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An Invitation to Pleasure Read × 2 Susanna Hunter once ignored Captain Fergus Lamont's warnings not marry a fortune hunter a decision she lived to regret T. An outstanding Regency short story guaranteed to heat up the festive season An Invitation to Pleasure is another superb tale from Marguerite Kaye s talented penThree years ago Susanna Hunter had been shocked when Captain Fergus Lamont had warned her not to marry her betrothed Sir Jason Mountjoy Having known of Jason s reputation as a notorious scoundrel and a fortune hunter Fergus had tried his hardest to convince Susanna to call off her engagement to a man who only wanted her for her money but unfortunately Susanna had refused to listen Blinded by infatuation and influenced by her parents enthusiasm for this most suitable match Susanna had gone ahead and married Jason But the reckless bride had soon realized the error of her ways As soon as Susanna became Jason s wife the monster hidden beneath the charming and sophisticated facade came to the fore to terrorize and subjugate her Condemned to a lifetime of tyranny and fear not a day has gone by that Susanna has not rued the day she had refused to listen to reason and ignored Fergus pleas When Jason dies unexpectedly Susanna is delirious with joy because she has finally been freed from the shackles of her marriage Having spent years being frightened and vulnerable Susanna can finally be the strong independent and fearless woman she has always known herself to be Determined to grasp this second chance at life with both hands Susanna is pleased when she receives an unexpected letter from Fergus asking her to spend Christmas with him in the Highlands Susanna hopes to make amends with her old friend However little does she realize that Fergus has got his own reasons for asking her to spend the festive season with him in ScotlandFergus had been absolutely heartbroken when Susanna had refused to listen to reason and had gone ahead and wed a man whose sole purpose for marrying her had been to take advantage of her Having always been attracted to Susanna Fergus had been devastated that the only woman who had managed to breach the defenses that he had built around himself was going to throw her life away on a blackguard like Mountjoy When news reaches him that Susanna is now widowed Fergus realizes that this is the perfect time for the two of them to build some bridges and forget about any past misunderstandings On her arrival in Scotland Fergus is not surprised to find that Susanna is even beautiful than he remembered With pressure mounting upon him to marry Fergus decides to ask Susanna whether she would pretend to be his fiancee for the duration of her stayBefore long Fergus and Susanna s innocent masuerade gives way to something far deeper but are the two of them ready to admit the depth of their feelings for one another Or will fear condemn them to a lifetime of regretMarguerite Kaye is a gifted writer of historical romance who cleverly and deftly interweaves Scottish Yuletide traditions and delightful snapshots of Highland life with heart racing emotion powerful drama and red hot sensuality in this stirring and captivating short story An Invitation to Pleasure is a spellbinding tale of second chances secret passions and illicit attraction that will hold readers in thrall from beginning to endWith a gorgeous Scottish laird an independent heroine emotional twists and turns and sizzling sensuality An Invitation to Pleasure is a beguiling short story that is absolutely impossible to resistThis review was originally published on Cataromance

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An Invitation to Pleasure Read × 2 Hree years later and since widowed she's surprised by his unexpected invitation to spend Christmas with him in the Highl. This is a Historical Undone short story and one of two favourites I have by this authorSusanna was warned about marrying her betrothed by a bedraggled Napoleonic soldier she remembers as Captain Lamont Fast forward a few years and she s had plenty of years to regret not taking his advice The captain meanwhile has become a Laird and still feeling guilty he couldn t save another person he s now invited Susanna for Christmas and Hogmanay in ScotlandNeither is who the other remembers and Susanna s in for a shock when she finds out all of Fergus s plans It s also about to get hotter in the frosty Highlands and it s a very fun read Four to four and a half stars only because it s a short story

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An Invitation to Pleasure Read × 2 Ands But even shocking is Fergus's new proposition that she pretend to be his fiancée with all the accompanying pleasur. A short story if you want a uick romantic read Not much going on as far as plot though One detailed sensual sex scene Hero a highland lard and heroine and English woamn are bland Not much conflict or emotion Entertaining but there are better reads out there

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