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Summary Womanhood

Free read ´ Womanhood ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Laura Dodsworth à 6 characters 100 women bare all in an empowering collection of photographs and interviews about WomanhoodVagina vulva lady garden pussy beaver cunt fanny whatever you call it most women have no idea what’s ‘down there’ Culturally and personally no body part inspires love and hate fear and lust worsh. You can watch my full review of this great book here you don t already know about this book Laura Dodsworth is a photographer and for this project she has photographed and interviewed 100 women and specifically the focus point is their vaginas This book has also been accompanied by the Channel 4 documentary 100 Vaginas which I thought was really good the sort of healthy sex education we should be giving our childrenI have found this book excellent it is beautiful inspiring important In the introduction Dodsworth makes a really valid point that most straight women have never seen a vulva up close in many ways we are of a mystery to ourselves than anyone at least physicallyThis book is explicit in its physical examination of the vulvas of the women involved but in a much important way it is just as explicit in its emotional examination of the women and their relationships with their vulvas in the interviewsI loved hearing these women talk about their experiences so personal so honest so much what it is to be a woman it brought out a lot of love from me every woman is amazing There was huge variation in the women s stories with one common theme how much we carry with us that we keep hidden Some stories were heart breaking some were exhilarating each was refreshingly honest Life is so rich with emotion highs and lows and so much of it is tied up in the themes of these women s stories sex birth abuse pleasure fulfilment loss The honesty of the women involved in this project really touched me I want my daughter to read this book when she s older and my son And my mother and my sisters and everyone really Every woman s story was important and the texts were very well edited from such a short excerpt the reader could really feel a connection to each womanThis book was not judgemental at all the pictures and stories were told without any narrative opinion there were lots of different women with different experiences and different opinions none of them were pointed out as being right or wrong they are just different this is real life we are all stumbling around in the dark trying to feel our way out to the lightThis book uickly became much less about the pictures and about the women involved and about what it is to be a woman and about how our society treats women Having said that the pictures were still a very important aspect of the bookThis book certainly proves that vulvas don t come in any standard shape size or colour and that s amazingly reassuring for most women there is no point in comparing they are all different It was also interesting to hear how differently women orgasmDodsworth is a true artist she has presented a thing of beauty which draws out emotion and makes the reader think deeply This book is excellent in content and beautifully doneI am really glad I ve read this book I was impressed with the tv documentary and I am even impressed with the book I really want to read Dodsworth s first two books of this series that s breasts and penises if you don t already knowYou can watch my full review of this great book here

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Free read ´ Womanhood ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Laura Dodsworth à 6 characters Ip and desecration in the same wayFrom smooth Barbie dolls to internet porn girls and women grow up with a very narrow view of what they should look like even though in reality there is an enormous range Womanhood departs from the ‘ideal vagina’ and presents the gentle un airbrushed truth. These stories shine a light on the shared experience of growing up female and how that impacts on women s relationship with their bodies They reinforce the need for women to name describe and define themselves in all their diversity We need to resist the latest patriarchal move towards erasing womanhood through the corruption of words and definitions We are women adult human females Thank you to the author for giving women a voice

Laura Dodsworth à 6 characters

Free read ´ Womanhood ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Laura Dodsworth à 6 characters Allowing us to understand and celebrate our diversityFor the first time 100 brave and beautiful women reveal their bodies and stories on their own terms talking about how they feel about pleasure sex pain trauma birth motherhood menstruation menopause gender sexuality and simply being a woma. Knjiga za itanje I mu karci i eneJednostavan stil lagan opu ten a opet tema koja je te ka i neprijatnaNo ova knjiga mi je bila dosta nisam zainteresovana itati knjige koje su prije ove Tako e prate i bibliovicu bukblogerku iz Hrvatske otkrila sam jo naslova koji su prosvjetljuju e feministi ke teme

  • Paperback
  • 336
  • Womanhood
  • Laura Dodsworth
  • English
  • 07 September 2019
  • 9781780664651