Ebook [A Knight Well Spent Jackie Ivie] medievalism

  • Paperback
  • 352
  • A Knight Well Spent
  • Jackie Ivie
  • English
  • 03 March 2017
  • 9781420101652

Jackie Ivie Ò 8 Review

A Knight Well Spent Read & download Ò eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Jackie Ivie Ò 8 Review Scotland 1141 A Norman king's attempts to rule the Highland clans is making his favorite knight's job difficult indeed and that is before a woman of mystery lays siege to the warrior's heartSHE LIVES TO HEALHe's a giant of a man; what's he's the enemy These truths should be enough to send Aislynn running far and fast from the wounded stranger in the woods But he needs her. Usually don t read books like this but lately I ve been reading a lot like this Love this book

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A Knight Well Spent

A Knight Well Spent Read & download Ò eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Jackie Ivie Ò 8 Review S life and captured his heartAND ONE LOVE RULES THEM BOTHRhoenne believes a family curse places any woman he loves in mortal danger When Aislynn is abducted by his profligate sibling Rhoenne becomes her protector even as he tries to resist her But Aislynn has secrets of her own and as deception and danger swirl ever closer around them the truth may be their only salvation. I don t know why but this was just a hard book to read The plot was a real downer but at least I finished it The usual big misunderstanding in which the hero thinks the heroine was cheating on him with his best friend but they made it look that way to save the hero but would anyone tell him the truth No Uggh 255httpktleyedblogspotcom201109k

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A Knight Well Spent Read & download Ò eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Jackie Ivie Ò 8 Review Help and the reward he bestows changes her foreverHE FIGHTS TO KILLFormidable knight Rhoenne Guy de Ramhurst has been gifted with a fiefdom and the unenviable task of taming the rebellious Highlanders that populate it He also has a castle full of dissidents led by his own half brother Yet these challenges pale in comparison with attempts to forget the healer who saved hi. A Knight Well Spent by Jackie Ivie is a heart pounding mouth watering finger licking fantastic read for all Historical Romance lovers If you miss this one you have missed one of the Yummiest books of the centuryAislynn who also refers to herself as the Lady of the Brook is gifted with healing skills and dreams of things to come Petite long dark trusses brown green eyes with ivory skin she is a sight to behold She does not feel so pretty though as she is lanky and doesn t have all the proper curves that real women have so she does her best to hide herself under larger clothing Aislynn is a very intelligent lass who is not afraid to look you straight in the eyes and her pierce seems to penetrate right to the soulRhoenne Guy de Ramhurst is Lord of his own keep and large parcel of land This gifted to him by King David of Scotland for services rendered to the crown and allegiance to His Highness Rhoenne is a very large man piercing blue eyes that seem to drink you in blonde hair and abbs that any women in her right mind would love to caress over and over without thought to conseuencesLord Montvale is a knight totally dedicated to his Lord in every possible way Very handsome he has no problem with having his share of the ladies He is most often irritating occasionally manipulating and not afraid to do whatever needs to be done to protect those he loves More often than not this gets him into all out disagreements with his LordThe story starts us out with a chance meeting and a lucky one at that between Rhoenne and Aislynn Rhoenne has been hurt badly and Aislynn is in her Lady of the Brook outfit praying to the Gods and Goddesses that might be Luckily for Rhoenne Aislynn is very skilled in the healing arts and has him righter than rain in no timeOur story then finds us in Lord Rhoenne s keep with the Lord angered at the way his property has been taken care of in his absence His half brother Brent is no where to be found because he is out looking for wenches as per his usual Horny little bugger that he is Brent is about to be put in his place the hard way About the only thing Brent has done right this time is capture Aislynn but Rhoenne makes his claim to her as soon as he realizes who his brother has capturedRhoenne decides to give Aislynn total power over his keep which she puts to rights in no time and makes it a totally different place than what it was Rhoenne s half sister who was in charge of the everyday chores is not very happy at this especially since Aislynn makes the woman do than her share of the clean up to atone for the disgusting way in which the place what kept under her carePoor Rhoenne has made a vow of not seeding any woman because of a death curse Little does he know that Aislynn is going to give him a run for the money and test his patience and endurance to the ultimate of limits Can he withstand this most luscious enchantress and her breath taking delectable bodyA uote to Rhoenne s dilemmaYou ll rue this Montvale Rhoenne said and it was spoken between clenched teethOh I think not She has the frame of a goddess and the features of Aphrodite Further she has an iron fist You seem to need one I grant her free use of it Especially on your headThe author has given us such a delight that I would call this book a keeper Lusty action packed intriguing deceitful heart wrenching and down right luscious this book is right up in leagues with authors such as Hannah Howell Jo Beverley and many of the other epic writers of the current era of the Historic Romance genre