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  • Pwned AUTHOR Erika Mitchell
  • Erika Mitchell
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  • 28 July 2017
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Pwned AUTHOR Erika Mitchell Read & Download ↠ 4 Read Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook È Erika Mitchell Erika Mitchell È 4 Read An finds out Norman is behind his newfound legal troubles he has a big decision to makeStay home Or fight backFind out what happens when this gamer decides to stop playing nice. I won a copy on Goodreads First ReadsSean Boxer is a professional gamer and is heading to the biggest Starcraft 2 tournament in the worldHis main rivalNorman MacArthur wants to keep him from even making the opening roundNorman will use his job at the NSA to set Sean up as the subject of a government investigationSean has to decide whether to play it safe or take some huge gambles to reach his dreamI am not that familiar with Starcraft 2 so I figured I would be lost at times in the story Fortunately Erika Mitchell makes the game section easily understandable for a novice like meOn the other hand I can easily see how a long time fan of Starcraft 2 would be able to get even enjoyment out of those sectionsWhile it might seem a little hard to believe anyone would take the risks to win a game tournament even one with an 87000 prize it is also totally realistic If you look at most actual crimes the motivations for much bigger crimes can be even smaller than the ones in the bookIn factthe whole book is one of the most easily realistic books I have read in a long timeThat is saying a lot for an action bookAll of the characters are well developed and mesh well with each otherSean is likeable and it is very easy to root for himNorman is a jerk but it is hard to not feel sorry for himHe does bad things but he feels he has no choice if he wishes to achieve his dreamMercedes is every male gamers dream A beautifulrich gamer girl who does not already have a boyfriendShe is the euivalent of the Holy Grail wrapped in the Golden Fleece being given to you by BigfootI would recommend this book to any gamer or anyone who likes realistic action with a little romance thrown into the mix

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Pwned AUTHOR Erika Mitchell Read & Download ↠ 4 Read Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook È Erika Mitchell Erika Mitchell È 4 Read Es it to the first round Norman uses his job at the NSA to set Sean up as the subject of a government investigation leaving Sean facing the grim prospect of prison time When Se. I was excited to read PWNED for a while but I knew that I had to carefully time it in my order of to read books It came with me on the honeymoon where I got bogged down in that draggy piece of poo whose title rhymes with The Kelp I cleansed my mental palate so to speak with The Night Circus at which time I was immediately ready for something light and fun to help me gradually breakaway from the dreamy world of the CircusEnter PWNED A Thriller about an authorgamer Immediately my nerd radar starts beeping with interest Honestly I recommended it to my wedding photographer as we d discussed his love of Starcraft at one of our photo sessionsDISCLAIMER You do NOT have to be intimately acuainted with Starcraft 2 to enjoy this book Erika explains some of the game terminology and strategies and you gradually can visualize what s happening just by osmosisThe characters are well written and likeable and tend to dispel the typical stereotype of the gamer None of them exist on Funyuns and Mountain Dew nor do they live in their Mom s basements Each has a job as a functioning part of society and games in their free time It s Norman s job that first gives him the idea of sabotaging his arch rival Sean and keeping him from the biggest Starcraft 2 tournament in the world Norman barely beat him the year before and has noticed that Sean s techniue has greatly improved in the last yearSean is going about his business dealing with typical family drama and working on his latest novel when suddenly the FBI bursts into his apartment and lets him know that he s being investigated for suspicious browsing activity Note to self ha just kidding They confiscate his laptop leaving him without a way to work or practice for the upcoming GSL tournament He s also been told not to leave the country until he s cleared by the NSA so his chances to compete are looking pretty bleak until his Starcraft teammates come to the rescue with a scheme that just might work to help Sean not only clear his name but also competeThis book wasn t what I expected in ANY sense of the word I was a little afraid to be bogged down in gaming jargon didn t happen Most of my frame of reference for thrillers exists around Dan Brown novels and there wasn t a bald monk or series of cryptic clues hidden in famous artworks to be seen There MAY OR MAY NOT even be a little bit of romance hidden in there Most of all this book is FUN It s the perfect read for a day at the beach or a rainy day curled up on the couch when you want to escape for a little while and hang out with characters that you feel you d be friends with in real life The enjoyment that Erika Mitchell got out of writing this story is evident in every page from some sly and not so sly pop culture references to the casual banter between her characters I personally cannot WAIT for her next novel to be released

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Pwned AUTHOR Erika Mitchell Read & Download ↠ 4 Read Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook È Erika Mitchell Erika Mitchell È 4 Read Professional gamer Sean Boxer is headed to South Korea to play the biggest Starcraft 2 tournament in the world His arch rival Norman MacArthur wants to make sure Sean never mak. Pwned comes as a pleasant surprise Stories about gamers tend to go one of two ways The first is the Hollywood version that is clearly thought up by people who have no idea what gamers are actually like The other borders on bad fan fiction First time novelist Erika Mitchell fills her pages with believable characters situations and motivations These are true gamers People who play the game because they have a passion for it It is a part of their lives and only one partThere are some first timer clich s or stand bys Namely that the protagonist Sean Boxer is occupationally a writer and there are too many character beats that don t contribute to the plot Overall these do not detract from the story because Mitchell convinces the reader to care for her charactersThe description of the book is misleading Sean Boxer doesn t fight back He uses his Starcraft strategy defense Bordering on passive aggressive Sean barely confronts his problem Instead he finds ways to work around it Similarly Sean s foil Norman isn t uite the devious Bond villain one would expect Instead his motivation is born out of desperation and opportunity This atypical method allows Mitchell to differentiate her nemeses from other characters in the genreThe details make this a great read for gamers Mitchell explains enough of the jargon to keep non gamers in the game Genre fans looking for something different will not be disappointed Mitchell proves herself a skillful newcomer I look forward to reading from her in the future