sofa drinking hot chocolate this would be a good choice