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  • Paperback
  • 176
  • The Diary of a Nobody
  • George Grossmith
  • English
  • 14 September 2019
  • 9780192833273

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Download The Diary of a Nobody é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Orld he inhabits is both hilarious and painfully familiar This edition features Weedon Grossmith's illustrations and an introduction which discusses the story's social contex. I so enjoyed this Such a funny warming Bd interesting exploration of late 19th century lower middle class life

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Download The Diary of a Nobody é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ily routine which includes small parties minor embarrassments home improvements and his relationship with a troublesome son The small minded but essentially decent suburban w. Brilliant A book filled with unimportant characters not about anything in particular in which nothing much happens Well not exactly this is a satire on being ordinaryAdmittedly modern readers may not find it as funny as when it was first published in Punch in the late 19th century as the context and detail of Victorian middle class values that it parodies are no longer an immediately understood reference point and tastes in as well as expectations of humour have moved on What it pokes fun at still exists in present day society and everyday life though and the subtle not so subtle witty and cringe making elements of its sending up have resurfaced many times over in other comic guises and genreExpect a gentle sit com not laugh out loud stand up style and tune in to the delicate ridiculing of social attitudes and individual stereotypes on offer It is full of satirical one liners and awkward moments that still have contemporary resonance The Diary of a Nobody is exactly what its title says it is There is no complex comic plot or hilarious d nouement The humour is definitely uite English and its target is urban life If you get that it is still relevant and very amusing to read Denial History Betrayed you get that it is still relevant and very amusing to read

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Download The Diary of a Nobody é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Weedon Grossmith's 1892 book presents the details of English suburban life through the anxious and accident prone character of Charles Pooter Pooter's diary chronicles his da. Well what can I say Bloggers Facebookers who would have thought you had a predecessor in Victorian England Who would have thought the vain thoughts and actions of a completely unimportant person with big ideas about his own personality were meticulously documented and published back then already including lists of food what to wear on what occasion social encounters small run ins with friends and family hopelessly disappointing egocentric grown up children If he had had a smartphone the dear Mr Nobody would have posted a picture of his dinner on his blog each night As it is he simply writes down the minute by minute of his event less life He is so proud of his puns that he repeats them to himself and laughs out loud If he had a blog he would count the likes and share the joke of the day with all his acuaintances An unspectacular read which leaves two reflections First of all humans have always had the need to be seen and heard by others to distinguish themselves from the crowd and to stick out That is not new and our technology simply makes it easier to reach outside our own community My second thought was that the novel obviously is sarcastic making fun of this need It seems to me that it is harder to laugh at it nowadays as we all indulge in the illusion of visibility to different degrees today Who can still laugh at it silently Without repeating the joke on Goodreads counting the likes Not me For here I am writing another review to be posted and shared As much as I shun other social media Goodreads satisfies that wish to share in my world and I would be beyond hypocritical if I made fun of the human need of the boring boasting Everyman in the diary He might be a Nobody but he surely pointed towards the future in a realistic way than many other Victorian heroesNot sure if I recommend the novel as it is rather boring like reading online what a friend had for breakfast with an accompanying picture but on the other hand we like that kind of sharing don t we