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No One Is Coming to Save Us review ✓ 3 Hey want and deserve from life than what they already have and how they might go about getting it Can they shape their lives to align with their wishes rather than their realities Or are they resigned to the rhythms of the particular lives they lead No One Is Coming to Save Us is a revelatory debut from an insightful voice that combines a universally resonant story with an intimate glimpse into the hearts of one fami. gosh i found this one a bit of a slog i wish the publisher had not decided to take the great gatsby recast approach in marketing this book i feel like that did a disservice to the story and the author as well as messing with readers expectations or this particular reader anyway having the gatsby comparison in my mind while reading was hugely distracting and i truly don t know that this novel actually merits the comparison beyond local boy makes good returns home to try and woo back the girl he loves who is in a complicated relationship aren t all relationships complicated powell watts has a good style uieter than fscott fitzgerald s and perhaps inward looking if that makes sense and i believe her story could have stood on its own without the gatsby hook i do feel there were some wobbles in the editing things that made the flow seem clunky or where prose could have been tidiertighterso yeah feeling let down by this one and fully aware my own expectations clouded my experience with this story

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No One Is Coming to Save Us review ✓ 3 Anything The decline of the town’s once thriving furniture industry has made Ava’s husband Henry grow distant and frustrated Ava’s mother Sylvia has put her own life on hold as she caters to and meddles with those around her trying to fill the void left by her absent son And Don Sylvia’s undeserving but charming husband just won’t stop hanging aroundJJ’s newfound wealth forces everyone to consider what t. 25 starsThis book did not hold my interest I did not like any of the characters I saw little to no resemblance to the classic The Great Gatsby I was however able to make each characters association to this book title They all had varying problems and were looking for a savior I think the author did a good job of making you visualize her characters You could even see them in their speech although there were parts of this story that just did not make any sense One conversation between Jay and Sylvia about Barack Obama went from him saying he missed his mother and they weren t making him president to Sylvia saying in the very next line that she had not changed her phone number I saw absolutely no connection there nor in any of the other instances where this separation happened Other than a basic liking of Jay aka J J I did not like any other character Sylvia was worn out and boring She did not seem to have a very good grasp at times She did things that the normal woman her age would never do however desperate she was Ava was a spoiled brat too good for those around her She had had her share of problems but gave me the impression she expected others to clear them up for her as she whined about her life s position Jay seemed to be the only smart one of the bunch even though he was deceiving himself that what he originally ran from would wait for him Most of these characters make a shift towards the end of the book but for me it was way too late already Thank you to BookBrowse for the book in exchange for an honest review

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No One Is Coming to Save Us review ✓ 3 The Great Gatsby brilliantly recast in the contemporary South a powerful first novel about an extended African American family and their colliding visions of the American DreamJJ Ferguson has returned home to Pinewood North Carolina to build his dream home and to woo his high school sweetheart Ava But he finds that the people he once knew and loved have changed just as he has Ava is now married and wants a baby than. It was a dilemma for me trying to decide if I wanted to read this book On the one hand I m not fond of remakes of classics they are perfect as they are I ve had a hard time with the Hogarth Shakespeare Series for the same reason But I have to admit that on the other hand I was drawn to read this book because it was described as a modern day Great Gatsby from an African American point of view Since it is my favorite novel my curiosity won over my bias of not wanting to read remakes I have to be honest here while there are things about this book that might remind you of The Great Gatsby it felt much too contrived and any comparisons are facile at best Unfortunately I had a hard time separating myself from the fact that a comparison was made in the first place and it got in the way of seeing this story on its own To be fair to Stephanie Powell Watts I have to say that enjoyed her writing and this cast of characters of Pinewood NC a town that has seen better days before the furniture factory shut down Different perspectives in alternating chapters depict some unhappy people whose lives have not turned out as they had hoped Broken people with broken marriages as adultery abounds the loss of a child the heartbreak that comes with the inability to bear a child a gut wrenching episode in a child s life and a his desire as an adult to recapture the love he found as a young man Their stories their relationships were moving in their own right and could stand alone as meaningful without the attempt to tie them to the classic novel I will certainly look for from this debut author in spite of my reservations here May have been 4 stars for me if I hadn t read the description There are some reviews which highly praise the book and you should read those because I fully understand that this review reflects my personal feelings on remakes If you can separate yourself from that description as I wasn t able to do I would recommend it I received an advanced copy of this book from EccoHarper through Edelweiss