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Self Published Kindling Summary ↠ 8 Ss owners While some authors struggle with addiction and others struggle to tell their story a young family struggles simply to surviv. This is than just a book about homelessness Our society compartmentalizes homelessness we put it aside It is us and it is them Mik Everett s Self Published Kindling breaks down the wall between us and them Even beyond that it is the story of a young mother attempting to do the best she can for her children while running a business The secrecy surrounding the family s situation forces us to think how many people do I know that may be secretly homeless The book also serves as a critiue of our modern publishing industry and it brings issues to the forefront that I had never before considered John s rant regarding jobs and the economy explains how just about every Millenial feels about our situation in this economy All in all the book serves as both a social critiue as well as an economic one More than that though it is impossible to detach oneself from the family by the time you ve finished reading You root for them You want the best for them even if you probably would have ignored their eyes on the street if they asked you for your help and that s the part of the book that really allows for some serious introspection Mik Everett s stunning honesty and lyrically gritty style once again come together into one of the best books I have ever read and certainly one of the best books I ve read this year

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Self Published Kindling Summary ↠ 8 Stry begins to fall e books dominate the book market and the economy slows the family winds up homeless a big secret to keep as busine. An excellent book Desires a wide audience Between its heart humor and message this was a compelling book with some heavy duty writing in it Consider it an instruction manual

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Self Published Kindling Summary ↠ 8 A young family opens a uniue bookstore to help independently published authors tell their story But as the traditional publishing indu. I really enjoyed this book I found it shocking and absorbing and very thought provokingThe book explores the reality of homelessness and self publishing in gruesome detail In a uiet way it reveals the truth about the US the heartlessness of authorities who ask a woman with a young family to submit endless paperwork before they ll give out food stamps the businesses who want homeless people moved on the landlords who evict the family over the weekend when they have no access to services and then the kindness of other homeless people who buy food and pitch in to help in a way that should shame the richer members of society On the one hand reading I felt hmm this is than I need to know in terms of the minutiae of daily life but on the other hand I thought all this detail really brings it home Like evil homelessness is banalThe other aspect of the book was self publishing What a great idea to set up a bookshop carrying the works of self publishing authors And how true there s a lot of shame in writing a book that doesn t sell and isn t accepted by the authorities of publishing But as Mik says every self published author has put a lot of their life into their book so there s value in every work And lots of value in this one I will look for other books by MikMy one criticism would be that the book does need editing And I m not sure about the title