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characters Claiming His Replacement ueen Monteverre Marriages #2 ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Stepping into the spotlightAs the desert king’s ueenKhalil’s motivation for marriage is politics not passion So when his intended bride marries for love and her. 325 starsBetter than the first book in the duology One Night with the Forbidden Princess But still a little slowI think it s because I prefer Cressida this novel s heroine to her sister Olivia heroine from the first book Both heroines are likable but Cressida was warm hearted vulnerable and less annoying I confess that I am getting a little fatigued with the sheikh heroes in HPlandia because there s been so many of them Nevertheless I enjoyed this novel because Khal was a cerebral and sensitive type of alpha male H Khal had been engaged to Cressida s sister Olivia but the latter fell in love with the billionaire Russian Roman Lazarov in One Night with the Forbidden Princess Khal and Olivia had never spent time together never dated or never even kissed in case anyone s wondering about the unpalatable all in the family trope It had been a truly dynastic engagement The MC s own arrangement was supposed to proceed along the same lines because the widowed H had been through a traumatic first marriage and didn t want a repeat The one low point in the novel was the fact that Khal had been in love with his dead first wife He d had a true marriage once built on the foundations of love and companionship He had no desire to try to recreate that for many reasons But eventually it s revealed that his wife had been cheating on him and that the final years of that marriage had been very unhappy I can categorically state that this H felt guilt due to the circumstances of his late wife s death He had loved her but he wasn t still in love with her when he met the heroine The early chapters might ve given the reader that impression but the truth is cleared up towards the end I definitely wouldn t allocate this rating if I was left with the final impression that the first wife would always be important than the heroine The love story developed along the lines of the slow burn trope but the MC s chemistry was instantaneous their initial meeting in the first chapter highlighted that The MC s spent time fighting their feelings but there was always a cordiality to their relationship Drama addicts would have to wait until the final uarter because that s when the storyline experiences a major plot twist that threatened to wreck the MC s marriage The heroine s illegitimate status is revealed by the paparazzi and the H s ministers and courtiers are anxious for him to nullify the marriage There s not much nail biting anxiety on the reader s part because it s all sorted out very smoothly I kinda wished there had been angst during this part because I m a fan of drama heart wrenching short term break ups with all its concomitant angst But I guess readers who prefer to have the HEA sorted out uickly will love this The epilogue was rather brief and the MC s are expecting a baby The MC s fromOne Night with the Forbidden Princess make an appearance and they re also pregnant Safety No cheating no OW no OM and the H had been celibate for a few years after his first wife s death

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characters Claiming His Replacement ueen Monteverre Marriages #2 ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Losing his first wife Khal keeps all emotion on lockdown but the desire innocent Cressida ignites is too hot to resistLose yourself in this seductive royal romance. Somewhat muddled we have the deceased wife the tortured sheikh the bad marriage this should have made sense but it didn t What an anticlimax turns out a chat with the h is all he needed and all of it drifts away As for the h her story line had bit of a thread to it and she was pretty mature in her behavior Often boring we had prose on the country her research and all sorts I skipped thatThese new HP s have no real teeth to them

