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  • Paperback
  • 192
  • Sinestro, Vol. 2
  • Cullen Bunn
  • English
  • 20 August 2019
  • 9781401254865

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characters ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Cullen Bunn Cullen Bunn ☆ 0 characters Free read Sinestro, Vol. 2 R into his Corpsand the yellow ring may just make her the most fearsome being in the universeWriter Cullen Bunn LOBO is joined by a cast of all star artists including Ethan Van Sciver GREEN LANTERN SINESTRO CORPS WAR Dale Eaglesham SECRET SIX and Brad Walker ACTION COMICS as Sinestro is pulled into the fight of his life Collects SINESTRO #6 11 and SINESTRO ANNUAL. Ah yes back to how I remember Green Lantern and DC comics you can t just read the series you re interested in you have to pick up all of the others to get the full story I m reading SINESTRO because I like SINESTRO not Green Lanterns not Red Lanterns not Superman or whatever other generic hero you want to throw in there Reading issues in order leaves huge gaps and jumps around to random things that will mean nothing to you I tried reading Brightest Day and suffered through stories about heroes and corps I didn t care about but I have no interest in doing it again DC isn t capable of making strong standalone stories within the Green Lantern universe and that s just completely lame Make the story about Sinestro and Sinestro s world keep it self contained within the issues entitled Sinestro and I d still be reading regardless of what generic enemy there is or how cheesy everyone sounds but nope Instead we have only fragments cardboard villains and a pathetic cast of heroes I expect from comics now it s a new era but apparently DC didn t get the message

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characters ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Cullen Bunn Cullen Bunn ☆ 0 characters Free read Sinestro, Vol. 2 Across the Universe ring bearers from all the different Lantern Corps are being hunted by the New Gods of New Genesisand that includes the Yellow Lanterns In order to survive all the Lanterns need to band together Even Sinestro back in charge of the Yellow Corps must put aside his hatred of the Green Lantern Corps when the fate of the universe hangs in the balance. I m getting a bit bored commenting on how DC are useless at collecting multi series crossovers so just assume my usual complaints have been filed and we ll move onOnce Sinestro gets out the other side of Godhead he and the other Yellow Lanterns come into conflict with Mongul and War World picking up on a rivalry established long ago before the New 52 began Considering Sinestro doesn t spend much time in battle in these three issues it s nice to get right into his head and see just how good he is at manipulating others and how well he knows his own Corps so that they play their parts exactly as he expects The Annual that wraps up this trade has a nice cliffhanger and delves into the backstory of a lot of Corps members that have been hovering around the spotlight but not uite in it Sinestro is one of two Lantern titles continuing after Convergence and whilst the first few issues weren t really strong enough to justify that I d say that this second arc goes a long way towards doing it

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characters ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Cullen Bunn Cullen Bunn ☆ 0 characters Free read Sinestro, Vol. 2 Unfortunately not everyone agrees that Sinestro should be the one in charge of the Yellow Lanterns The alien conueror known as Mongul is back and he wants to wrest leadership of the Corps from Sinestro’s cold dead handsBut the master of fear doesn’t fear gods or rivals All he wants is to protect his people And to do that Sinestro is ready to induct a new membe. Here s half of a story Actually closer to 13 of a story The pieces don t really go together and lots is left hanging making me wonder yet again why DC feels compelled to release these volumes in a fashion that does not provide the overall story in any comprehensible fashion The whole Green LanternNew Gods conflict seemed really stupid to me in general and just seeing these pieces of it doesn t help at all The best part of the collection is the Annual which provides some back stories for a few yellow lanterns and even they re not particularly good This is a volume I read just to be able to say I ve read it Cullen Bunn s hamstrung here and it shows At least Becca gets a few moments to provide some semblance of a conflict for Sinestro But that s about all beyond admittedly good artwork throughout this volume has to say for itself