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Lazy Ways to Make a Living Free download ´ 5 'Have you ever seen The Thomas Crown Affair Faye Dunaway sugar pink lips fabulous nails playing Black utterly destroys Steve Mc ueen blue eyes playing White It's a dazzling performance That film made me get out the chess set I'd abandoned three years earlier It made me search through East Anglia for a blue eyed boy suffering from wealth ennui I. In my opinion the best part of this novel is the front coverand as they say you should never judge Maybe it just really wasn t for me although having said that my taste in novels is varied I will start with what I liked so 1 as I said the cover 2 I found the parts set in Vegas very entertaining the authors description of the decadant fantacy land that is Las Vegas conveyed great imagery for the reader talking flower beds When the character was first introduced I liked Alistair but then he became irritating and insufferable I felt this way about Catherine too The book was full of promise in the beginning Rose an acedemic linguistic doctorspecialising in dictionary definitions finds herself dumped and jobless and beholden to her two sisterscomputer sleek geek Catherine and the pretty one potatoe scientist Helenfor a bed and listening earThe story progresses and we feel pity for Rose as it becomes clear she is lacking in ever feeling the earth move with a man we also find out although the clue is in the cover she is a mad chess playerEnter JamieThey meet in the rain when Rose is working as a market researcher My feelings towards the character of Jamie went can see Rose s attraction like him don t trust him dislike him hate himTo summarise I found the novel disatisfactory in every way The character of Rose never developedtheir is one point in the middle where Catherine tells her do not be submissive in a relationship and i thought YES this is it this is the message But oh no Rose goes from one submissive weird relationship with Jamie to a bonkers marriage to controlling Alistair and on a complete whim back to Jamie The storyline is nonsencical and I felt depressed throughout reading it

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Lazy Ways to Make a Living Free download ´ 5 Never found one but my chess and my nails were outstanding for a thirteen year old' Lexicographer chess master and hedonist Rose is down on her luck when she meets Jamie a guy she beat at chess twelve years previously who has never recovered from losing the game or forgotten the sight of Rose's perfectly manicured nails poised to strike over the. The first page of this book does little in the way of telling you what to expect but this was good honest chicklit at it s best Rose is a likeable character who becomes the kept woman of Jamie But as always in the best tradition of chick lit romance the course of true love doesn t run smooth Rose finds herself encountering some very nasty bumps along the way Enjoyable entertaining

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Lazy Ways to Make a Living Free download ´ 5 Chess board She's destitute he's loaded and terrified of losing her again They strike a bargain in return for chess he will keep her What is it like being a kept woman in the 21st century Rose is about to find out She's also about to learn that disguising your moves in chess can lead to victory but doing the same thing in love leads to disaster. This was a lot of fun even if I d rather have read the story of the poker playing older sisterI don t usually like romance as some of the tropes drive me up the wall such as the hero and heroine being able to sort out all their problems in five minutes if they talked honestly and sensibly But this is an intelligent example When I read that the heroine was analysing dipthongs in the word Phwoarr I knew that the book was going to be a cut above most of its peers It does play with and subvert some of the other romance tropes which I enjoyed though naturally I was far interested in the chap who was too PC for the heroine s liking He was lovely Anyway this isn t my usual sort of book but it is very good

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