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WOZ A View From The Pit review ô 103 WOZ A View From The Pit is a journal that I kept over a 6 month period while playing in the pit orchestra for what has become known among musicians and actors as a non union sweatshop tour of a musical theater production It is a blow by blow account of the very difficult daily grind of a one nighter non union tour Other than changing all names and cleaning up the typos I left the journal entirely intact for publication The book in no way shape or form denigrates the professional abilities of the actors musicians all 3 of us well 4 if you count the computer driven virtual orchestra or extraordinarily hard working crewThis type of publication is not unprecedentedIn 1969 a young pitcher named Jim Bouton chronicled his season with the Seattle Pilots at that time a major league baseball team He titled and published his journal Ball Four Mr Bouton used real names and cited actual events in his book Not all of what he recounted was positive Some of it was considered downright scandalousThe reaction wit.

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WOZ A View From The Pit review ô 103 Ment of those employed on these tours Despite dramatic concessions made by Actors' Euity The American Federation of Musicians and IATSE the Stagehands union to help employers cope with the current difficult economic climate non union sweatshop tours are still on the rise Concessions the unions made include wage cuts to 1970's levels up to 70% in some cases and the reduction or elimination of all employee benefits to name a few Ticket prices to a non union production remain the same as those to a full Broadway production tour or have not been reduced by any appreciable amount In some cases ticket prices have actually risenFolks in my humble opinion you are not getting what you pay forI have no doubt that should my book be read by those few in control of the professional musical theater establishment my career will be in severe jeopardy Perhaps it will come to a premature and abrupt end altogether This is a risk that I'm willing to take Someone has to do it That someone might as well be meMark Mul.

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WOZ A View From The Pit review ô 103 Hin the professional baseball establishment including the players owners sports writers and even the league itself was universally negative The commissioner of major league baseball told Mr Bouton that he had done a grave disservice to major league baseball The sports writing community labeled him a traitor a turncoat and Mr Bouton's personal favorite a social leper Additionally as Mr Bouton was taking the mound for a game a player from the opposing team Pete Rose yelled the phrase F you Shakespeare All of these incidents are recounted in Mr Bouton's book which I heartily recommendJim Bouton was shunned by the professional baseball community literally for decades after his books' publication Mr Bouton is now considered a hero in the sports world for the bravery he displayed by publishing his diaryMy goal in publishing this journal is to raise awareness among the theater going public of the alarming proliferation of non union sweatshop tours There is an anything goes mentality regarding the treat.

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