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Wolf’s Eyes Amendyr #2

Wolf’s Eyes Amendyr #2 Characters ↠ 2 Rae D. Magdon ¾ 2 Read Summary Wolf’s Eyes Amendyr #2 Travels across the border in search of her grandmother to learn about her visions But before she can find her family she is captured by a witch rescued by a handsome stranger and forced to join a strange group of forest dwellers. The second Amendyr was definitely an improvement to the first in many ways This time the fairy tale was vaguely Red Riding Hood and I do mean vague While the first book clung fairly closely to a Cinderella story this one s use of the Red Riding Hood tale was much less It starts with a journey to granny s house and she is wearing a red hood and a creature does disguise itself in an old lady s bed to eat the girl Oh and there are wolves lots of them The build up to conflict was probably than 90% of the book with the resolution not taking up that full 10% There was a lot world building this time around though and that was great With two other titles in the series I can only hope that s a continuing trend The story stars and is narrated by Cate who we met in the first story and was starting to show how much stronger she d grown by the end of the first tale By the end of this one her strength was all the Her little prophecy at the end of the first one has yet to come true though I can t help but wonder if it will down the line

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Wolf’s Eyes Amendyr #2 Characters ↠ 2 Rae D. Magdon ¾ 2 Read Summary Wolf’s Eyes Amendyr #2 CATHELIN RAYBROOK has always been different She Knows things without being told and Sees things before they happen When her visions urge her to leave her friends in Seria and return to Amendyr the magical kingdom of her birth she. This was a slight nod to the Red Riding Hood story Lots of sex with a bit of story to keep it together Still a solid book but don t go into it hoping for an intricate plot

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Wolf’s Eyes Amendyr #2 Characters ↠ 2 Rae D. Magdon ¾ 2 Read Summary Wolf’s Eyes Amendyr #2 With even stranger magical abilities With the help of her new lover her new family and her eccentric new teacher she must learn to gain control of her powers and do some rescuing of her own before they take control of her instea. Imaginative suspenseful and heartwarming I love this series The writing style is effortless to read even with the foreign speech patterns The story builds up constantly nothing is redundant or superfluous The sex is hot And the love is real

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