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characters Claiming His Replacement ueen Monteverre Marriages #2 ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Sister shy Princess Cressida agrees to take her place Khal travels to London to retrieve his replacement ueen Yet their sizzling encounter changes everything Since. 475 stars Major Plot spoilers ahead Read at your own risk I went a little out of reading order with this story There was one before this one that I have yet to read that featured Cressida s sister Olivia who was suppose to marry Khalil but that fell through when Olivia fell in love The match between Khalil and Olivia was an arranged political match and wasn t a love match Khalil needed Olivia s royal family to help his country s reputation that was bound in scandal while Olivia and Cressida were seen with good influences while Olivia and Cressida s father needed the capital from Khalil to stop his country from going bankrupt so he he struck a deal with Khalil for Olivia s hand Obviously that didn t happen but Olivia s father offered a replacement in his other daughter Cressida who was in self imposed exile in London and Khalil agreed with the terms knowing he needed this political marriageAs soon as Cressida and Khalil met in London at that bar sparks flew He came to London to pick up Cressida but also he feared that she was changing her mind and running from her responsibilities when reality she just wanted one last night of freedom before committing to Khalil But he wanted to make sure this marriage went through so he came in huffing an puffing The interesting thing was when the first encounter each other in the bar was the fact that Khalil never revealed he was in the beginning and Cressida just thought he was some guy that she was immensely attracted to The heat was there between them That dance scene and first kiss scene were really smoking hot OMG It nearly melted the pages showing off how much chemistry they truly had It was very easy to see that they were going to have a very passionate and intense romance It didn t last long because soon Cressida found out who Khalil was which brought uite a bit of friction and tension between them that carried through the book Yet they still had this very hot connection that they wanted to ignore because they felt this was going to be a marriage in name only where it was business like and emotionless They both wanted that not wanting to deal with feeling and emotions and all the came with it The ironic thing was that they both felt very deeply about things but hid it away Their pain Their hurt The past They just hid away not only from each other but the public The agreed to thatThey married in a beautiful ceremony which was so beautifully described I felt like I was in the desert with them It was sensual and romantic ceremony that made my heart sing Also the wedding tent that was set up was beautifully described It would have been a perfect wedding night scene because it was very romantic and sensual I really thought that was where it was headed but it didn t happen that way which was unexpected and surprising Though I wasn t disappointed that it didn t happen at that moment because of how it developed over time and build up over the course of the book until they final consummated their relationship I really slow burn between them It kept me on my toes There was an element of suspense and danger that surprised me as well and once again kept me on my toes It brought an adrenaline rush to the story It kept it very engaging It really kept me invested in the story with me wondering if some shady things were going on and who might have been responsible for thatOnce they rush home to Khalil s home Khalil not able to handle this intense connection to Cressida decided to keep his distance from her which really hurt her and brought up past issues of unworthiness and being alone and isolated The fact that he did that to do her made her hurt a lot than she expected She felt safe with him and he abandoned her She tried to keep on a public mask so that no one knew how much she was hurting as she was learning to become ueenWhen he came back she confronted him and realized and felt guilt that he put her through that so he bridged the gap between them He got to know her and understand her The that he knew the he liked her and realized there was massive amount of pain that hid from the world Suddenly he wanted to bridge that gap and have be her safe place They developed a nice rapport between them They had a friendship with deep feelings simmering beneath the surface that just continued to grow and grow over the course of the book I really loved seeing them get to know each other and be there for each other They liked each other before they got involved physically Once they finally consummated their relationship it was as hot and steamy as I expected it to be There was so much sexual tension between them from the moment that they met and just continued to grow and grow the time they spent together It grew very intense until neither one of the could resist any and they had to give in I was surprised that their first time took place on a sofa but it was still very passionate and very sexy They had a connection in that moment A closeness that scared them so much that they had to distance themselves once again because they didn t know how to deal with It scared than her but it still scared her though she thought she should remain distant from him she really wanted him closer to him and have that connection So there was a little back and forth between them for a little bit It made for a very fun cat and mouse game but they were also really drawn to each other that they couldn t ignore They began to care about one another the that they got to know other and knew who they truly were They revealed truths to each other about past hurts and the pain that the suffered especially when secrets were revealed Then it was a whole new ball game and this was when their closeness really came on display I could feel their love and admiration for one another They wanted keep each other safe Be that soft place that could fall and it was really beautiful to see their relationship develop and grow over the course of the bookAs they were getting emotionally intimate they getting and physically intimate showing their desires and caring for one another through every touch and every kiss It was still very intense and sexy but it was beautiful It showed how close they were becoming in every single way possible I loved the scene where she took control and showed with her actions the love that she had for him It was an amazing scene and I wish all romances would have at least one scene like that All their love scenes were really satisfyingIt was very clear that by that point that they were deeply in love and they didn t want to let each other go What started off as a marriage of convenience turned into a very fulfilling love that both of them needed in order to be whole They helped each other heal They talked and got to know each other over the course of the book This story was really the journey of them falling in love It was beautiful It was amazing I loved itI loved them as a couple and thought they really matched well I loved seeing them together I loved seeing them grown and heal together I loved how the each showed each other how much they cared It was the little things that really made my heart soar They had a lot of sweet and caring moments Lots of tenderness between them Would love to seen the tender lovemaking scene that was summarized but I still felt it despite not seeing it They just a really beautiful love storyI loved both Khalil and Cressida They were very three dimensional with their own complex issues and hurts that they had to deal with They sorted out through a lot once they opened up and allowed their love to heal which just made them stronger individuals My heart hurt for Cressida and just how much she had to endure not only with the secret that she was holding but treatment she had from her parents was beyond not fair It was a wonder that she imposed her own exile from her family because she had to deal with the feeling of being unwanted and just the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father while Khalil was dealing with the guilt over the death of his wife and the grief over losing his wife and his child early on Just lots of pain and suffering from him From both of the really I adored themMy teeny tiny complaint had nothing to do with the romance or their story it had to do with the fact that these mysterious dangerous things that happened in the book It never answered the uestion of who was doing these things or whether they were connected or not I thought they were going to be but apparently they were just coincidental things that happened but I thought there would be a suspect I thought it was going to be Cressida s father I was expecting of an answer on that oneI adored this book with it having everything a lot for what I m looking for in my reading life It was an emotional read It was sexy and passionate There was angst to the story There was uite a bit of build up which really nice Both of characters had deep seated issues that cause pain and hurt in their lives which effected how they saw love and relationships The connection between Khalil and Cressida was really good The descriptions were really good and made me feel like I was straight in the action It was an amazing story about two broken people finding a deep connection and deep love for one another They healed each other and loved each other completely I will definitely be reading this book over again in the future because it was really good I hope that Amanda Cinelli keeps on writing for Presents for years to come because she s really good and knows how to hit on the heartstrings and bring all the feels that are needed to make a romance really really good I was really amazed by her other book that I have read and I felt the same one with this one So hopefully she ll stick around for awhile

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