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His Teddy Bear Free read × PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Summary ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Eve Langlais All he wants is his chubby Teddy bearChubby Teddy who is ironically enough a bear shifter has finally found her mate There’s one big problem though He doesn’t like. Most books I have read by Eve have been on the witty and humors side His Teddy Bear does have Eve s witty writing and fun but you find the heroine Teddy is very self conscious about her weight and in finding love so this added an emotional rollercoaster ride to the story I was very happy to read this side of Eve What I liked most was the way Eve came about Teddy s weight issue if you ever struggled with your weight you ll know what Teddy is going through But some of you may have a problem with the constant whining Teddy has about her weight To me it made for a better emotional read because Reese has to real work to win Teddy s love You ll have to give this story a spin to find out how Reese changes his mind for curvy women at least one in particularTeaseThe lycan who d only dared encroach on his territory took one look at Reece s snarling face and blanched She s all your man I don t know she was taken Reece could only growl at the man who d dared touch her slunk away He longed to chase after him and inflict damage but that would mean leaving his fated mate alone to start mischief

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His Teddy Bear

His Teddy Bear Free read × PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Summary ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Eve Langlais WnTheir arguments are many their lust for each other fiery but while he’s ready to for the next step Teddy keeps running What will it take to win her trust and heart. Basically the book can be summarized into a curvy woman fighting self esteem issues and a judgmental douchebag changing his views about curvesSeriously The heroine kept telling she was comfortable with her height and weight yet every second she doubted and whinedOn the other hand the hero calls her chubby and midget when they meet and the book ends with him being in love with his chubby teddy bearI love curvy heroines BUT I hate the self loathing and body shaming I get in these books EGH Safe read255

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His Teddy Bear Free read × PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Summary ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Eve Langlais What he seesReece never imagined his chosen mate would be a woman with extra curves but all it takes is one taste to realize the benefits and turn his world upside do. This short paranormal romance was recommended to me because I was looking for a fated mate story in which the mates weren t instantly attracted It s probably as close as I m going to get since of course you have to have some kind of attraction to know someone s your fated mate now that I come to think of itShifters Teddy and Reece uickly recognize each other by smell but both are initially aghast to see whom fate has paired them with Reece who loves tall thin women is appalled that his mate is short and chubby Teddy a bear shifter had expected another bear not a wolf But her real issue is the look in Reece s eyes when he sees her although she s worked hard to love her body and has found no lack of men who appreciate it it s still very painful to find her fated mate is repulsed by herThis was a cute entertaining read I liked that Teddy fights her attraction refusing to be involved with a man who doesn t appreciate her And I sympathized a lot with her sadness although it irked me that her mate is her physical ideal as well as the classic tall broad shouldered thin man that almost all romance heroes are It s considered great for romance heroes to appreciate a plain or large woman but less conventionally attractive men don t get any love And I didn t buy how conceited arrogant Reece changed into the perfect loving mate so fast and would like to have seen growthAlthough labeled erotic romance this seemed fairly tame to me other than the fact that it uses blunt language and both characters are sexually experienced and hop into the sack uickly So a good read for those who prefer their erotic stories on the vanilla side