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  • Montana Dreams
  • Jillian Hart
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  • 06 August 2018
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Montana Dreams Read & Download ✓ 104 E's never divulged to Hunter McKaslinMillie can't blame Hunter for his anger upon learning he's a father He's never gotten over opening his heart only to have. Montana Dreams by Jillian Hart 4 STARS Boy was I surprised by the ending how soon it came Thier is over 60 pages left on my ebook A whole other story for me to read Nice surprise for me though Millie Wilson and her nine year old son Simon have come back home to take care of her dying dad She has not been back since he kicked her out when she was pregnant Time has been tough for Millie since she lost her job nine months ago When she is at the store getting groceries the first day she runs into Hunter Her old boyfriend and Simon s father She is afraid it will take one look and he will know that she had his baby 9 years ago Hunter is surprised to see her back in town It hurts him to realize that she had a child by another man He broke up with her and then she left town he thought for a different guy who would give her love and marriage Which he told her the night before she left Hunter s father was not a good man and he saw his parents always fighting He was never going to get married he was sure that love did not last Hunter also good see how much of a bind she was in trying to take care of her father and son Plus the hands all left because thier paychecks bounced again The cows all still had to be milked twice a day Milton was too old now to do it by himself and called Hunter to see if he could help Milton was in charge of the dairy and he had taught Hunter how to take care of a dairy So he would help and not run into Millie Of course the first thing he did was run into her helping to milk the cows Millie was falling for Hunter again and was worried about that Millie s father was a mean man He had turned everyone away with his bad attitude He believed you live and then you die thats all Both Hunter and Millie during the time they were apart had turned to God and put him into thier lives I really liked the story Liked how Hunter talked tough and wanting to protect his heart but he still reached out and tried to help Millie in anyway that he could Hunter for how close he was to his brother and sisters Millie wanted to be independant but did accept help when she needed to but also was willing to help back Key Witness by Terri Reed Is the bonus short story at the end of the book It is short Miss Kristin Conrad saw a man over the body of her neighbor Kristin made it out of apartment building Detective Andy Howell is working the case He noticed her right off and knew it was not a good time After Kristin ided the murder snd he was found still someone broke into her apartment and searched it Kristin and Andy did not want to taking a risk in romance change their minds Both books were good and had nothing in them was objectional 08252012 PUB Harleuin Imprint Harleuin Love Inspired

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Montana Dreams Read & Download ✓ 104 It broken Yet Millie senses a new goodness in Hunter Finding their lost dreams now seems possible if forgiveness and trust can find a place in this fresh sta. This is a delightful contemporary romance It s a story I ve read before estranged couple meet again after 10 years or so and are brought back together again by a child that the father didn t know was his but well enough executed that that didn t detract What brings Millie Wilson home is her dying father She s come to care for him He s a right bastard but she cares for him without complaint and works hard to try to bring the farm and the decrepit house back to some semblance of functioning orderHunter McKaslin is the sexy fellow with his heart securely locked away but he can t hide the fact that he cares enough about Millie to come to her aid on the crumbling farm when the workers leave because their pay checks bounced againBoth Millie and Hunter spend a lot of the book telling themselves how they can t let themselves fall for the other They constantly a little bit of overkill here remind themselves that loving means getting hurt because each blame the other for breaking their heart when Millie left unknown to Hunter pregnant with his child So they hide their true feelings beneath stony exteriors but their real feelings just can t be kept down and eventually well it s a romance you can work the rest out for yourselfIt s also Christian fiction which in this case means that the couple are surrounded and supported by in the words of the blurb the powerful bonds of faith familyand forever love In this respect it reminds me of The Reunion by Dan Walsh and has the same kind of wonderful role model for community as I said about that book it shows the best kind of Christian If all communities had that kind of kindness at their base it would be a wonderful world and I love to see this kind of role model in fiction All in all it s the kind of book that leaves you feeling warm hearted It s a totally traditional romance but there s no sex just a chaste kiss If you re feeling like a romance this is a good one 4 stars

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Montana Dreams Read & Download ✓ 104 Bumping into her ex fiancé shatters Millie Wilson all over again Now that she's back in Montana to care for her dying father her real burden is the secret sh. I thought it was interesting how one of the first scenes in this book was actually also played out in the previous book of the series Montana Cowboy Seeing things from Millie s viewpoint and then briefly from Hunter s was intriguing and really set up the time frame of the events of the book I liked seeing into Hunter s thought process and how he went from being angry with Millie s choice 10 years earlier to understanding why she had to do what she did I also liked Millie s determination to do the right thing even at a great emotional cost to herself