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  • 06 June 2017
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FREE DOWNLOAD Glass Cage Katerina Winters ☆ 1 DOWNLOAD REVIEW ì YESHLER.RU ☆ Katerina Winters S particular demands However Christelle knows the real man the monster in an expensive suit Her and her infant brother's livelihood depend on the tall amber eyed criminal who wants nothing than her complete obedience From the moment he laid eyes on her Alexei had every intention to. I really enjoyed this one Only thing is I felt the ending was rushed the heroines feelings to me kind of came out of nowhere she never mentions them beforehand but with the Hero we could tell he was falling for the heroineI also would have liked an epilogue

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FREE DOWNLOAD Glass Cage Katerina Winters ☆ 1 DOWNLOAD REVIEW ì YESHLER.RU ☆ Katerina Winters After her mother's untimely death finishing high school was no longer an option for Christelle DeMelo A chance job offering led her into the cruel hands of Alexei Petrov On the outside the stoic Russian appeared to be a normal wealthy businessman who needed a maid to keep up with hi. 35Christelle DeMelo s life changed drastically a year ago when her mother died giving birth to her brother Lucien before that she was your happy average teenage girl enjoying life and school but the death of her mother completely changed everything she had to give up school start working full time on top of becoming a mother to her baby brother all at just eighteen years of age As if this wasn t enough the only family she has is her step father who since the death of his wife has turned into a drunken messChristelle finds herself in the perfect job cleaning for Alexei Petrov a wealthy business man but Alexei turns out to be much than just your average business man I liked Alexei I mean seriously what s not to like he s tall dark handsome and mysterious and I pictured him exactly as he is on the cover I love that pic and that guy Christelle where do I start with ChristelleI liked her butlook I know her life is unbelievably impossible and it s difficult to explain exactly what I mean without come across as a complete bitch but she was just a little too subservient and when they struck the deal I just felt so utterly sorry for her the balance was wrong and what should have been a hot scene just didn t work that way for me I know the blurb says led her into the cruel hands of Alexei Petrov and in that instance he was incredibly cruel which would have been fine if it fit in with his character but most the time he was actually uite sweet with her gruff yes but still sweet and so I struggled a bit with that partI also thought the Mafia would play a larger part Roman intrigues me so I m going to keep an eye out for his bookThis was an enjoyable read the ending seemed a little abrupt but that could just be me I do love my epilogues and always feel a bit cheated when I don t get one


FREE DOWNLOAD Glass Cage Katerina Winters ☆ 1 DOWNLOAD REVIEW ì YESHLER.RU ☆ Katerina Winters Possess his innocent maid But when she arrived at his door one night carrying her brother and a black eye Alexei happily threw out his initial plans for a slow seduction Seizing the opportunity Alexei presented her with a deal she had no choice to accept Warning Very graphic erotica. 3 12 STARS I was so excited when I read this blurb because I absolutely love Russian men who may or may not be a mobster My biggest problem with the book was the grammar there are so many mistakes and it s very distracting I guess I had high expectations when I started reading and it fell flat I m actually much interested in hearing about Roman but only if someone else wrote it Lol Alexei Petrov is a rich successful businessman in Boston who happens to be the accountant for Roman who is a mobster His securityconcierge Varlam hires a new house cleaner who comes with a lot of baggage Christelle is 18 years old her mom died giving birth to her brother Lucian and now she s responsible for a six month old baby Her stepfather is a POS who spends all his time and money drinking and doesn t care about his son She has no choice but to take Lucian with her when she cleans Mr Petrov s apartment I expected Alexei to be a lot darker and Christelle was so timid and apologetic it was annoying