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Aura author Carlos Fuentes review È eBook or Kindle ePUB Op een dag leest Felipe Montero een kleine advertentie in de krant die zozeer voor hem geschreven lijkt dat hij als vanzelf naar het opgegeven adres gaat om zich te presenteren als jonge accurate historicus met een uitstekende beheersing van het Frans De stokoude weduwe die hem ontvangt bl. I read this in the original Spanish and then in a bilingual Spanish English facing pages version This short novel or novelette is a jewel It is packed with the feeling of an unbreakable relentless destiny in store for a young man in Mexico City Felipe Montero a public school teacher answers an want add in the newspaper because the description of the person being sought for a much higher paying job seems to be an exact description of Montero as though it were specifically reaching out to him and no one else The feeling of implacable fate expressed symbolically in many ways is backed even by the grammar the story is told in the present and the future A statement like You will move a few steps in the future tense makes one feel it has to happen there is no choice Unfortunately this feature is lost in the English translation of the facing bilingual edition I ve readHis employer is an extremely old woman Consuelo in a big old house sandwiched among modern building and businesses It seems out of place in the commercial district of downtown Mexico City There are no electric lights in the house the drapes are always drawn so that the house even at noon is in a deep darkness Except for the old woman s bedroom which is lit by multiple candlesFelipe does not want to live in that house but it s part of the deal He is about to refuse it seems when Aura a beautiful young girl appears He staysAn unusual techniue used in Aura is the point of view of the second person singular The constant use of TU YOUas the subject draws the reader into the fictional world or conversely pulls the fictional world out into the reader s world The reader with the suspension of disbelief becomes Felipe Montero the protagonist and carries out and will carry out is fated to carry out the action of the plot The novel is filled with highly poetic metaphorical language as well as symbolism especially color symbolism with magic and sexual passion Depending on one s interpretation the novel may contain witchcraft and magic or hypnotism or transmigration of souls Whichever the explanation you choose it is a fast moving page turning fascinating book

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Aura author Carlos Fuentes review È eBook or Kindle ePUB Ten katten en kandelabers Todat de demonische oude vrouw hem voorstelt aan haar jonge huisgenote AuraMet de klassiek geworden novelle Aura heeft de Mexicaanse meesterverteller Carlos Fuentes 1928 een huiveringwekkend mooi verhaal geschreven in de atmosfeer van Edgar Allan Poe en Baudelaire. Well It was my first experience with Carlos Fuenets and a Mexican writer In Fact It was interesting and I liked it I would love to read his others books and books by Latin american writers

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Aura author Carlos Fuentes review È eBook or Kindle ePUB Ijkt er een aantrekkelijk maandsalaris voor over te hebben als juist hij zich zet aan het redigeren van de memoires van haar lang geleden gestorven echtgenoot Het enige dat Felipe Montero niet bevalt is dat hij voor de duur van zijn werkzaamheden in het donkere huis moet verblijven vol rat. Aura has hypnotic green eyes She is a mysterious presence She is the niece of an old lady Consuelo who commissions a young professor to write the memoirs of her long dead husband The young Felipe has to stay in the old lady s house while writing the memoirs Aura is young or is she Aura has pretty dark hair or is it white Aura s gestures seem to be identical to the old lady s she urges the young Felipe to make love to her to fall in love with her in the atmosphere of her aunt s house surrounded by darkness The story advances gradually in these gothic surroundings and the ending is totally unexpectedWhat is youth What is individuality What is time You the reader identifying yourself with Felipe the character don t look at your watch again that useless object tediously measuring time in accordance with human vanity those little hands marking out the long hours that were invented to disguise the real passage of time which races with a mortal and insolent swiftness no clock could ever measure A life a century fifty years you can t imagine those lying measurements any longer you can t hold that bodiless dust within your hands Can past be re lived Can past be put in scene again by apparently different characters but identical in essence Fuentes seems to be asking these uestions in his short story In darkness youth seems eual to old age young skin to old skinWonderful story by Fuentesand unexpected gothic atmosphere