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Free read ↠ Riding Hard â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Sometimes a cowboy needs a second chance Some mistakes can't be undone After making the absolute worst decision of his life horse veterinarian Drake Brewster will do whatever it takes to make amends with his best friend And it starts with a summer at th. Sometimes you just knowI like how you always incorporate the Chance family into every story It might not be about them but the family is intertwined within each story Drake Brewster needed to learn a lesson It was a hard lesson but meeting the right woman a woman who completes and complements your soul is the perfect way to rebound from that lessonI hope the next book explains what Tracy and Drake are planning to do

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Free read ↠ Riding Hard â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ry means relying on Drake And that's where Tracy finds herself in a serious dilemma He's the one person she can't trust but she wants Drake something fierceand the feeling is fiercely mutual But if she climbs into the saddle will she be ready for the ri. Drake Brewster came to make amends with Regan O Connelli and ended up staying to figure things out with his life But his stay is not a warm welcome far from Especially Tracy Gibbons Who Drake wants with a passion Too bad she don t feel the same or so he thinks Tracy see things in shades of right or wrong And what Drake did she thinks was VERY wrong But she still wants him When Tracy is asked to watch the horse sanctuary for her friends she has to rely on Drake It gives her perfect opportunity to be with him even if she doesn t trust him During their babysitting of the horse sanctuary Drake and Tracy get to know each other a lot better in then one way They fall hard and fast for each otherRiding Hard was sweet and sexy

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Free read ↠ Riding Hard â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook E Last Chance Ranch But not everyone is thrilled about itespecially bartender and psych student Tracy Gibbons Tracy sees the world in shades of right and wrong and what Drake did was Very Definitely Wrong Worse yet her promise to babysit a horse sanctua. Amanda s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews35 STARSReview copy provided for an honest review Riding Hard by Vicki Lewis Thompson is a light entertaining read on second chances and forgiving your mistakes Drake Brewster did a doozy of a mistake Not only did he loose his best friend but he slept with his best friend s fianc He hit rock bottom when he realized that he had no idea who he was any longer and felt very lost He knew things had to change and be a better person and friend Drake shows up in Shoshone Wyoming to seek forgiveness from his friend Regan and do some soul searchingTracy didn t want to feel the attraction to Drake but she just couldn t help herself With her past history she knew a man like Drake was exactly the kind of man her mamma warned her to stay clear She s played it safe and her lukewarm love life is testimony to that so so attention She wanted and she had a hunch that Drake could start a passionate fire inside her with all the sparks she feels when he s around A circumstance in her house sitting job gets her in close proximity to Drake when she asks him to look after a pregnant mare Taking control for once she makes her move and sparks definitely fly Have to give Ms Thompson credit because she can bring the heat with her sex scenes I liked Tracy for her boldness and honesty She went after what she wanted and got back well deserved attention and eventually loveIt is always good to revisit the Last Chance ranch and all the people that live there There is always something going on and when one of their own is hurting they tend to circle the wagons and defend him or her to the hilt Drake wasn t welcomed but he stuck it out I have to figure the guy was really hurting if he wanted to stick around a place where he had just one friend When Tracy becomes his friend and lover things take a turn for the better and Drake figures things out I m all for a person learning from his mistakes and trying to become a better person Ms Thompson does a fine job giving Drake a second chance and a happy ending

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